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Leadership Learning -or- Kanza Territory's Nature-Deficit Disorder


CCWG NASA NCAR NOAA "Traditional Ecological Knowledge"


View my page on iConnect iLearn in the 21st Century


KVHAdventuring Trails-n-Tales mapXchange

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Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv


Virtual Tourism: Futures Studies Framework

Beginning Fall of 2006, you can grasp your opportunity to study the future in the context of organizational decision-making through the School of Leadership Studies' newest online degree - the Master of Arts in Strategic Foresight



Each of our leadership programs will now be offered through the


School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship (GLE)


Year: 2006

Available online: October 2006

Title: Catastrophic sinkhole formation in Kansas


Title: A case study of implementation of environmental justice (abstr.)

Title: Groundwater pollution hazard assessment; a GIS approach


Available online: Wetlands modeling

Title: Nine water resources-related maps and GIS coverages ...


Water Structures Program : Dam Safety Conference

This year's theme is “Innovative Design in Dam Safety” ...

Questions? Please contact bcooper@kda.state.ks.us for additional information.


Water Structures Program : Dam Safety

(785) 296-4625 voice (785) 296-4835 fax waterstructures@kda.state.ks.us

The goal of the Dam Safety Program is to reduce risks to life and property ...



KanGIS: GeoScouting-SD ... Aim-Fire-Adjust

(21-Nov-2004: Eco-Futures Forum Mindmap Outline)

i4CQuest-Keywords: Dragonfly County kansas futures studies


Source-URL: http://futurethought.pbworks.com/f/DIKW-Mindmap.gif 

Futures studies - Wikipedia

Practitioners of futures studies classify themselves as futurists or foresight ...


Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies - Wikipedia

...Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies Web page.


... Looking Down the Road: A Systems Approach to Futures Studies ...

Publisher: Waveland Pr Inc

Authors: Douglas Raybeck, I. Raybeck

Release Date: February-2000




Encyclopedia. Browse A-Z · ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZNum · Take Charge of Stress ...


Dragonfly Discography Albums: Dragonfly (2004)


The name implies mysticism and ancientness, transformation and reverence. stringmansassy have paid tribute to this most mythological of creatures through their new CD Dragonfly.


An evolution from their critically acclaimed 2003 release Beautiful Day, Dragonfly explores the human experience. It presents a new collection of original songs composed especially for the album, traversing the themes of friendship, love and love's despair. Moving through a variety of moods, it explores the questions of life path and the choices faced when following your heart.


Dragonfly also pays tribute to two extraordinary musicians; Sting and Australian guitarist John Malcolm. stringmansassy have always been remarkable arrangers of music and once again bring their magic to the covered songs 'Fragile' and 'Too Many Lovers'.



Frederick is a city in Rice County, Kansas, United States.

... Fred L. Polak is one of the Dutch founding fathers of futures studies. ...


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