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Out of the Box Finalists



Community Empowerment Programme

ALAY BUHAY Community Development Foundation, Inc. (ABCDF)

Our Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) was tailored-fit to respond to the needs of our partner-communities. The CEP utilized a participative process from community organizing, people’s empowerment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and most importantly, decision-making. In the process, members learned to take greater responsibility for the future of their communities. (more... )

Community Health Initiative (Maharashtra)

Impact India Foundation

IIF’s Community Health Initiative (CHI) covers 1.5 million backward tribals in the State. CHI aims at the reduction of existing disabilities and incidence of future disabilities through prevention and cure using existing delivery systems and available infrastructure, in partnership with Government, NGOS and local community. (more... )

Community-Led Development Project

Landirani Trust

Using a network of local volunteers organized into local based committees (LBCs), we trained them as specialists in one of 5 areas, orphan care, health, water and sanitation, education and agriculture. (more... )

Comprehensive Community Strategic Planning to Revitalize the Rural South

Southern Bancorp

Southern Bancorp has the mission to revitalize struggling rural communities in Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta. For years, Southern Bancorp invested millions of dollars to mitigate poverty in these communities, but the effort failed to have a significant impact on reducing poverty. Southern’s innovative strategy is to build long-term partnerships with residents, local leaders, the business community, nonprofits, and other stakeholders to establish community goals, build capacity to achieve them, and maintain momentum until the goals are achieved and the community begins to turn around. (more... )

Drug Free Communities Coalition - Genesee County

Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

We work with and foster collaboration among persons and organizations from almost all community sectors – including business, education, media, youth, parents and faith-based, encompassing all demographics and operating across the socio-economic spectrum – to address ATOD use - with particular attention to alcohol and tobacco – in Genesee County, especially among youth. (more... )

Janamanas (The Collective Mind)

Anjali Mental Health Organization

Janamanas was launched in November 2007, as one of Anjali’s definitive steps towards de-institutionalisation, community care and demanding every citizen’s right to mental health/wellness. It is a collaborative project with the State Government Department of Municipal Affairs, to work in 3 peri-urban municipalities, with the most neglected, marginalized and economically backward section of the population using available Government infrastructures. (more... )

Jikaze IDP Resettlement Village

Uhuru Child

We worked with Jikaze, a group of 900 Internally Displaced Persons following the Kenyan Post-Election Violence of 2008, to create a sustainable re-settlement village. The problems plaguing the community were as follows: Lack of consistent food; lack of clean water; limited access to health care; women forced into prostitution with Lorry Drivers; overcrowded classrooms and limited access to school fees; half of the community still living in tents; no electricity or easy access to cooking fuels; no financial capital to start businesses; semi-arid region with little rainfall and inaccessible water table.(more... )

Monrovia Area Partnership - Leadership Training & Development Team

City of Monrovia

Incidents on Sherman Avenue prompted the City of Monrovia to develop a Neighborhood Strategy Team (NST) with key staff representing all City services. The purpose of the NST was to review issues, elicit input from the community and apply their expertise toward resolving them. The NST developed the Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) as a comprehensive approach to address the Sherman Avenue crisis. MAP’s goals are to eliminate crime and blight while empowering neighborhoods by fostering citizen activism, volunteerism and community pride.(more... )

Sanitary Towels Project to Girls Orphaned by AIDS/Girls in Extreme Poverty & Education Support to Children Infected/Affected by HIV/AIDS

Fountain of Hope Youth Initiative Group

In 2007, we started supporting needy girls with sanitary pads. When an orphaned girl under the care of her aunt was brought for counseling in our tiny office, she had stained her dress in school when the piece of cloth she was using got soaked, letting the blood stain her dress. She vowed never to go back to school after boys scolded her and fellow girls made her a gossip topic. We counseled her back to school, gave her pads then it dawned on us that this wasn’t a one-time need. We later realized there were other girls who go through similar problems, so we began to solicit support from supermarkets and well-wishers. Currently we support over 200 needy girls and a bunch of widows. The results are these girls never miss school as they used to and recover their self-esteem. (more... )

SPARK MicroGrants

SPARK MicroGrants

We have created a dynamic model for community organizing and granting that can be adapted for any community in need. We work with enthusiastic local facilitators who want to help an impoverished community that they know of and care for. Our involvement in each community is succinct. A local facilitator organizes community meetings, asks the community to define their most pressing social problem, come up with ways to solve that problem, and implement the best one with funding from a MicroGrant. (more... )


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