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Gospel of the Redman

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Introduction (Lost Legends ... of La Flecha)


Cimarron is Spanish for wild and untamed and originally was used in New Mexico to refer to the wild bighorn sheep, and later to the wild horses and cattle that once roamed throughout the north-central mountains (Pearce, 1965). Today, the sparsely populated Cimarron country in western Colfax County (Fig. 1) can still be described as wild and untamed with its rugged, timbered mountains (the Cimarron Range), towering cliffs, and the previously unpredictable Cimarron River. The Cimarron River has been tamed somewhat by the Eagle Nest Dam, which controls flooding in the canyon. 


Cimarron Canyon State Park extends along Cimarron Canyon from Eagle Nest Lake to Ute Park and along US-64 (Fig. 1). It is part of Colin Neblett Wildlife Area, which consists of 33,116 acres of the central Cimarron Range of the southern Rocky Mountains. The wildlife area is bordered by the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch on the east and Eagle Nest Lake on the west. The elevation ranges from 7,400 ft along the river to 12,045 ft at Touch-Me-Not Mountain.


The state park is managed jointly by the State Park and Recreation Division and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish; the latter administers the wildlife area. Local wildlife includes deer, elk, bear, antelope, turkey, chipmunk, squirrel, beaver, coyote, red fox, porcupine, raccoon, bobcat, mountain lion, and a few bighorn sheep. Golden and bald eagles and other birds may be seen in the area.

Figure 1 - Index map showing the location of Cimarron Canyon State Park.


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