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Ethical Due Care Standards FAQs (redirected from Ethical)

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Conduct a Risk Assessment.

The organization should analyze the operational environment

in order to discern the likelihood of an insider-driven event and the impact that the event could have on the organization.

Determine, analyze and prioritize gaps.


Organizations have begun to acknowledge the importance of detecting and preventing insider threats.

Just as it is vital to have methods to detect external threats, it’s also important to protect your organization's

assets and systems from unauthorized insider misuse or destruction.


Insider threats are an ongoing and evolving issue and your program should constantly be updated

as your policies mature and you learn from security events. Remember, your constant vigilance is needed

to ensure that the grid is protected so we can ensure the lights stay on!



Brian Harrell, CPP is the Director of Security and Risk Management at Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NCI)

and is a former security executive at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Bruce Barnes, CPP is an Executive Director at Wayne Solutions, LLC.

and is the former head of Infrastructure Security and Emergency Management for NV Energy.


This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Distributed Learning Alt-Futures FAQ


thinkLet Content Matches: 3+ 

(Group-NLP mind shifting semantics)



... as well as 6 basic mind-shifting directions

(Mind shifting is the effect ... the NLP Strategies

and States models with Korzybski's General Semantics ...

users.pandora.be/merlevede/bk_advan.htm - Cached - Similar pages


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It is this level of awareness, ‘mind shifting’ ... known in NLP terms as the 3rd

... Selby, Henry (1975) Semantics and Causality in the study of Deviance ...


- Similar pages




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“Organizing a Virtual Collective Mind: Shifting Attention from Proximity ...

 Victoria Rubin (proposal defended): exploring the value of adverbs in NLP ...

istweb.syr.edu/facstaff/pdfs/C.V.%20of%20Michael%20D'Eredita%20Sept2005.doc - Similar pages



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