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Art Harkins LeapFrogU BLOCKS

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Folder-ID: Pathfinders


Adaptive Leadership ... Eco-TrekUSA Mobilize GTOC ... Futurics ... Pathfinder ...


mapXchange ... Cultural Creative: Unity Village ... Peace-Tolerance ... UniversalTech


Pappas -> Reflective Thinking (PDL-RLO -> Tell / Show / DO / Review & Repeat)



http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



Just in Time Compiled

Originally distributed as individual files as:. THE FAX... JUST IN TIME. Notes:. 

www.unity.org/clientuploads/JustInTime/Just_In_Time_Compiled.pdf?PHPSESSID=15983463e102d43c6ceec7e87b04cf55 - Similar pages 

Knowledge management

The KM infrastructure: Making implicit knowledge assets explicit.

Paper presented at the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'04), ...

astro.temple.edu/~clarkh%20/html/knowledge_management.html - Cached 

    • Futuring - Part I

      Jan 28, 2008 ... An introduction to futuring that answers the question "Why Futuring? 

      ... Paul H. Ray (author) and Sherry Ruth Anderson contend that America ...

      www.scribd.com/doc/1902102/Futuring-Part-I - Cached 




MinnesotaFuturist Neuroscapes (Folder-ID)


HICSS ColLABortive Engineering ThinkLets...


Arthur Harkins <http://education.umn.edu/EdPA/people/

Harkins.html> Harkins * Robert A.…

Midwest Mariner-Musings_Pearl-Harbor_Petro-Economics_6n30msw2.…

Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 2 months, 1 week ago


Arthur Harkins <http://education.umn.edu/EdPA/people/

Harkins.html> Harkins * Robert A. Heinlein ... www.askaword.com/search.jsp?q=futures+studies&d=ss&libs=- Similar pages [PDF] Foresight, Inn…

Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 7 years, 6 months ago


Channel Arthur M. Harkins, Ph.D. (born 1936), is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Policy and Administration plus

faculty director of the Graduate Certificate in Innovation Studies program …Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 7 years, 3 months ago


Arthur Harkins From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for academics.

Please help to establish notability by adding reliable, …Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 5 years, 10 months ago


i4CQuest Hammond Arthur Harkins Hoshin Kanri I Interdependence International Institute for

Applied Systems Analysis Involution (esoterism) J Joint decision trap K Kaya identity L Lateral thinking Learning …

Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 6 years, 10 months ago

Watershed MnPCA-CSRPathfinder Passports StoryTrek




The knowledge and innovation age, already upon us, presents new challenges and opportunities for language teachers and learners. The purpose of this essay is to apply key concepts from the field of knowledge and innovation management to the domain of language teaching and learning. New definitions of knowledge are needed to keep the field of applied linguistics current in a climate of globalization, rapid change, and continuous innovation.

The goal of this essay is to establish a new definition of knowledge that moves beyond the current & accepted definition that is tied to performance and competence. New roles for teachers and learners and knowledge and innovation workers/learners are defined. Finally, a teaching and research agenda that draws on the potential of tacit knowledge is endorsed.



November 06, 2004


The End of History

“Nothing is stranger than the singularity because it is the end of knowledge production as we know it,

the end of certainty as we know it…the end of history.” (AH November 6 2006)

Posted by chri1010 at 10:52 AM | Comments (2)


October 14, 2004



“Innovation is the opposite of the struggle to be interesting.”—Art Harkins

Posted by chri1010 at 07:25 PM | Comments (2)


September 23, 2004


The Perils of Tacit Knowledge Left Unspoken

Tacit knowledge, without the interest or skills to let it out, has no effect on society. (Art Harkins)

Posted by chri1010 at 11:03 PM | Comments (2)


HICSS-44 ... Mindset ... Persistent Conversations ...


Confidence-Based Learning (Ends-Means Synthesis)


HO-Memes and Memetics_X814rjb.pdf (May-2002)


HO-Memes and Memetics.rtf (Education Futures-SmARTmemes)


MentorshipART:  StoryTech-SwiftTrust (HyperPortal Folder)


AI-Bot KSRequests: Lateral SemANTIC Thinking (LSThttps://goo.gl/z2vtCL


Lisp Bot Wins Google AI Challenge - Will Lisp Win in the ...


  • www.dataversity.net/lisp-bot-wins-google-ai-challenge...

The prize for Google’s AI challenge – creating a bot to play the game ... between coding and thinking, ...


the Semantic Web will have the biggest impact and ...



  1. Bot and Intelligent Agent Research Resources 2018

    whitepapers.virtualprivatelibrary.net/Bot Research.pdf

    taken from my Subject Tracer™ Information Blog titled Bot Research and is constantly ... 
    SemanticSearch and ... Advanced Artificial Intelligence To Power the New ...

  2. The best bot engines currently available - Quora


    What are the best bot engines currently available? ... (Semantic Vector Model) ... What is the best AI bot?

  3. Top 19 Chatbot Platform - Predictive Analytics Today


    The primary aim of such simulation has been to fool the user into thinking ...
    artificial intelligence technology. Semantic ... artificial intelligence bot 

  4. Artificial intelligence - Wikipedia


    Artificial intelligence ... and extracting meaning from natural language is through semantic ...
    processing system and that thinking is a form of ...

  5. Haym Hirsh AI’s greatest trends and hirsh@cs.rutgers.edu ...


    thinking. Dendral was an early important ... AI’s greatest trends and controversies Haym Hirsh ...
    even one step further—if successful AI bot-

  6. 5 futuristic use cases for Bots in Business Tech | LinkedIn


    Apr 16, 2016 · 5 futuristic use cases for Bots in ... The interesting thing about thinking conversationally is
    that the barriers created ... Semantic Bot connectors and ...

  7. Deep Learning for Everyone Season II (Deep NLP!)


    Deep Learning for Everyone Season II ... Semantic-Meaning (thinking) ... Wit.ai: Facebook bot NLP processing engine-

  8. Artificial Intelligence Tutorial - tutorialspoint.com


    Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Artificial Intelligence
    in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples ...

  9. Detect Plagiarism With the Help of This Friendly AI Bot


    The next literary hit to bear the same name as Jane Austen’s 200-year-old masterpiece Emma
    isn’t a book at all, but a thoroughly modern AI.


Collaborative Learning Balanced Score Card


Comments (11)

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 6:55 am on Nov 29, 2017

Embedding Digital Jaywalker Journal (1964-2014) EcoTrekUSA-GPSurveys via Kansas university Professional Continuing Education (KUPCE)
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Big Island 2006 Heritage AGRiTourism "Westport to WakarUSA" 2008 ... https://goo.gl/826Bn9

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 5:30 am on Nov 29, 2017

KU-1964/1966 Retrospective MindShifting KSResearch ... 2014 Digital Jaywalker Journal Burkhart (Videos): https://goo.gl/ngWdFi

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 10:01 am on Nov 26, 2017

Harkins enlisted in the Army at age 18; after two years of service, he joined the Air Force and served as a pilot for six years (1956-62). His time in the service sparked his interest in education, culminating with his doctorate in sociology and anthropology from the University of Kansas in 1968.

As a student, Harkins was hired to work with the NASA manned space mission program, his wife said. That happened after he attended a lecture on manned space travel, when he stood up and commented that the space shuttles were not being designed with human comfort in mind.

Sidebar: As a 1962-66 University of Kansas "Digital Jaywalker" (Accounting/Business & Math/OpsResearch), I took a required Summer (Sociology 101) Correspondence Course ... Art Harkins may have been the KU-PCE "near-peer" who reviewed & commented on my writings ...

That anonymous interACTion prompted my advocating a KU-1964 Fall Registration (MindShifting-NLPsyOps) experiment as 1965 Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook (JMY) Business Manager ... I collaborated with the KU News Bureau Director (Tom Yoe) to change subscription wording from Opt-in to Opt-OUT ...

This (Anticipatory Thinking MentorShipART) social-engineering contract included our JMY Staff's effectively delivering a quality product on-time within a reasonable budget PLUS training our replacements & challenging then do perform better than we did!

After transitioning to my next 21-year career (2006-27) as an EcoFuturist(UI), I became a KU-PCE Student in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Program. I also interacted with Kansas Heritage AGRiTourism authors including ...

The Civil War in Kansas: Ten Years of Turmoil
Debra Goodrich Bisel - 2012
" From John Brown to Jim Lane, Kansans made headlines throughout the nation and the world. Bisel presents the history of Kansas during the Civil War years in an accessible way that will satisfy history buffs as well as enlighten novices.

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 7:02 am on Nov 14, 2017

Proverbs 19-8 Affirmation of INTERdependence (AO-22) Reusable Learning Objects (RLO)
Guiding spirits somehow appear when you're least expecting them such as these 1967 "lessons learned" while enroute to the off-shore Vietnam War ::

My takeaway as a #USNavy Veteran is to honor all humanity's inner voices thanks to a spirit who shared WIZdom from the Korean War trenches serving wounded Marines ... Bravo Zulu USMC Hospital Corpsmen ::

Leadership traits result in empowering and
inspiring others when the situation is seasoned
with "attitude, aptitude and abilities" plus a dash of UNODIR (Unless Otherwise Directed) . . .

I got my *most memorable leadership lesson* from a Master Chief Hospital Corpsman (MCHC)
while I was an Ensign in transit via a USAF MAC
flight to join USS Cimarron (AO-22)
at Subic Bay, PI (in April, 1967)

Over an ice-cold San Miguel beer at off-base quarters near Clarke AFB, this savvy MCHC convinced me RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges) hampers leadership!

His advice for more effective leadership passed
the O-1/KISS Test.[Keep It Simple Stupid] . . .
1 - Always listen to your senior petty officers.
2 - TRUST your crew to perform their assigned tasks.
3 - Eliminate "hassles" for crew whenever possible!

My operational experience generated these guidelines:
4 - Avoid recycling prior "lessons learned"
5 - Be PREPARED for unexpected contingencies!
6 - Become a Master Chief Hassle Eliminator (MCHE)

Mentorship Vision 2005:
What are the critical common connections between sustainable environmental protection
& community-based emergency preparedness
efforts for coping with abnormal situations?

"Leaders don't force people to follow,
they invite them on a journey." ~Charles S. Lauer


Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 5:49 am on Nov 14, 2017

Seeking InfoSci-i4CQuest FutureThought-StoryTech Documents: https://www.scribd.com/search?content_type=documents&page=1&query=futurethought

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 4:47 am on Nov 13, 2017

Seeking LeapFrogU Education Futures Alternative Sources ... https://ucsd.academia.edu/AlanDaly

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 4:02 pm on Nov 12, 2017

Advocating High-TEK FIFTH Freedom natural history adVenturing along KU-150 Corridors of Influence for avoiding Unethical TravelKS Conflicts of Interest (COI) :: https://www.pinterest.com/rjburkhart3/agr-itourism-smartmemes/

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 11:06 am on Nov 12, 2017

SEEKIng Pinterest Sources of IndiGENuity: https://www.pinterest.com/search/boards/?q=IndiGENuity

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 10:27 am on Nov 12, 2017

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 10:25 am on Nov 12, 2017

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