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Education Futures / Building a Leapfrog University v5.0


Generate alternative presents, pasts, and futures, because the personal manipulation of virtual time confers almost godly powers over the dead hands of pasts, the conformities of presents, and the remoteness of futures . www.educationfutures.com/2006/10/12/building-a-leapfrog-university-v50


  • Seymour Papert at MIT publishes "Mindstorms: children, computers, and powerful ideas". (New York: Basic Books). 

    This book inspired a number of books and dissertations on "microworlds" and their impact on learning. (1980)

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Social Responsibility Pathfinders


NPR: Science Friday


The Evolving Role of Presidential Science Advisors


'Terra' Paints Portrait of Earth Ecosystems in Peril



thinkLets wiki / StoryTech

"Ancient Voices" Benchmarking :: KVHA-Streamlink Dragonfly County 

.... Honoring Global (UNEP) Social Responsibility Pathfinders . ...

futurethought.pbwiki.com/StoryTech - Cached


thinkLets / blogs

I adapted software development's "rapid application prototyping" practices
to build a 
Future Thought Digital Library of reusable learning objects! ...
futurethought.pbworks.com/w/page/14011532/blogs - Cached


thinkLets / On the Loose: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation

via http://futurethought.pbwiki.com/tags.php?ptag=MentorshipART ...
futurethought.pbworks.com/.../On-the-Loose:-Theodore-Naish-Scout-Reservation - Cached

  1. thinkLets / BSC inherent dynamics

    Social Responsibility & Systems Thinking ... Pathfinder Passports(cc ...
    futurethought.pbworks.com/w/page/.../BSC-inherent-dynamics - Cached
    From your Google Reader subscriptions
  2. thinkLets / Plausible Denial FAQ

    To limit USNI "gate-keeper" mutual interference, I launched a <a href="/http ...
    futurethought.pbworks.com/w/page/.../Plausible-Denial-FAQ - Cached
    From your Google Reader subscriptions
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Futurethought.pbworks.com at Headkeys

futurethought.pbworks.comtopeka zoo, ecoleague, exploring the c unit testing
framework jungle, page brochure template, Wiki innovations.
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No Child Left Inside ... Eco-History Mysteries ...

In December, KVHA & JAS were awarded an Elizabeth Schultz environmental ...
futurethought.pbworks.com/Kaw-Valley-Heritage-Alliance-Highlights - Cached ...
www2.ljworld.com/marketplace/lawrence/businesses/.../16362/ - 



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