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Welcome to the 5th Annual Minnesota Cup

Welcome to Minnesota’s 5th Annual Minnesota Cup competition! This year’s competition is expected to be bigger and better than ever, with more Minnesota entrepreneurs getting the help they need to commercialize great ideas.


The Minnesota Cup creates opportunity during this challenging economy. The competition provides greater incentives this year by raising contest winnings to a total of more than $130,000 and expanding to six divisions. New to this year’s competition is the Clean & Green Division, an award designed to advance breakthrough ideas in sustainable solutions and applications. The development of green businesses and jobs represents one of the biggest changes in our economy since the Industrial Revolution, and the Minnesota Cup can help advance this developing industry.


In this rapidly changing world, our future success depends in large part on our ability to innovate and inspire innovation among Minnesota entrepreneurs. The Minnesota Cup was launched in 2005. True to form, Minnesotans did not disappoint. There have been more than 2,600 entries from all areas of the state over the past four years.

Minnesota is living up to the promise of author Thomas Friedman who said America can win the global economic battle as "the world's dream machine." Minnesotans are great innovators because we’re big dreamers. We are blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit that is fueled by a long heritage of innovation. More than half of our economic growth comes from industries that barely existed a decade ago, and the search for great ideas - or the discovery of the next big thing - is key to our success.

Innovation is what Minnesota does best, and I expect the ideas that emerge from this year's competition will demonstrate that spirit.



Tim Pawlenty



"Skyscrapers and Freeways in Cyberspace" by David Quimby

A History Lesson

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Tags: ,adaptive studio,advertising,b2b,b2c,surf gear,web technology,


I thought a brief description of how we got to where we are today might be of interest to some.

Adaptive Avenue Associates, Inc. was originally incorporated as Silicon Geography Associates, Inc. on 6/7/2000. The product / technology platform was identified as 'Surf Gear'. It pursued a viewer-oriented technology and market positioning / business model. In order to align / consolidate branding and messaging at the corporate level and product level, Silicon Geography Associates, Inc. was subsequently renamed Surf Gear Associates, Inc.


Surf Gear Associates, Inc. was renamed Adaptive Avenue Associates, Inc. on 1/1/2003. The product / technology platform was identified as 'Adaptive Studio'. It pursued a presenter-oriented technology and market positioning / business model. This re-positioning reflected the relatively more accessible market opportunity of a presenter-based (B2B) vs. viewer-based (B2C) offering. Adaptive Avenue re-defined its vision as a provider of active, data-driven presentation services for web developers... with Adaptive Studio as a serious environment for serious developers. We reinforced our vision for active, data-driven web services by publishing 'Next-Generation Web Presentation" as the cover article in XML Journal in July 2003.


On 1/1/05, Adaptive Avenue Associates, Inc. again re-positioned its technology foundation in a new direction: still presenter-oriented, but with an 'external' (off-site) vs. 'internal' (on-site) focus. This re-positioning leveraged our strengths as a web service with advantageous off-site capabilities (the ability to extend the properties of a web site to remote locations) plus the relatively advantageous ROI opportunity of off-site (high-exposure) vs. on-site (low-exposure) applications. We're currently executing that re-positioning.


Each of the historical phases described above represents a unique and distinct targeting of a common technology foundation. We think of Adaptive Avenue on 1/1/2005 as a 'new business', although it was built on a historical technology foundation and launched within an existing corporate shell. At each new stage, we have changed considerably our face to the market, the 'implementation layer' of our core technology, even the composition of the team that is developing our business / technology and the investor set that is supporting it.


I'm guessing this history of adaptation is not uncommon among entrepreneurial endeavors. I feel our adaptations have brought us to the model with which we will attain great success, not that we won't continue to adapt as appropriate!

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