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EoST-Guide to Idiot Guides (v2)

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Peter Jones7:41pmPeter Jones 

Dmitry, could simply be a series of screen shots to start with, words could be added / refined later ...

Could be on Canva, PB Works as well; self referencing on platform is helpful since you don't have to keep " lifting, lifting, keeping us lifting, all the time ..."

Peter Jones 

Here's my guide to idiot guides:

Go through the process of curating some key information, and then slotting it into the emerging knowledge structure.

Take screen shots at every stage ...

Publish these, then given we have edit capability, which Bob has researched brilliantly, we can add words as a group...

Peter Jones 

Dmitry, we have to do this for ourselves, I don't think we need external references for this ...

We need to adopt Deming: Plan, Do, Study, Act ... or ... Swarming, Forming, Norming, Performing ...

The swarming element can be very simple ...

1. You are already curating knowledge articles 2. Take a historic example, or the next one you capture 3. Take screen shots as you log the knowledge article 4. Publish the screen shot sequence 5. Voila, we have a visual process 6. We can add words to the visual process to explain what is happening

For the Forming, in your words you writing a guide, it's just following the list of actions ... Gives us something tangible to Study, or Norm, and then we decide to either Perform (Act) or Pivot (Improve).


Peter Jones 05.10.16:

I have no idea how to edit pages, move documents, structure filing, change filing levels ...


Rx: Feedback Source for FB-EoST-Trello-AAR (After-Action Report)

Dx: Co-Creating Blended Visual Learning GTOC (Graphical Table of Conte


Source-URL: http://confocal-manawatu.pbworks.com/w/page-revisions/111607411/Guides%20to%20Idiot%20Guides


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