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\"Time and Fear\" Louv ... i4CQuest-Keyword ... Pathfinder ... thinkLets


FMHB-MCHSites-BCGPXport.kml ... 1848 John Charles Fremont Expedition


MapMyFitness Routes ::  http://goo.gl/maps/g2KI 


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Eco-Futures thinkLets

  • posted by Bob-RJ @ 11/16/2003 07:53:15 PM. 3n16am-3: CLOnet-LLC / EcoTrekUSA

    • adVenturing(cc) thinkLet Experience Adaptive Avenue Explore Website 101...


Mission: HELP FutureThought Leaders discover alternative Eco-Futures!


  • thinkLets / Kanza Territory


    Our EcoTrekUSA GeoVenturing-LNT (Leave No Trace) prototypes
    at 9-Mile Creek's EastMarsh Lake Park land navigation skills eco-challenge incubated this grass roots …


  • An Heathen Reader

    Building community is one of the important tasks that we have as adherants 

    to the beliefs, ethics, morals and worldview stemming from Northern European ...

    anheathenreader.blogspot.com/ - Cached - Similar pages 


InformalScience | Search Research

Unraveling Ethics: Reflections from a Community-based Participatory ... 

www.informalscience.org/research/search/all?pagination=no - Similar pages


KSU Adult Learner Programs - Adult Learner Stories - Fall 2003

  • She said, "I would tell anyone who has been out of school for a long time and fear

    • returning to compete in the classroom with younger students to pray first ...

  • Quivira Coalition: Books

    • In this groundbreaking new work, child advocacy expert Richard Louv directly ...
      • Time and Fear; The Bogeyman Syndrom Redux; Don't Know Much About Natural History ...
  • Don't Know Much about BioGeography by Kenneth C. Davis ...



Wonderful World (Don't Know Much) - Sam Cooke (Lyrics and Chords)...

    • much biology Don't know much about a science book Don't know much about ...
      • E A / Don't know much about geography Don't know much trigonometry ...


Don't know much about history

Don't know much biology

Don't know much about a science book

Don't know much about the French I took

But I do know that I love you

And I know that if you love me too

What a wonderful world this would be


Don't know much about geography

Don't know much trigonometry

Don't know much about algebra

Don't know what a slide rule is for

But I know that one and one is two

And if this one could be with you

What a wonderful world this would be


Wakarusa Watershed CommUNITY Connections

Be Aware or BEWARE! ... Prepared minds favor chance ...

with http://www.amazon.com/dp/0787909424 (Philip B. Crosby)

Think Globally / *Interact Regionally* / Learn (LNT) Locally


See: http://geoventuring-lnt.blogspot.com/2006/11/wakarusa-watershed-eco-challenge.html


How can I embed a slideshow into my blog or webpage?

@ http://picasa.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=66969 


"River Roots: Ancient Voices" Unveiling at Van-Go mobile arts, inc.



TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time









WYMORECRK,38.82890,-95.07275,938,06/22/2007,14:33:23,WYMORE CREEK
















Embrace http://Virtual-Team-Tactics.futurethought.info

where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering

@ http://www.technorati.com/profile/geoWIZard ***


... MAoP (Stewardship) Community of Practice (CoP)

@ http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/kelp/Leadership.htm ...


Flawed Yet Totally Engrossing (Just Like L.A.)

Review date: 1998-11-03 Rating: 8 out of 10


This book is not the tour de force that City of Quartz was, I think, because Davis is on shakier ground (pun intended) when he tries to prove his points with questionable use of statistics. However, it always makes a compelling and provacative read. By cynically asking where we are going and why, and examining where we have been and how we arrived here, Davis is bound to ruffle feathers.


After over a century and a half of boosterism and Hollywood myths, it is past the time to ask the tough questions. Unlimited development and the unquestioned right for the rich to live on the ocean or in the chaparral are ideas that have been contradicted by events of the past decade.


It is time to examine these outmoded ideas and scores of others. Ecology of Fear dares to present new and long overdue perspectives.

This book required reading for anyone interested in the future of Southern California.


PDF ...  Harbinger, July/August 2006, Vol. 20, No. 4

    • According to Louv‛s book, the average American child spends 170 minutes ...
      • Lack of time and fear of strangers, traffic, and of nature itself can ...

    PDF ... The House of Mirth BY EDITH WHARTON BOOK I

    • must follow up her success, must submit to more boredom, must be ...
      • dull cousin, and she had sometimes wondered why he wasted so much ...



i4CQuest-Keywords: "Ecology of Fear" "Nature-Deficit Disorder" "Richard Louv"



FMHB-MCHSites-BCGPXport.gpx @ http://goo.gl/maps/Yves :: FMHB-MCHSites-BCGPXport.kml


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