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decision traps

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LJWorld.com / Opinion and Commentary


Simons: Attention to athletics exceeds far more significant matters:

By Dolph C. Simons, ... in Lawrence February 2, 2008 ...

www2.ljworld.com/news/opinion/ - Similar pages


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(Group-NLP decision-making traps)



Tom Brokaw's Books


Daniel Smith ... reflections on The 480 as future history


File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML
... Athenian victory over the Persians at the 480 BCE naval Battle of Salamis.

... takes on new dimensions as authentic artifacts of American culture. ...


But whatever their sentiments towards the foreign invader, it seems clear that defining Serbian national identity seems to rely, in part, on defining their relationship to the United States. But even further, the play's popularity abroad (it has been translated in over twenty languages) seems to imply that Srbljanovic's depictions of the "Ugly American" appeal to an international audience.


I am interested in taking a deeper look of Srbljanovic's depiction of Americans in The Belgrade Trilogy and the critical responses to its productions in order to determine how Americans are viewed on the world stage. Particularly, I am interested in how the aspects of Srbljanovic's personal history mark her as both an erudite and authentic participant in history, thus guaranteeing her authority as an author. Finally, on a personal level, I am interested to compare the play's reception abroad to the play's reception here in the United States ... 

I explained my role empowering KVHA EarthSea-Keepers

during my visit to a Haskell University class last fall.


Here are sharable “blended visual learning(thinkLets) as reusable learning objects:  


From: KU SigmaNu-1123 [mailto:kusigmanu@sunflower.com]

Sent: Monday, October 05, 2009 5:28 AM

Subject: ALL-WinWin EarthSea-Keepers (1884-2009) :: Amec "Multi-Hazard Mitigation" Wyandotte Hazmat (9o05am)


While a KU Sigma Nu undergraduate (1961-65), I became adept at hearing and heeding wisdom of “ancient voices” … So, I collaborated with selected Nu Chapter brothers to initiate our “pass down the line” legacy honoring social responsibility pathfinders.


I presented my 1967 U.S. Navy commissioning sword to Nu Chapter Board President - Don Raidt to remind us of this PDL legacy. Both Bob Gernon and Jim Roberts became effective future thought leaders among our cadre of other-oriented alums.



People without a shared sense of place could NOT care less about it.





Group behaviors then reflect this careless & reckless attitude ... 




The main stairway landing plaque recognizing outstanding seniors was our intentional reminder about empowering essence of the Walter  Roscoe Stubbs family tribute to Kanza Territory victims of the 1857 Bleeding Kansas constitution … motivated by intolerance!


Memes research shows “Windmill Hill” paranormal experiences surfaced with contention about South Lawrence Trafficway routes.

(SLT was motivated by intolerance for Haskell Indian Nations University’s efforts to perpetuate “Traditional Ecological Knowledge”)

My inter-regional “best practices” benchmarks include Minnesota Department of Emergency Management’s OnePlan.

It was validated by Minnesota FBI InfraGard Alliance Chapter’s “Red Team” in collaboration

with Minnesota’s Federal Executive Board: http://www.doi.gov/febtc/

1.       Prevention:

Must use TDML (Total Daily Maximum Load) quality assurance methods for monitoring Stormwater management practices.

2.       Public Education and Awareness:

Hazard map GIS simulations must empower CERT (Community Environmental Remediation Team) impact assessments …

Adapt KVHAdventuring Podcasts to help expand understanding of UNEP sustainable traditional ecological knowledge.

 3.       Emergency Services

Must include capabilities for graphical multi-lingual emergency alert messages & public health broadcasts.

 4.       Hazmat Risk Assessment

Must evaluate secondary & subsequent cumulative impacts of movement, transfer & storage systems

 5.      Information Integrity Assurance

 Must ensure CERT decision support systems are correct, complete, current and consistent


Dennis Lawlor • 785-272-6830 :: dennis.lawlor@amec.com

AMEC's Earth & Environmental operation is a specialty environmental, geotechnical,

materials, program management, homeland security, and water resource consultant

providing clients with solutions to their business challenges. We are boundary less,

robust and sustainable organization that supports clients throughout the full life

cycle of their programs. AMEC offers an impressive depth and breadth of capabilities.

Our specialists deliver consulting services to public and private sector clients locally

or globally ...often in long-term relationships.


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National Preparedness Month 2009 - Ready Campaign Coalition Members

FEMA Community Preparedness Division, DC Fillmore County CERT, NE Fire Corps ......

Systems Material Handling, KS TBone Industries, LLC, MN TDW Services, UT ...

www.ready.gov/america/npm09/members.html - Cached - Similar

  1. EMEX 2008 - Meeting Exhibitors - IAEM Annual Conference & EMEX 08

    Topeka, KS 66604 AMEC's Earth & Environmental operation is a specialty environmental, geotechnical, .....

    Citizen Corps:FEMA Community Preparedness Division ...

    iaem.networkats.com/members.../exhdirectory.asp?mt...af... - Cached - Similar

  2. [PDF]


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    Michael D. Selves, CEM, IAEM Past President (2006-2007), Topeka, KS .....

    online and be eligible to win a free registration to the 2009 ......

    AMEC's Earth & Environmental operation is a specialty environmental, geotechnical, .....

    research on community preparedness. Booth 711 www.blackboardconnect.com. Connect-CTY ...

    www.iaem.com/documents/60334_iaem_WEB.pdf - Similar -

  3. Questions from Senator Tom Coburn M

    RFID Journal Live Conference/Training/RFID Certification .....

    FEMA Pre-Proposal Conferences. New Orleans ... Overland Park, KS. KS ...

    coburn.senate.gov/ffm/index.cfm?fuseaction=files.view...id... - Similar -

US Air Force: know-it

PSYchological OPerations—cf. C W Present Value Quadrennial Defense Review—cf. ......
It has been stated that human and social factors comprise more than two-thirds ......
This uncertainty, however, it must be noted, has a special quality. ......
by J. Edward Russo and Paul J. H. Schoemaker in Decision Traps, 1990). ...
www.scribd.com/doc/1468809/US-Air-Force-knowit - Cached -


  • [PDF]

    Knowledge Management and Information Technology (Know-IT Encyclopedia)

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat (Sept-2002)
    by N Pollock - Cited by 1 - Related articles
    The information assurance acronym, CIANA itemizes the major factors in computer ......
    H. Schoemaker in Decision Traps, 1990). Alignment is matching one's frame to .... 1994).
    dealing with uncertainty or partial information by simulating human ......
    A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war, wide-awake, with fear, ...





ve·rac·i·ty [və rássətee]
(plural ve·rac·i·ties)
1. truth: the truth, accuracy, or precision of something
  • They questioned the veracity of our claims.

truthfulness: the truthfulness or honesty of somebody

3. true statement: a truth or true statement



[Early 17th century.
Directly or via French < medieval Latin veracitas < Latin verax "truthful" < verus "true"] 


-ve·ra·cious [və ráyshəss], adjective


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