Anticipatory Thinking Involution

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Syllabus for ALL-WinWin: Anticipatory Thinking Involution

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Popular culture:

In his 2004 future history novel , science fiction writer Michael Crichton briefly introduces involution during a diatribe on media manipulation using statistical research (John Naisbitt's Megatrends, 1982). State of Fear


Crichton suggests implications for crafting more innovative scenarios about social engineering impacts on alternative futures (Harkins & Kubik StoryTech, 2004-2006).


These future thought leadership themes reinforce knowledge management insights introduced by Marshall McLuhan in 1967.

Note: Section 3: Current Reality Assessments (CRA) became our decision support framework for an Eco-Futures Forum (EFF) with Dick Saunders.


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December 2006 Programming & Events


Section 1: Drivers (Causation)

on The Land Institute and Sustainable Agriculture (Nabuur)

/ 2:30 PM / Room 211 / Murphy Lecture Fund / Limited Seating





#1# First Paper Due: Submit here



    • Check out SDAT application is online] ... Kaw Valley Eco-Challenge Outcomes (MBR metrics)




View the Nov. 3, 2006 AIA SDAT presentation (PDF: 8.34 MB)




View the City of Lawrence SDAT application (PDF: 21.4 MB)


Learn more about Pathfinder Passports(cc) Agritourism/Geotourism Center just south of Lawrence


Section 2: Impacts (Consideration)


Register your organization to help promote and participate in EE Week 2007 (April 15-27)

... Take the Nature-Deficit Disorder Survey :: Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: ...





Group Name *# Members
EFF-Pathfinder(cc) Burkhart, Bob
CPSR-GlobalBrain Rydberg, Rog


Section 3: CRA: Current Reality Assessments


Minnesota Futurists Benchmarks: (RJB-Rev: 13-Mar-2004)

CIAP: MindShifting (Distributed Visual Learning: ST-E5-P2)

Social CRA

Technical CRA

Ecology CRA

Economic CRA

Education CRA

Energy BSAroundtable

Ethical CRA

Peace CRA

Political CRA


    • January 14, 2007: Advocate futures studies protocols that effectively exercise this Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) framework ...Late papers not acceptableFutureThought''


#2# Final Paper Due: Submit here ::

International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management Papers:   Agile Leaders-1.pdf  © December 2006 by Mervyn L. Tano


Adaptive management is a systematic approach for improving environmental management and

building knowledge by learning from management outcomes. Contrary to common belief,

adaptive management is much more than simply “adapting as you go.” It involves exploring

alternative ways to meet management objectives, predicting the outcomes of each alternative

based on the current state of knowledge, implementing one or more of these alternatives,

monitoring to learn which alternative best meets the management objectives (and testing 

predictions), and then using these results to update knowledge and adjust management actions. 35 


Adaptive management differs from traditional management approaches in that it allows

management activities to proceed despite uncertainty regarding how best to achieve desired

outcomes, and despite inevitable change and surprises. 


Adaptive management approaches can also be applied to the management

of social, economic, cultural, political, and other effects of climate change


Ecosystems in the Face of Uncertainty,

Protected Areas: Making Ecosystem Based Management Work, Victoria, British Columbia, (May 11-16,

2003), <http://www.essa.com/downloads/AM_paper_Fifth_International_SAMPAA_Conference.pdf>

(last viewed December 4, 2006)


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