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... GeoVenturing-LNTours: http://www.acctts.com/Trust-Factors/GeoVenturing-LNTours_8308am.htm


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Lawrence, Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau iTours

iTours from the Lawrence,Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau.
lcvb.podhoster.com/ - Cached

Mount Oread Landscape Master Plan

Design and Construction Management at the University of Kansas.


Using a Free Noise Removal Tool to Clean Up Your Podcasts

Weekly Update #24. To clean up my audio interviews with Alex Mandossian ...

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... Board of Trustees • Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area

... Series of Liberty historic architecture tours begin in April • Liberty, Mo.

www.marc.org/regionalnewsroom.htm - Cached - Similar pages


Sense of Place influencers: KVHA Blogs (social network analysis)


LJWorld.com / Living

Welcome to our ongoing project, LJWorld.com/Green.
....Take a Child Outside’ week gains ground: September 13, 2008: ...


Oread Plan to steward campus' past, guide new development

Sep 8, 2008 ... The heritage plan is available online at www.dcm.ku.edu/planning,

and an interactive version of the report is being prepared and will be ...

www.oread.ku.edu/2008/september/8/plan.shtml - Cached - Similar pages



Book reviews of novels and short story collections by Heartland

...ISBN: 0977627667. Price: $14.95. Publishing Date: 2006.

Reader: Bob Spear ... Title: A Heartland Voice: Just Folks Two.

Author: Jerry Engler ...


Just Folks: Earthy Tales of the Prairie Heartland (book)

... A Heartland Voice: Just Folks Two ...

Publisher: 6-Mile Roots Publishing

Type: Fiction. Pages:. 292,

ISBN:, 0977125505, Copyright:, 2005 ...


Mar 22, 2007 ... The day the Kaw delivered new life, copyrighted

From Jerry W. Engler's book, A Heartland Voice: Just Folks Two The Kaw River is both a giver ...



Pulse Podcast

... 2008; ‘Take a Child Outside’ week gains ground September 15, 2008 ...

www2.ljworld.com/podcasts/pulse_podcast/ - Cached - Similar pages




 USGS: EarthSea-Keeper Memes



  • WFS-5: Children's "nature deficit disorder" will grow as a health threat. Children today are spending less time in direct contact with nature than did previous generations. The impacts are showing up not only in their lack of physical fitness, but also in the growing prevalence of hyperactivity and attention deficit. Studies show that immersing children in outdoor settings - away from television and video games - fosters more creative mental activity and concentration.



During the OneKC PNTS workshop in May 2006 (at Historic Westport ),

our federal partners from key U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) agencies lauded Louv's book as a benchmark for reframing people-powered outdoor recreation experiences:


>>While many parents have fun memories ( metameme ) of playing in the woods or camping, now they teach their own children that the nature world is a scary place. Says author Richard Louv, “They are growing up in a world that has an essentially criminalized natural place.”


“Louv has named this lack of outdoor playing Nature-Deficit Disorder.

Not a medical term but a growing trend. In fact in flowery county Florida one public school outlaw swinging on the playground to head off lawsuits. Here in California even a neighborhood with plenty of trees, tree houses are banned.” Parents says Louv aren’t taking the time or making the effort to keep nature alive for children and of getting clear messages. <<



By Kathy Jacobson, Chehalis Basin Education Consortium Coordinator



NatureMapping Internet Resources


Recent articles in USA Today, local newspapers, and the new book,

"Last Child in the Woods -- Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder"

by Richard Louv, are bringing attention to the fact that "childhood pastimes are increasingly moving indoors."


Today's children are the first generation to be raised without meaningful contact with the natural world.

Within the space of a few decades, the way children understand and experience nature has changed radically. Today, kids are more aware of the global threats to the environment, but their physical contact, their intimacy with nature is fading


>>Author Richard Louv points out these dangers in his book Last Child in the Woods;

saving our children from nature-deficit disorder. (ISBN 1565123913 - April 2005). Many factors play into this situation; parents fear of having a safe outlet for their children to enjoy, more and more places are being regulated to discourage exploration and the technology available to our children.


Families have precious little free time and the trend today is for outdoor educational opportunities to be posted on event calendars. This is all well and good, but what if personal schedules do not match with scheduled events? An all too familiar situation and the children end up on the short end of the stick.<<



Daily Words Of Wisdom ...To Inspire & Transform



As a 1966 KU B-School graduate:

  • I surfed the social change wave just before Louv's.

  • However, we shared similar Kansas Union student activity experiences and mentors:


For example, our first Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook (1965) "mentorship debt" installment payment reflected ALL-WinWin social capital conservancy attitudes (memes) that were enabled & encouraged by our Kansas University Relations coach and tutor - Mr. Tom Yoe ...


Several time zones removed from Mount Oread during late 1968, USS Cimarron (AO-22) was being decommissioned in San Diego,California after an UNREP collision with USS Hornet (CVS-12) ... In 1969, Hornet again participated in the Apollo program and recovered both Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 astronaut crews.


As CIM's Public Affairs Officer (PAO), I exercised UNODIR FutureThought Leadership by untangling the "red tape" needed to redirect her reusable artifacts in the Village of Cimarron, NM before NASA landed men on the Moon ... CIM's final home port ( 1969-NOW! ) became the inspiration for Old Santa Fe "Eco-History" Trail Pathfinder Passports(cc) ... these memes radiate from President Truman's Library at Independence, Missouri via Westport to Wakarusa as Past, Present & Future history.


Wakarusa River - Wikipedia ... KVHA River Roots(sm)

The Wakarusa Watershed is a tributary of the Kansas River, approximately 50 mi

... along the Fremont-Westport Trail (1843-1848) named after John C. Frémont. ...


Past, Present and Future Threats Past, Present and Future Threats (PDF)

Past, Present and Future Threats. NPS Pollution in California’s Forested

... seminars on the environmental history of water in California, ...


After launching this "What-IF" Imagineering Mission, I was ordered to perform shore duty in Hawaii via NAVCOSSACT at the Washington Navy Yard.

Enroute westward from Wash-DC, I visited the Kansas Union Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook staff's office where I met Linda Jo McCrerey.

She was a J-School student who was then 1969 Jayhawker Magazine Yearbook Editor from a US Navy family living on Oahu.


Future Thought: Leadership Learning Collaboratory (LLC) resources

A call to the promise of our global civilization Adventures ...


Leadership Learning Collaboratory, LLC – providing KVHA 

extensive professional skill and project development support. League of Women Voters, ...


- Cached - Similar pages

Please monitor the Kan-ed Network's "Pathfinder Passports" 

... http://geoventuring-lnt.blogspot.com for more Leadership Learning Collaboratory (LLC) ...

managementcraft.typepad.com/management_craft/2005/07/management_tren.html - Cached



environmental leadership news (pdf)

Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was in ... is to create a video documentary

of the Gainesville Eco-History. Rail Trail project, focusing on the history ...


"Eco-History: Two Waves in the Evolution of Environmentalism,"

... Degener, Ulf. "Belen: Ein Eisenbahnknoten der Santa Fe in New Mexiko,...

  • Current Bibliography in the History of Technology (1993)

  • Henry Lowood, Stephen H. Cutcliffe, Katalin Harkanyi, Roger Launius, Ian Winship

  • Technology and Culture, Vol. 36, Supplement:

    • Current Bibliography in the History of Technology (1993) (1995), pp. 1-146



Be Aware or BEWARE! ... Prepared minds favor chance ...

Think Globally / Interact Regionally / Learn (LNT) Locally 



Embrace http://Virtual-Team-Tactics.futurethought.info

where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering

... MAoP (Stewardship) Community of Practice (CoP)

@ http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/kelp/Leadership.htm ...


GeoScouting: ALL-WinWin Alternatives (Rx)

  • for "Nature-Deficit Disorder" Louv (Dx) :: i4CQuest (6n29am) 


CVB 2008 City Budget request.xls

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

ability to create a series of podcast tours to be down-loaded. Technology purchase. $3500.00

... *Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area is beginning to ...

www.lawrenceks.org/budget2008/agencies/cvb_guest_tax_funds.pdf - Similar pages


Kansas Memory Podcast.

Subscribe to these popular series! Dome Tours -

walk to the top of the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka!

www.kshs.org/ - Cached - Similar pages


The musical form is featured this week in the Pulse Podcast.

... Tuesday night, board members of the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area ...

www2.ljworld.com/news/2007/aug/24/ - Cached - Similar pages


Pulse Podcast 


28-Dec-2007: Taking the 180-member Marching Jayhawks to the Orange Bowl is a big deal — both logistically, and in terms of what it could do for recruiting for the band. In this week's Pulse Podcast, David Clemmer, KU's director of athletic bands, talks about what fans both in Miami and watching at home can expect to see from the Marching Jayhawks. 





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