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Adaptive Leadership

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    Comments from other veterans caused me to recap NLP-PsyOps experiences (1961-1981) 

    My leadership styles were mostly "reshaped" by FOUR critical success factors:


    • Attitude -> Adapt without abusing Psycho-Cybernetics CARING guidelines!

    • Aptitude -> Champion creative & innovative COMPETENCY certification ...


    • Ability -> Apply prior attributes as real-world problem-solving skills.

    • Accountable -> Accept responsibility for outcomes - good, Bad & UGLY ...


Visit Podstock Southwest (PSW)

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Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Authors, learn more about your rights.  


The Man Who Turned On the World

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat (185pp)
a remote ancestry and constitutes our involuntary kinship with archaic man ...

... inflation', a superabundance of emotive energy; but it could not signify ...
www.erowid.org/library/books_online/man_who_turned_on_the_world.pdf - Similar pages

SETHD8 digiverse kre8tion Time Begins!

 Tell a Friend 

"The human mind treats a new idea

the same way the body treats a strange protein; it rejects it!" 

P. B. Medawar 


Amazon.com: Dennis Servaes' review of Psycho-Cybernetics

Show that you really care. 5. Uncertainty? Admit mistakes. 6. Resentment?

Psycho-Cybernetics 1559276657 Maxwell Maltz Macmillan Audio ...

via http://www.amazon.com/review/RQX3EOQTGXKYZ



[A] KU-ROTC vs. NAVOCS/USAF-OTS alternatives


Practiced productive procrastination ...


[B] Private sector employment & NAVOCS/USAF-OTS options


Never make any decisions before you need to!


[C] US Army Draft -OR- Minnesota's National Guard?


Choose what you want without accepting defaults.


[D] Pick from NAVOCS/3yrs vs. USAF-OTS/4yrs programs,


Shorter contracts empower more flexibility.


[E] Report to Naval Base Newport, RI as late as possible


Practiced productive procrastination ... again!


[F] Understand "mindsets" of others in NAVOCS A-703 cohort.


Group was selected by "self-directed" arrival times!


[G] Learn how to leverage future freedom of duty station choice.


Strive to be in Top 10% of my Feb-1967 commissioning class.


[H] Discover ways to eliminates hassles & less desirable duties.


Choose what you want without accepting defaults ... again!


[I] Recycle KU Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook insights as social capital.


Become staff writer/photographer with "NAVOCS Cruisebook" Detail


[J] Request assignment aboard any (East Coast?) surface auxiliary ship.


Seek Mister Roberts movie experiences to optimize reusable insights.


[K] Celebrate "gunnery officer gig" with fleet oiler based in San Pedro, CA


Learn how to survive & thrive (UNODIR) at Oceana NAS near Dam Neck, VA


[L] Enjoy multi-cultural experiences enroute to the US Naval Base Subic Bay RPI


via Oakland, CA Alameda NAS / {Travis, Hickam & Clark AFB] / Cubi Point NAS


@ http://www.google.com/search?q=Travis%2C+Hickam+%26+Clark+AFB+MAC+PACAF+1967



[M] Adapt authentic "leadership lessons learned" as USS Cimarron's Gunnery Officer/JOOD ...


[Know rank has NO privileges, earn senior petty officer respect & eliminate hassles]



[N] Listen & learn to ANTICIPATE abnormal situations that limit sustainable wellbeing ...

HONOR commissioning oath to preserve & protect LIFE, Liberty & pursuit of happiness!


[O] Strive to become both a caring and competent OOD Underway during routine watch rotation.


[P] Serve as welfare & recreation officer during cargo loading operations at Subic's POL docks.


[Q] Cultivate creative & effective ways to retrieve ship's crew from SSP/Olongopo incarceration.


[R] Supervise underway fantail trap-shoot safety and purchase usable "commercial grade" shotguns.


[T] Take prolific candid informal photos for later use when editing CIM's 1967 Westpac Cruisebook.


My copy's now loaned to high school's library ... http://www.cimarronnm.com/uss_cimarron.htm


[U] Challenge cargo deck line handlers to act as their "brothers keeper" to avoid injury or death.


[V] Learn diverse viewpoints of crew by exercising shipboard Management by Wandering Around (MBWA)


[W] Always WONDER how to eliminate "hassle factors" that adversely impact sustainable wellbeing.


[X] Model BEHAVIOR expected from others by being direct, specific & non-punishing with feedback.


[Y] Find effective ways to recognize & reward subtle contributions to our sustainable wellbeing.


[Z] Act as if I were a personal representative of ADM Elmo R. Zumwalt who was CNO during my tour.

Benchmark to equal or exceed: http://www.google.com/search?q=Admiral+%22Elmo+R.+Zumwalt%22




Zumwalt, an Eagle Scout and recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

from the Boy Scouts of America, attended Tulare Union High School in Tulare, California,

where he became the valedictorian, and Rutherford Preparatory School in Long Beach.


  • The effects of long-term Agent-Orange exposure on humans were NOT yet known, and the manufacturers--Dow and Monsanto-- were eager to reassure potential users about its safety. Admiral Zumwalt acted to protect his son and his many comrades from a "clear and present danger," but in so doing he inadvertently exposed him to chemicals **now known** to cause cancer. 
  • As all commanders must do, he acted quickly and decisively on INCOMPLETE information; in this case, he relied on information sources that were BIASED (unethical) and unreliable, as later developments made clear. 


Oread Your heart can't lie 


"Environmental Leadership is an influence relationship between collaborators that intends real change for the mutual benefit of the collaborators and the environment."


This definition, expanded from the work of Dr. Joseph Rost of the University of San Diego, has several key components.



The Mind Project is a community of students, teachers and experts all working together to explore the exciting frontier of the cognitive and learning sciences. Much energy is being invested in the production of interactive, online curriculum materials. Leadership and direction come from many different quarters.


The Advisory Board also consists of instructors and researchers in the field who advise on various of our enterprises and help to chart the future direction of the project.

Interdisciplinary Student-Faculty Research Teams make a significant contribution to the life of the community. These are projects in which students do virtually all of the research and teachers and faculty serve primarily in an advisory capacity. Student leaders arise naturally as particular students show initiative and take responsibility for some aspect of a research project. 


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Your heart can't lie - Lab measures body's reactions to media stimuli. R. Steve Dick/University Relations 

... Oread. November 19, 2007 : Vol. 32, No. 7 ...

www.oread.ku.edu/2007/november/19/lab.shtml - Cached - Similar pages 


thinkLets wiki / eZine

Oread Your heart can't lie. Mugur Geana, assistant professor of journalism, prepares Bill Walberg, 

... Oread Professor serenades campus from a tower of song ...



via http://www.google.com/search?q=Oread+%22Your+Heart+Can%27t+Lie%22 


KELP Leadership Principles

What is Environmental Leadership? Leadership has been defined and described in many ways.

The staff of the Kansas Environmental Leadership Program have considered many of the definitions of leadership,

and continue validating this adaptive leadership model (as social responsibility pathfinders) ...





Opportunity to Lead


(USNI  Proceedings July 2009:  pp.16-21)  

While this article focuses on security, it would be unwise to react to the emergence of tensions in the global commons by simply altering the mix of military investments and adapting America's global network of defense alliances and relationships. They are necessary but insufficient responses to what will be a lasting shift in international affairs. The task for the United States is to respond to these challenges with a whole-of-government approach that advances our interests while legitimizing our power in the eyes of others.16


One way the United States could respond would be to (re)embrace a grand strategy that focuses on sustaining a healthy international system, the maintenance of which is not only central to our national interests but is also a global public good-something everyone can consume without diminishing its availability to others. Such a strategy would essentially update and make explicit what had been a consistent theme in U.S. grand strategy since the early years of the Cold War, but has been underemphasized in the post-Cold War period.


These developing challenges in the global commons also offer the United States a profound opportunity to reassert a leadership role in an area that will only grow in importance. Because stability on and within the global commons is a public good, others have powerful incentives to work with us on issues involving governance of cyberspace, ensuring peace in space, and settling contentious maritime issues. Protecting and sustaining stability throughout the global commons cannot be achieved by America alone.


We must lead in the creation of international norms and standards that can help advance the common good and expand the rule of law in these domains of growing importance. Helping to build the capacity of our partners and allies and working toward a common agenda on these increasingly complex issues should be a critical pillar of America's national security and defense strategy.


The 21st century will see momentous change in the international system. There is every reason to be hopeful that the shifts under way in the global system can improve the prospects of peace and security. By virtue of its size, geography, economy, and values, the security of the United States is directly related to the security of the broader international system. As the Obama administration prepares a new national security strategy, and as DOD conducts its Quadrennial Defense Review, the time is right to both reframe American grand strategy and rebalance the U.S. military to succeed in today's wars while preparing for tomorrow's challenges. 

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