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Five Regions of the Future

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Five Regions of the Future Five Regions of the Future. Based on the new book by Joel Barker and Scott Erickson.
Check out the "Five Regions" website. Implication Wheel® Game Paks ... http://www.exploringthefuture.com
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  • pageMapping the West
    Futurists wiki / Five regions of the Future Welcome to the Minnesota Futurists
    The First Chapter of The World Future Society …
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  • pageUniversalTech
    ... Five Regions of the Future ... many-worlds hypothesis@Everything2.com
    I visualise the many worlds theory in the following way. everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=988731 …
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  • pageblogs
    WFS.org ... Five Regions… bob@acctts.com edited 1 yr ago
    URL Forwarding enterprise blogs How To Set Up URL Forwarding. 03:00 From: cscarpero. Views: 602 ...
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pageFifth Freedom

students. Five Regions of The Future - Universal Tech FYI ::
This forum evolved over three years from pursuing "Mentorship Vision 2005" with the MnFuturists-SIGs…
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pageStoryTech Singularity

Forum :: Five Regions of the Future™ Joel Barker and Dr. Scott Erickson's website exploring the choices ...

via http://www.starthrower.com/joel_barker_leadershift.htm

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Things About "Virtual Team Tactics"  




Five Principles of Futuring as Applied History | World Future Society


Tools for Studying · WFS.ORG Before 2010. Interact ...

A Framework for Understanding the Future  (Excerpt from http://bit.ly/omEPyD)


The study of the future is very sparse in both philosophy and theory. Theories (which may also be seen as mental or analytical models) provide a framework for forecasts and give them a credibility that increases managers’ willingness to take calculated risks. In addition, they can help us utilize our knowledge of demonstrated trends, interactions, and causes to better anticipate the future. The theories do not have to be rigid, but they do need to provide an explicit framework that can be modified, expanded, and even rejected by experience.

To that end, I have been working on a set of theoretical principles for futuring from the point of view of an applied historian. I offer them now as working guidelines until others can offer better.

  1. July 2011, Vol. 12, No. 7 | World Future Society

    www.wfs.org/content/july-2011-vol-12-no-7July 2011• Volume 12, No. 7 ...
    ORG (Public); What's Hot @WFS.ORG (Members ...
  2. World Future Society | Tomorrow is built today.

    www.wfs.org/3 Memes on Africa's Tech Future from Internet Father, Vint Cerf ...

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Five Principles of Futuring as Applied History in Futuring by Stephen M. Millett @ http://bit.ly/omEPyD
A historian and futurist offers a theoretical framework for developing more credible and useful forecasts.
The goal is to help individuals and organizations improve long-term foresight and decision making.

When I was working on my doctorate degree in history, people would quip: “Why study history? There’s no future in it!”

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