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AdAspera ... thinkLets on Fifth Freedom :: GeoVenturing-LNT


YouTube's Project:Report vote is on this site: http://www.youtube.com/projectreport


You will see all the videos, click on the wetlands video and hit green thumbs up sign, to record your vote!

You may vote once per day until the 16th of November, the contest ends. Thanks again for your support. 


Preview  other Haskel Indian Nation University Voices: http://www.youtube.com/user/skycitygirl


For Rhonda LeValdo, her community is Acoma Pueblo, NM. Her video focused on her grandmother, Rachel Blackwater, and by extension her two children and her Native American heritage. "My children are why I try to get Native American Indians in the mainstream media," Rhonda says. "American Indians have very few stories that are told, unless it is protesting or a powwow."


Rhonda is a journalism graduate student at the University of Kansas, and she broadcasts a radio show called Native Spirit Radio on Kansas City’s KKFI. She also is an instructor in video production at Haskell Indian Nations University, one of 34 tribal colleges for American Indians.


In learning about video production, Rhonda says, "I realized our people need to be telling our stories, and by teaching our youth on what they can do with a camera, that will open the door to others to tell their own tribes’ stories." 

Visit Technology Integration in Education

http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons

Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Authors, learn more about your rights.  

MyPlurk (GlobalBrain) Monitor!



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Nature-Deficit Disorder: Time for a Grow outside! movement

 StoryBoard Pro Software



Atomic Learning's FREE Video StoryBoard Pro is designed to give teachers, students, and home movie makers


a tool to plan ahead when creating video projects. It features the ability to:
Enter shot titles and descriptions, complete with planned lengths and edited order.
Indicate shot types: video, still, audio, music, or titles.

Enter film tips for your camera person when videotaping the shot and editing tips


to be used when editing in iMovie, Movie Maker 2, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, or any other editor of your choice.
Import existing video clips, still pictures, and sounds to better illustrate each shot.


Create, save, and import templates for video projects.
Print copies of your storyboard for use while filming or editing.
Print blank storyboard worksheets for brainstorming new ideas.


NEW: Shot tips that link to online Atomic Learning Library sample video clips.
StoryBoard Pro is the work of Apple Distinguished Educator Bill Bierden.

YouTube plugin error

VanGo Arts Ancient Voices 

MentorshipART-of-Peace (MAoP)


  • Explore effective ways to adapt innovative "Wayfinder StoryTech Tales" 

    from other cultural and natural heritage development regions.





As of January 2006, four U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) graduates were selected as
Bioneer EarthSea-Keepers, a new UNEP designator for Notable Oceanographers.






Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom’s executive director, Cathy Musick, presents Dean Fred Cholick with a copy of KFAC’s new Exploring Kansas’ Natural Resources Educator Guide.


The guide is designed to assist upper-elementary level teachers in educating youth about the relationship between Kansas’natural resources and agriculture. KFAC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the understanding of agriculture by increasing the scope and effectiveness of educational tools. Kansas teachers can request a free copy of the guide by sending an e-mail to ksfac@ksu.edu, or calling (785) 532-7946. Additional resources are available online at http://www.ksagclassroom.org



The following lessons are from the
Kansas Environment Leadership Program
Introduction to Water Lessons
middle school
high school
KS water maps 1 2 3
water links
Think While You Drink
5-E Lesson Plan Format



Civil War Era Surgeon

19th Century America: Avalon Project


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Adaptive Outdoor Recreation: Eco-Challenges

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On the Earth Day every year, the previous year's accomplishments are celebrated

with the Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards and Awards Ceremony.






When adding, put a star "*" and space " " before items.

Use hyphens "-" to cross items out 



Mapping AO-22 ... MentorshipART Memes


On 27-Sep-2007, I revisited Cimarron's High School that displays CIM's "peer mentoring" artifacts since her 30-Sep-1968 decommissioning. This community just celebrated its sesquicentennial near the Kit Carson Santa Fe Trail homestead!




To HELP celebrate Boxing Day 2002:


My Oklahoma daughter & I launched a "MentorshipART Gallery"

featuring digital library recollections & reflections of refueling operations aboard the USS Cimarron (AO-22).


For background on logistics supply-chain innovations,

preview: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_replenishment_oiler  (AOR: Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment)


Our self-directed UNODIR Mission


was to transform Philmont's "Roving Outdoor Conservation School" into an inter-regional model

for "River Orienteering/Community Stewardship" (RO/CS) with people-powered Eco-Challenge

NPS "adaptive outdoor recreation" events that sustain Adventure Outdoor Resorts (AOR ) ...


Benchmarking AOR "Trails-n-Tales"(cc) ...


To find a list of dogsledding outfitters, go to www.exploreminnesota.com  






Whether you desire an outdoor adventure or simply some peace and quiet, the Gunflint Trail (or just the "Trail" as the locals call it) in northern Minnesota is the perfect vacation destination. On the Gunflint you will find the heaviest snows of deepest winter, along with wilderness, wildlife, miles of cross-country trails, and expansive territory to explore on snowshoes. << http://www.minnesotamonthly.com/media/Minnesota-Monthly/Guides-Resources/Traveler-Resources/Minnesota-Skiing/  


1- As an adventure-seeker,


I'd experienced Cimarron's Philmont Scout Ranch in 1958 with my peers from the St. Louis "Gateway to the West" (Kirkwood & Webster Groves) Skim our digitized 35mm Pix: http://homepage.mac.com/burkhartmnus/VIEW/ALBUM.HTM


2- As CIM's last Public Affairs Officer (PAO),

I helped plant a "StoryTech Seed" (Meme) that still EMPOWERS a global sense of commUNITY Imagination and Place among those folks who enjoy experiencing where the mountains meet the plains!


3- I've loaned my copy of CIM's "1967 Westpac Cruisebook"


to the high school's library to honor its "Hidden Hometown Heroes" (coaches, mentors & tutors) who continue "Cultivating Mindscapes" along the Santa Fe Trail's mountain route. See my summary remarks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cimarron_%28AO-22%29#Vietnam_War


While the last USS Cimarron (AO-177)


http://www.google.com/search?q=USS+Cimarron+%28AO-177%29+wiki  didn't last as long,

I'm fairly sure her crewmates (1979-1998) served as an afloat "Leadership Learning Collaboratory" (LLC)


Besides being a Naval Hospital Corpsman (HM)


... UNREPs rank highest among our U.S. Navy's next most hazardous duties.

The close proximity of UNderway REPlenishment (UNREP) operations at sea

leaves little leeway for cascading human errors & omissions (E&O)


Preservation & protection of GLOBAL WATERSHED QUALITY


from BioERROR pollution sources now faces similar challenges!


Please preview (CSR: Community Social Responsibility research) 



Crisis Management Presponse (CMP) Learn & Share Tales


Land Navigation Skills Leave-No-Trace Learn & Share Tales EarthSea-Keeping.
presponse.futurethought.info/ - Cached - Similar


Think Globally / *Interact Regionally* / Learn (LNT) Locally

MnSCU-iTeach 2002: Blended Visual Learning Models ...


As CIM's "UNREP Detail" Cargo Deck Safety Officer,


I reframed my Philmont "lessons learned" to encourage consequential learning among the crew assigned to my exposed area of responsibility. Our binding mutually-beneficial social contract (CIM-PACT) remained tightly focused on bringing back "ALL Hands" with all our parts still intact ...


CIM's "Pass-Down the Line" (PDL)

A simple OOD bridge watch log was this unit's "leadership learning legacy" from CIM's first skipper.


But, it wasn't my first exposure to sharable Knowledge Management Organizational Learning (KMOL). Prior BSA Scouting & NAVOCS tutoring were based upon persistent peer mentoring using a "Show-Tell-Do-Review" Community of Practice (CoP) model ...


Embrace http://Virtual-Team-Tactics.futurethought.info

where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering

@ http://www.technorati.com/profile/geoWIZard  ***


Having LDO department heads & a Mustang-XO

in CIM's Wardroom helped us leverage our mutual InterDependence.


This distributed learning classroom stimulated collaboratory dialogs to facilitate INTERdisciplinary problem-solving.

Among the transferable future thought leadership skills acquired aboard CIM was "Presponse Systems Thinking"

As a week-end small-craft sailor in Long Beach Harbor, I understood the vital need for timely avoidance action!


  • This was reinforced during Emergency Ship-Handling School:

    >> Thucydides' wry observation in the fifth century B.C. that "a collision at sea can ruin your entire day"

    could well be the subtitle of Richard Cahill's ... Collisions and Their Causes. <<


  • Since narrowly avoiding a 1968 "T-Bone" collision with CIM

    & the USS Constellation (CVA-66) off the Baja California coast,

    my personal sensitivity to basing career or default decisions

    on unverifiable implicit assumptions was radically altered.


  • Subsequent case studies are posted here: http://futurethought.pbwiki.com/FindPage?SearchFor=FMEA


MAoP (Stewardship) Community of Practice (CoP)

@ http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/kelp/Leadership.htm  ...


TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet UTC-Time



HOUSE,39.00970,-94.79306,1045,09/01/2004,08:25:20,(913) 268-7428

















NEWTRACK8,39.06969,-94.85235,963,09/02/2004,00:40:06,NEW TRACK




Methods of teaching adaptive outdoor recreation activity skills to people 

.... Emphasis on natural resource agencies (National Park Service, ...
www.acs.utah.edu/GenCatalog/1006/crsdesc/prt.html  - Cached - Similar pages


Crafting digital library ARTifacts for adaptive outdoor recreation

... nps.gov "River Trail" Outdoor Recreation Preservation Tales ...


@ http://Futurethought.pbwiki.com<-(2007 Digital Jaywalker Journals)


via http://Futurethought.info  <-(2006 GeoVenturing-LNT Adhocracy)



The Santa Fe Trail consisted of two main branches: the original route

... miles south of Cimarron on SR 21 and houses

the Philmont Museum and Seton Library, ...
www.cimarronnm.com/history.htm - Cached - Similar pages

 Philmont Training Center: Leisure Activities

The Kit Carson Museum in Philmont's southeast corner (seven miles south of

... to life on the Santa Fe Trail and the lives of mountain men Kit Carson ...
www.scouting.org/philmont/ptc/families/leisure.html - Cached - Similar pages


Stopping by Philmont?

You can visit: 1) Philmont Trading Post 2) Philmont Museum and Seton Library

3) Villa Philmonte (home of Waite Phillips before he donated the property ...
www.hepth.cornell.edu/~seb/philmont-stop.html - Cached - Similar pages


Philmont Training Center -- Part III, Parking, Trading Post, Others.

The Philmont Museum/Seton Library has a small gift shop (Indian trading post type

... is an interpretive center of a trading post on the Santa Fe Trail. ...
www.hepth.cornell.edu/~seb/philmont-ptc-part3.html - Cached - Similar pages


New Mexico - Google Books Result

by Brian Bell - 2004 - Travel - 250 pages
The Philmont Museum and Seton Library are open year-round.

Bison and other wildlife are

... Maxwell planned to capitalize on traffic on the Santa Fe Trail. ...


The Phil-list: [Philmont]: PTC Experience - Part III, Parking ...

The Philmont Museum/Seton Library has a small gift shop (Indian trading post

... the Santa Fe Trail. Nice for a short visit, most of the programs go there ...
www.troop-259.org/philmont/phillist/Jul_2002/0325.html  - Cached - Similar pages


Philmont Scout Ranch Museums @ Treasuresof.com

Guided tours are offered during spring, summer and fall, and reservations are booked

at the Philmont Museum-Seton Library. Philmont’s Kit Carson Museum ...
treasuresof.com/View.aspx?treasureId=1676 - Cached - Similar pages

+ + +

YouTube's Project:Report vote is on this site: http://www.youtube.com/projectreport

http://search.ca.com/search/ca?ct=438121599&col=sa&qt=actns/swif.t (Malware Alert)

Technology Integration in Education

Facilitating the Use of Technology in the Classroom

A message to all members of Technology Integration in Education

Thanks to a great contribution by Atomic Learning, Technology Integration in Education will be able to remain here on Ning free for all members for quite some time.  Starting today, TIE will begin to plan for a new future of a dynamic Professional learning Network here on Ning. 


The site over the next few months will go through some dramatic changes.  I will be looking to take advantage of some of the many options that will now be available to Ning Pro members.  We will have a redesigned site with a new look and even a new URL.  I think I will move the Domain name from the groups site to this site during that time. 


I will be sending out information about all changes when the time is right.  Obvious changes will not need any notification and therefore you will need  to check back often to see what has changed. 


Please do take the time to thank Atomic Learning at http://www.atomiclearning.com/ for their gift of continual collaboration amongst us professionals in an effort to foster personal and professional growth in the area of technological integration in the educational setting. 


Any ideas and thoughts as to the future of the grou.ps site would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.  Should we continue a site there as well or should I close it down?   


So to summarize, thank you for hanging in there with me and do not worry.  Things will continue on this site as usual with changes coming to the offerings and look of this site in the near future.  There is no longer a need to migrate to the groups site unless we decide to keep that site running as well.  (This I am not to sure I have time to do). 


Thank you and may the collaboration continue.


Greg Limperis


Technology Integration in Education


Visit Technology Integration in Education at: http://tech-in-ed.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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