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Buzz of the Earth

Page history last edited by Bob-RJ Burkhart 13 years, 5 months ago

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Ocean and atmosphere connections

The study of the oceans is intimately linked to understanding global warming

and related biosphere concerns.


Our planet is invested with two great oceans; one visible, the other invisible; 
one underfoot, the other overhead; one entirely envelopes it, 
the other covers about two thirds of its surface.
Matthew F. Maury (1855) The Physical Geography of the Seas and Its Meteorology

A spectrogram of (SOSUS array) ocean sounds

records a tremor from an underwater volcano near Japan. 

Each column represents a three-minute pulse of an ultralow sound. 


Image courtesy of Kate Stafford/University of Washington

and Robert Dziak/NOAA Vents Program/Oregon State University


Talks, lectures and presentations by Philip Ball ...


... This talk provided the inspiration for a poem by Lavinia Greenlaw

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OUP: Peter France on the Art of the Translator


  • The buzz of earth, buzz of the earth.

So, thinking over all I've discovered in editing this book,

I'm left with two powerful impressions. ...
www.oup.co.uk/academic/humanities/literature/viewpoint/peter_france/ - Cached - Similar pages


Let me quote just one brief example, from James Greene's Mandelstam:
Oh if some day—sidestepping sleep and death—

         A goad of air or summer's sting

Could pierce me into hearing

         The buzz of earth, buzz of the earth.


Frieze Magazine | Archive | Sound and vision

  • LG: All I mean is sound - not gongs or wind chimes

or Mandelstam’s ‘buzz of the earth’.

www.frieze.com/issue/article/sound_and_vision/ - Cached - Similar pages


As with ‘Bright Earth’, I focused on etymology,

believing it to set off a deeper reverberation than we can sense in our minds.


CB: I wonder about this ‘deeper reverberation’. Aren’t you in danger of sounding ‘fruity’, as Lipnik calls it?

Then again, it also reminds me of recent theories of consciousness that use quantum physics

to understand how the human brain has some advantages over computers. Is it mysticism?


LG: All I mean is sound - not gongs or wind chimes

or Mandelstam’s ‘buzz of the earth’.

I was alluding to what you said earlier about the double life of language, and in this case wanted to make room for the less overt of the two. God, it’s so hard to talk about this without sounding ‘fruity’. You try it, Lipnik!



Computing innovations (Kansas University)

KU's School of Business launched interdisciplinary management science graduate studies in operations research during Fall Semester 1965. This innovative program provided the foundation for decision science applications supporting NASA Project Apollo Command Capsule Recovery Operations. 

AccuWeather.com - Weather Blogs - Weather News

  • When Discovery Magazine published the online version,

they changed the title from "The Buzz of the Earth" to "Earth Speaks in an Inaudible Voice". ...
www.accuweather.com/news-blogs.asp?blog=community&date=2007-10-09_13:12 - Cached - Similar pages

Earth Hum Could Predict Hurricanes, More

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


UPDATE: Thanks to blog reader Jason, I found the article.

When Discovery Magazine published the online version,

they changed the title from "The Buzz of the Earth"

to "Earth Speaks in an Inaudible Voice".



I read an interesting article in a respected Science magazine recently, and I wouldn't give it so much credence if it wasn't on paper (unfortunately I forgot which mag it was and I couldn't find the article on the Net). It was entitled "The Buzz of the Earth" and said that scientists have discovered extremely-low-frequency "sounds" (called "Infrasound" - and out of human hearing range) emanating from:


- Tsunamis

- Hurricanes

- Tornadoes (see NOAA graphic at right)


Potential Acoustic Radiation Mechanisms from Tornadoes


- Waves over Earthquake Zones

- Volcanoes

- Avalanches

- Elephants


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