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Cimarron Creek Mapping - Garrard "Taos Trail" ... Podstock Southwest (PSW)


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Sky5 pilot Johnny Rowlands offers Eyewitness News 5 viewers a look at the
Cimarron River near Guthrie, Oklahoma after flooding on Aug. 19, 2007.
Category:  News & Politics
Taken from rebar benchmark on north bank upstream from bridge crossing. Provides a panorama of monitoring location for Cimarron High School.
Category:  Education

Cim·ar·ron [símmə ròn]

  river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing across Kansas and Oklahoma
to the Arkansas River near Tulsa.  Length: 970 km/600 mi.


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Digital Jaywalker Journal(cc) Gallery

MentorshipART of Podstock

Empowering Advanced Distributed Learning networks for life-long learners

interested in podcasting that transforms learning with technology!


Australian Humanities Review : Mathews


by F Mathews - Cited by 4 - Related articles
Extractive economics, based on the inactivation, the rendering inert, .....
Rolston III, Holmes 1988, 'Following Nature' in Environmental Ethics, ...
www.australianhumanitiesreview.org/archive/.../matthews.html - Cached - Similar


ISSRM Book of Abstracts


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
a more suitable alternative to extractive economics, such as mining. ......
Keywords: environmental ethics, forest decision-making, ...
www.issrm2006.rem.sfu.ca/ISSRM2006_Book_of_Abstracts.pdf - Similar


Chapter XIV: El Consejo (p.173)

"I left the room sick at heart. Justice! 

Out upon the word, its distorted meaning is the warrant

for murdering those who defend to the last their country and their homes."




File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Lewis H. Garrard, Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail, classic account ...

... moved the last blank space from the map of the West. ...
www.prs.tcu.edu/lit_west_full.pdf - Similar pages - Note this


Dorothy Sloan Books – Catalogue 8 (1/91)

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Trinidad, Cimarron, Las Vegas, and Santa Fe reflect the ...

... GARRARD, L. H. Wah-To-Yah the Taos Trail.

Palo. Alto: American West Pub. Co., 1968. ...
www.dsloan.com/catalogues/pdf/Cat08.pdf - Similar pages


Western History Room Inventory

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Garrard, Lewis H. - WAH-TO-YAH AND THE TAOS TRAIL, pub 1938 ...

... mines on Canon Creek in Oregon to his bride Emeline in California ...
www.harneycountylibrary.org/whrinventory.pdf - Similar pages



Historical Archeology at the Village on Pawnee Fork, Ness County ...

... Ranchería Apache/Military Battle Site Lincoln National Forest New Mexico. ...

... Arkansas River near the Cimarone Crossing, those Indians were killed ...

Ethno-Criticism: Ethnography, History, Literature by Arnold Krupat

  • Preferred Citation: Krupat, Arnold. Ethnocriticism: Ethnography, History, Literature.
  • Berkeley:  University of California Press,  c1992 1992.





File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

58. POWELL, H. M. T. The Santa Fe Trail to California, ...

... pioneering study, the most thorough done on the Taos Pueblo ...
www.dsloan.com/catalogues/pdf/Cat09.pdf - Similar pages

[GOROSTIZA, M. E. de]. Dictámen leído el 3 de junio ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Informe del Reyno Sn. Exs. el consejo de las dias, cerca de. las Misnes. ...

... of the Peace at Santa Clara, New Mexico, dated at Taos ...
www.dsloan.com/catalogues/pdf/Bulletin04.pdf - Similar pages


de 1840 en el consejo de gobierno, sobre la cuestión de
Tejas. Mexico: Casa de Corrección, 1844. [4] 21 pp.
16mo, original yellow ornamental wrappers, sewn. Right
corner of upper cover torn away (affecting only ornamental
border), otherwise fine.
First edition. Eberstadt 162:344: "Gorostiza's
battlecry: `This is a war of race, religion, language and
customs!'" Streeter 999: "The statement of June 3, 1840,
urged Mexico to attempt to recover its former Texas
territory before further American immigration into the
region made this impossible... Gorostiza says the task of
conquering Texas is much more difficult than it would have
been four years earlier, but that it still should be

Waybill To Adventure >> Our Bookstore List >> Treasure ...

If you just want to search an area, the topo map needed is listed by each mine. ...

... WAH-TO-YAH AND THE TAOS TRAIL By Garrard. One of the few early, ...
www.waybilltoadventure.com/treasure-gold-books-list.html - Cached - Similar pages

20 mi.," Frederick Wislezenus, A Tour to Northern Mexico, 1846/1847, pp.

... 1852 -- Ingalls Feedyard: "From Cimarone crossing to Fort Atkinson was 25 miles ...
www.stjohnks.net/santafetrail/wagonbed/arkansas-crossing.html - Cached - Similar pages

... that the distance "From Cimarone crossing, to Fort Atkinson" was 25 miles.

.... At this point the two routes to New Mexico separated, the Cimeron route ...
www.kshs.org/publicat/khq/1973/73_3_barry.htm - Cached - Similar pages

WAH-TO-YAH and the Taos Trail by Lewis H. Garrard 1938, 377 pages. Vol. 7. ...

... Fetterman and Custer Massacres, Sand Creek, Indian wars, overland travel, ...
www.oldwestbooks.com/native.htm  - Cached - Similar pages

WAH-TO-YAH and the Taos Trail by Lewis H. Garrard 1938, 377 pages. ...

... Manager of the Maxwell Land Grant, editor of the Cimarron News and Press ...
www.oldwestbooks.com/authorsa.htm  - Cached - Similar pages

GARRARD, LEWIS H. - early trader on the Santa Fe Trail, who with Cerain St.

... Wah-to-Yah and the Taos Trail is the journal of his adventures & travels. ...
www.geocities.com/suzys_lists/AUTHORSNM-E-K.htm - Cached - Similar pages


FREIBERGER, HARRIET - Colorado's Elk River valley biographer of Lucien Maxwell, Villain or Visionary;

as 100,000 gold seekers raced to California in 1849, 31-year-old mountain man Lucien Maxwell had already crossed the Shining Mountains with John Fremont & chosen a different destiny:

land, not gold. He settled near a small river in northeastern NM at the edge of the Santa Fe Trail.


In the communities he built, Maxwell & his family thrived along with Indians, Mexicans, & Anglos. Purchasing almost two million acres of land over the next two decades, he welcomed everyone to his home, & his hospitality became legend. But the gold that failed to charm Maxwell to California ultimately appeared very close to home: outsiders found it on his land & an invasion of NM began.


In the end, Maxwell, by then a millionaire sold everything he had built to speculators & left his beloved Cimarron country hoping to start anew two hundred miles south in Fort Sumner. Law & order swiftly deteriorated into murders, thievery, & squabble over title to land grants. Indians were removed to faraway reservations.


Railroad tracks replaced the Santa Fe Trail. An idyllic interlude in the chronicle of the American West came to a close.


Date: February 18, 1861

... of the Purgatory river to the northern boundary of the Territory of New Mexico;

... thence down the Arkansas river to the Cimarone crossing of the same; ...
www.uic.edu/educ/bctpi/historyGIS/blackhills_1wk/bhselfserve/landcessions/CessionDescriptions/426.htm- Cached

  • Description of cession or reservation: 

Cede all land claimed by them except one reserved tract.

Reserve tract for future home, described as follows: Beginning at the mouth of the Sandy fork of the Arkansas river

and extending westwardly along the said river to the mouth of Purgatory river; thence along up the W. bank of the Purgatory river

to the northern boundary of the Territory of New Mexico; thence W. along said boundary to a point where a line drawn due S.

from a point on the Arkansas river 5 miles E. of the mouth of the Huerfano river would intersect said northern boundary of New Mexico;

thence due N. from that point on said boundary to the Sandy fork to the place of beginning.


  • Historical data and remarks:

See explanatary note opposite unratified treaty of Sept. 17, 1851, at Fort Laramie

Ceded by treaty of Oct. 14, 1865


1920 Freedom Bureau of American Ethnology mapping "indian land cessions" reservation.



... [Washington, DC:  Smithsonian,  1902].


First edition, BAE Annual Report No. 19. 4to. 574 pp. (lacks the final leaf of index). 

Illustrated, plates, portraits, two color maps, one double- page, one folding.

Rebound in green cloth without the general BAE title page, gilt title on spine;

with major defects noted, still a serviceable copy.   (Book ID 49519)


  • Mountain waters to the sea:

Pollinator Habitat Preservation & Protection ...



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
In The Iroquois Trail, or Foot Prints of the Six Nations ...

... Miller, Merton L. A Preliminary Study of the Pueblo of Taos, New Mexico.

www.library.upenn.edu/eresources/brinton.pdf - Similar pages -



0806110163 : Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail : Garrard, Lewis H. ...

... 0806130172 : Lost Trails of the Cimarron : Chrisman, Harry E. ...
www.biggerbooks.com/isbnbrowser2/isbnstart/08061 - Cached - Similar pages

Author(s): Garrard, Lewis H.
ISBN: 0806110163
ISBN13: 9780806110165
Cover: Paperback

The Fur Trade in the Far Southwest, 1540-1846

Author(s): Weber, David J.
ISBN: 0806117028
ISBN13: 9780806117027
Cover: Paperback
Copyright: 02/28/2005

Lost Trails of the Cimarron is Harry Chrisman's folk history of nineteenth-century Cimarron country

-- southwestern Kansas, southeastern Colorado, and the neutral strip Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle.

Buffalo hunters entered the area in violation of the Medicine Lodge Treaty.


The cowboys and settlers who followed formed a vast (extractive) economy based on grass and beef,

the beginnings of prominent cattle ranches such as the Westmoreland-Hitch Outfit.

Chrisman details the history of the outlaws and ruffians

of "No Man's Land" trail drives to Dodge City and beyond.


Numerous illustrations accompany the anecdotes and stories of various frontier personalities.

A new foreword by Jim Hoy also appears in this edition.

The Medicine Lodge Treaty was a set of three treaties signed between

the United States of America and the Kiowa, Comanche,

Plains Apache, Southern Cheyenne, ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicine_Lodge_Treaty - Cached - Similar pages


The people in the eastern United States pushed for the war

... Kiowa signers of the Medicine Lodge Treaty were: ...
rebelcherokee.labdiva.com/medlodgtreaty.html - Cached - Similar pages

The treaty became known as the Medicine Lodge Treaty.

There were three different treaties signed. The first was signed October 21, 1867 with the Kiowa ...
www.museumgreatplains.org/lawtoncentennial/medicinelodgetreaty.html - Cached - Similar pages

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1. somebody's preordained future: the apparently predetermined and inevitable series of events that happen to somebody or something
2. inner realizable purpose of life: the inner purpose of a life that can be discovered and realized
3. Des·ti·nysomething that predetermines events: a force or agency that predetermines what will happen

[14th century. < Old French destinee < Latin destinare (see destine)]

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