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GPSurvey Agr-iTourism

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Farmers Riding Technology Wave

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. - 10 Jan 2008


The changes have come lightning quick in the nearly three decades since Missouri agricultural extension agents first preached the power of computers to skeptical farmers.


Gone are the bulky main frames, archaic floppy disks and bewildered stares that used to greet agricultural educators as they attempted to persuade farmers to embrace new technology. Computer-savvy cattlemen and crop farmers are lining up to try out the latest gadgets, from tractor-mounted mapping systems to market reports delivered as podcasts.


"Farmers are much more technologically savvy than people think," said John Travlos, a University of Missouri extension agent. "They have to be. Agriculture is big business."


From longtime computer users to novices looking for tips, farmers from across Missouri gathered Friday at a Lake of the Ozarks resort for the university's annual farm computer users' conference.


Topics ranged from basic spreadsheet use for managing finances to implementing "precision agriculture" techniques to maximize crop yields through computer-driven soil testing and fertilizer applications




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Agr-iTourism & GeoVenturing


Info about the US National Integrated Land Systems (NILS),

a joint project between the US Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service in partnership with other local, state, and federal entities in order to collect, manage, and publish cadastral records and land parcel info in a GIS framework. Translation: free tools and map access.

Related: www.geodata.gov.

GPSurvey Devices Balloon With Features


They can plumb the Internet

for the latest movie times, news headlines, stock figures and gas prices


In the meantime, even basic maps benefit from all this connectivity.

Now maps and landmarks can be updated after a device is purchased,

reducing the chance a motorist will get foiled by such earthly matters as road changes and construction.




National Scenic Byways Grants



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