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Geopolitics mapXchange

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page Destiny

Helo pilot Johnny Rowlands offers Eyewitness News 5 viewers a look at the Cimarron River

near Guthrie, Oklahoma after flooding on Aug. 19, 2007. Category: News & Politics 

and C. K. Rowland (1985). "Explaining Hazardous Waste Regulation at the State Level."

Policy Studies Journal 14: 111-22. Goggin, M. L., A. O. M. Bowman, et al. (1990).

Implementation Theory and Practice: Toward a Third …

 Rowland Evans and Robert Novak; Lyndon B. Johnson: ...

The Making of the President: 1964. Burdick, Eugene (1964). The 480. ...

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._presidential_election,_1964 … 

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6th Annual GIS Day @ KU

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

5th Floor - Kansas Union

GIS Day @ KU is part of a nationwide event to promote awareness of geographic information systems (GIS), and how we use this evolving tool to analyze our world. We continue our tradition of bringing together a community of GIS users from academia, business and government.


This year's focus is on the range of available software solutions (both proprietary and open-source),

and how GIS and the web are combining to create new and exciting capabilities.


The 2007 symposium includes a new event, an information fair with vendors

from academia and local business that will run throughout the day.  

– Free and Open to the Public –

Google Map of Participants Student Competition


University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS)


Images of Geopolitics

Alexander Murphy Makes A Point

trp0 photos

Alexander Murphy Makes A Point


From "World Hot Spots: What Google Earth and Geography Tell Us About War, Peace, and Politics" at the Dole Institute for Politics. Pretty fascinating discussion of geography and how we've had some stunningly stupid leaders the past 50 years or so that have gotten us into conflict after conflict without understanding the geopolitics of the situations which has lead to us being unsuccessful time after time after time.

If you've got windows media player, you can see the official video
Or, you can check out
the first of a couple clips I took during the event.

The google dude (Brian McClendon, on the far left) is originally from Lawrence (which is why Lawrence was the starting point for Google Earth for the longest time until he worked on a project with one of his friends, also from Kansas, which inspired a change of the center to Chanute, KS). He demonstrated some of the amazing uses people have put google earth to. One example was a visualization of the spread of the H5N1 avian flu over time.

Alexander Murphy, a geographer from the University of Oregon (and sitting to the right of McClendon) had some terrific anecdotes and some fantastic insights into Iraq, Iran, and other interesting spots around the world.



Topic Content Matches: 7+


Brian McClendon Demos ... (PDC)

He was part of a panel discussion entitled "World Hot Spots:

What Google Earth and Geography Tell Us 
About War, Peace, and Politics"...
www.vimeo.com/333031 - Cached - Similar pages


GIS@KU: GIS Day 2007 ... GreatMap

KU GIS Day 2007 ... http://www.kbs.ku.edu/  

Data Access & Support Center (DASC) Kansas Geological Survey ...
www.gis.ku.edu/gisday/2007/infofair.shtml - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from www.gis.ku.edu ]

  • GIS@KU: GIS Day 2007

    Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 5th Floor - Kansas Union

    ... The 2007 symposium also includes a new event,

    an information fair with vendors from academia...
    www.gis.ku.edu/gisday/2007/ - Cached - Similar pages

Institute for Policy & Social Research

November 14, 2007 GIS Day 2007 @ KU

IPSR is pleased to be a sponsor of this year's KU GIS

... please register online at: http://www.gis.ku.edu/gisday/2007/
www.ipsr.ku.edu/ - Cached - Similar


GIS@KU: GIS Day 2009

KU GIS Day 2009 ... Best Undergraduate Presentation - $50 - Danny Rowland.

The following student papers were accepted for the 2009 Student Competition. ...

www.gis.ku.edu/gisday/2009/studentcomp/ - Cached -


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