BSC inherent dynamics

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that empower group decision support systems under simulated crisis management conditions! 


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    9781572300217 : The Social Psychology of Interpersonal Discrimination 

    .. PhD Department of Psychology George Mason University Fairfax ...

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Balanced Score Card (BSC) Matches:






Social Responsibility & Systems Thinking ...

Pathfinder Passports(cc) :: Futurethought thinkLets Primer ... 


Pathfinder Workshop Documents

... Maltby (2000)Using the Ecosystem Approach to implement the CBD. 

A global synthesis report drawing lessons from three (3) regional pathfinder workshops ...


Kaplan & Norton 2001

Kaplan, R. S. and D. P. Norton. 2001. The Strategy-Focused Organization:

... The BSC helps keep the organization focused on its strategy in making ...
www.maaw.info/ArticleSummaries/ArtSumKaplanNorton2001.htm - Similar pages

Kaplan, R. S. and D. P. Norton. 2001. ... However useful shareholder value may be, 
Kaplan and Norton contend that without BSC complementing the information ...
maaw.info/ArticleSummaries/ArtSumKaplanNorton2001b.htm - Similar pages 

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Proceedings of 23rd International Conference (2005)


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

cognition, materials and magnetism, wetland ecology, and business law. 


    • "inherent dynamics" distributed learning systems scenarios framework failure effects



  • (20pp-342KB) Applied to:
    • Distributed decision making: Cognitive. models of cooperative work.
      • Chichester: Wiley. Brehmer B (2002): Learning to control a dynamic system. ...


DOC :: SBSTTA-05-11

    • Therefore, ecosystem management must involve a learning process, which helps to adapt methodologies and practices
      • to the ways in which these systems are ...



  • While the precise impacts and effects are often system-specific,
    • Apart from their inherent dynamics of change, ecosystems are beset by a complex 


2008 Accountability Audit:

CSR ... General Prudential Rule ...


  • With the recent corporate scandals involving such companies as Enron and Martha Stewart, 

    the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has once again made its way to the forefront of contemporary management ideologies


COSO Information Integrity Assurance (IIA) "Cost Basis"

Correct Complete Current Consistent conceptual decision-making valuation framework logical security threat trust


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