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Pathfinder Passports(cc): 2005-10-30; Pathfinder Passports(cc)

Mapping MentorshipART Memes (1.8MB); Enable GeoScouting-SD ...

Joint Efforts Attract Future Workforce to Region

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Sustainable Destinations to. develop the Management Plan 

Wagon Train, the Walnut Valley Festival, and an article on tourism

Kansas Green Yards

Saving the Earth, One Yard at a Time:

Area residents can go to a Web site -- -- to download a yard certification checklist. ...


HOT this month

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML  Program Sponsor:. Support provided by:
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has provided financial assistance ... 


More information on the program can be viewed at 

Assess Watershed Impact Zones (Consideration)

December 6: Sustainable Travel - Tourism tourtellot pioneer


December 13: 2007 Survey "Richard Louv" "Nature-Deficit Disorder"

Register your organization to help promote and participate in EE Week 2007 (April 15-27)

... Take the Nature-Deficit Disorder Survey :: Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: ...


December 20: Create Eco-Futures Forum (EFF) Captions

for Virtual North Coast U-Tour plus 8-Dec-2006: Alt-Blogspot posting 

Virtual North Coast U-Tour


December 27: Extract thinkLets


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EFF-Pathfinder(cc) Burkhart, Bob
CPSR-GlobalBrain Hibbard, Tim


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-or- social responsibility ... Waters to the Sea


During Feb-2006, my family adopted "Hilo Bay" as our KVHA-Planet U - virtual outpost.

List of future studies topics - Wikipedia (Circa: 2006+)


2010: Multimedia AVATARS (Discussion); DIKW - Harlan Cleveland ·
FMEA: Failure mode and effects analysis; GDSS: Group decision support systems ... - Cached - Similar pages
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As a 1965 KU B-School Alum ... 

I finished UH-Manoa's Info.Sci. graduate studies during 1971 when Harlan Cleveland became UH System's President. Harlan continued leveraging his "freedom of influence" as a social responsibility ... pathfinder


University of Hawaii System 


Re-naming of the Hawaiian Studies Program at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa
... which brought Harlan Cleveland to the presidency of the University. ... 


Written Record of Hawaii's Women: Resources


Honolulu: s.n., 1971. 6 leaves. Brief report to Harlan Cleveland 
... Honolulu : Ethnic Studies Oral History Project, University of Hawaii at Manoa, ... - 




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Single Parents/Homemakers in Hawaii: a Study of Vocational. Education Needs.
... Johnson, R. (status of women, 1971 report to President Harlan Cleveland) ... - Cached


Harlan Cleveland, Director of the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs,

presented the framework for the Humphrey Institute's work, that is:

"Public affairs is not one more discipline to be defined by a particular method of analysis;

it is not a new profession in the tradition of medicine, business, and law;

it is the publication - the public responsibility component of every profession.


"Director Cleveland gave an extensive update on the progress of the HHH Institute since he arrived.

He indicated that John Gardner was recently at the Institute and in the future they will be consulting

with Robert McNamara,James Callahan, Father Ted Hessberg, and many other individuals

from various walks of life who can contribute to a stimulating environment for students at the Institute.


The Institute will conduct a continuing inquiry into the need and the means

of achieving more governance with less government in our society,

using the State of Minnesota's its laboratory.


Present plans include the organization of a conference each Spring on some aspect of this dilemma.

The subject being considered for the first of these conferences is industrial vitalization.


I was invited to UH-Manoa's (East-West Center) to SHARE "interregional lessons learned" as an Upper Midwest Anti-CyberCrime Fighter.

My UH-Manoa graduate studies advisor (Ralph Sprague) enabled my introduction to Briggs' ThinkLets for facilitating group decision support systems.

Note: This 2001 groupware was a DARPA-funded extension of prior NAS Twin Cities (NRSAND V-12) CNA-ONR special projects! 


thinkLets wiki / InspectorScan

As a UH-Manoa Info.Sci. graduate student,

I had an extended military-educational leave of absence (1966-1971) from General Mills Corporate Financial ... - Cached - Similar pages   


Leadership for the Common Good - 1992

>> The community networks that survive share several common elements. 

 they have a clear sense of purpose, which is usually related to encouraging greater citizen participation in the democratic process.



During Nov-2006 in Lawrence, KS ... the AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) 
adapted and facilitated an ALL-WinWin process first piloted by Oahu's Honolulu, HI government.


thinkLets wiki / Anticipatory Thinking Involution

Sustainable Design Assessment Team.
View the Nov. 3, 2006 AIA SDAT presentation (PDF: 8.34 MB).

AIA Selects Lawrence for Community Assistance Program (CAP) ... <-(UMN StoryTech) 



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