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Geographic Approach

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GDSS: "Activities for Competitiveness


Knowledge management

The KM infrastructure: Making implicit (tacit) knowledge assets explicit.

Paper presented at the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'04), ...

astro.temple.edu/~clarkh%20/html/knowledge_management.html - Cached



  • Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Knowledge Management

    by Dan Remenyi - 2004 - Business & Economics

    In the past KM may have been a marginal subject and these communities may have  

    ... (2001) The Knowledge Chain Model: Activities for Competitiveness, ...


    GIS Heroes All

    ArcNews has been featuring a series of articles honoring individuals who have made a difference in the world by applying a GIS solution to challenges or needs within their communities. Since these unique individuals have been selected for their innovations or special achievements in a particular field, the series is appropriately named GIS Heroes. The following are honorees.


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Herwig Rollett's Knowledge Management Bibliography

KM-PEB: An online experience base on knowledge management technology. ...

... The knowledge chain model: Activities for competitiveness. ... 

www2.iicm.tugraz.at/herwig/kmbib.html - 358k - Cached - Similar pages 


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Journal of Knowledge Management: Integrating knowledge management ...

One can see the impact of knowledge management everywhere but in the KM ...

... Singh, M., 2001, "The knowledge chain model: activities for competitiveness", ... 

www.kmnetwork.com/KnowledgeManagementRealTimeEnterpriseBusinessModels.html - Cached - Similar pages


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Knowledge management system performance measure index

The knowledge chain model: activities for competitiveness.

... International Conference on System Sciences ( HICSS-34)-Volume 4, p.4023, January 03-06, 2001 ...



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Journal of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis

One reason for this is that GIS have traditionally been developed, operated, and researched by people with ties, in one way or another, to geography ...

publish.uwo.ca/~jmalczew/gida_1/Mennecke/Mennecke.htm - Cached - Similar pages


Creative Education and Teaching, 1983

Total quality management: a GDSS approach (group decision support system).

..... The geography of innovation. Boston: Kluwer Academic. ...

www.buffalostate.edu/orgs/cbir/Bibliographies/Models.asp - Cached - Similar pages


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... Listen to Jack Dangermond, President
... Conservancy. GIS: The Geographic Approach Jack Dangermond, President
... MB] Jack Dangermond, President ... Conference, GIS: The Geographic Approach. ...



Geography in American Timeline

... group by Jack and Laura Dangermond in Redlands, California in 1969. ...

... Measures of Spatial Association by Arthur Getis, Spatial Autocorrelation ... 



Welcome to ArcNews Online

Understanding Our World: Further Thoughts on "The Geographic Approach," by Jack Dangermond. GIS Pioneer
... By Arthur Getis. |Includes Supplemental Podcast| ...
www.esri.com/news/arcnews/arcnews.html - Cached - Similar pages


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Anselin, L., and A. Getis (1993) Spatial statistical analysis and .....
Ulliman and R.G. Wright (1993) Gap analysis: a geographic approach to protection of ...
www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/Publications/Annual_Reports/Annual_5.pdf - Similar pages

esri.com Welcome to ArcNews Online - StartAid Reviews

Our World: Further Thoughts on "The Geographic Approach," by Jack Dangermond
... By Arthur Getis Includes Supplemental Podcast GIS for Small Governme ...
www.startaid.com/review/5496332/Welcome-to-ArcNews-Online.html - Cached - Similar pages

List of United States Naval Academy alumni - Wikipedia ...

1.1 Pre-Civil War; 1.2 Civil War to 1900; 1.3 1900 to World War II
.... VADM David C. Richardson (1914 - )Class of 1936 - Championed pre-WWMCCS Ocean ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_famous_United_States_Naval_Academy_alumni - Cached - Similar pages

USS Cimarron (AO-22) - Wikipedia

Cimarron received 10 battle stars for World War II service, seven for the Korean War,

... usni.org: Vice Admiral David C. Richardson (former Cimarron CO) ...



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