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heritage tourism

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Selected resources for cultivating a "Wakarusa Watershed" sense of place in space

using high-TOUCH geotourism story-telling with high-TECH GISphere thinkLets ...


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A Companion to Tourism (Blackwell Companions to Geography)

  • by Alan A. Lew, Colin Michael Hall, and Allan M. Williams (Hardcover - Jun 1, 2004) - Illustrated
    • Excerpt - page 17: "... become central unifying concepts in tourism. Similarly, concerns over sexuality and gay-related issues in tourism, ... for post-structural "cultural" approaches to tourism (Aitcheson et ..."


Tourism Geography (Routledge Contemporary Human Geography)

  • by Stephe Williams (Hardcover - Nov 10, 1998)
    • Excerpt - page 17: "... for exploring more complex issues such as ... links between tourism and development processes or the socio/cultural/anthropological concerns for host-visitor relationships. Planning for ..."


Cultures of Schooling:

    • Pedagogies for Cultural Difference and Social Access by Bill Cope, Greg Noble, Scott Poynting, and Mary Kalantzis (Paperback - Feb 1991)


European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Vol. 3, 2003/4

    • (European Yearbook of Minority Issues) by European Centre for Minority Issues and The European Academy Bozen/Bolzano (Hardcover - Jun 1, 2005)


Women as Producers and Consumers of Tourism in Developing Regions:

  • by Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Sevil Sonmez, and Dallen J. Timothy (Hardcover - April 30, 2001)
    • Excerpt - page 20: "... Concern over the socio-cultural impacts of tourism in developing nations ..."


Tourism Promotion and Power:

  • Creating Images, Creating Identities by Nigel Morgan and Annette Pritchard (Hardcover - Oct 22, 1998)
    • Excerpt - page 19: "... There has been remarkably little concern ... by `the cultural brokers of tourism'. 99 Such issues are crucial ..." 


KVHAdventuring-StreamLink(cc) didn’t align with this renamed alliance -

until Sue Pridemore with USNPS (MRO) became our interregional Eco-History facilitator

for the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) master planning partnership … 

Douglas County, Kansas - Our History

Underground Railroad Association of Douglas County Kansas .... 
Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area is the successor to the Territorial Kansas Heritage ... 
The Kansas Heritage Group history archives are devoted to digitally ...
www.douglas-county.com › About Us - Cached - Similar 


My UNODIR (Unless Otherwise DIRected)

     WakarUSA Watershed marshal’s mission -

     from Kansas Supreme Court Justice Robert L. Gernon, Esq. - was to advocate adapting

     the Upper Wakarusa Watershed WRAPS pilot program statewide …

Robert L. Gernon
 - Wikipedia

Justice Gernon became a persistent community stewardship leader with a passion ... 
Robert L. Gernon LL.M. '01 · Kansas Supreme Court justice dies of cancer ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_L._Gernon - Cached - Similar 



To achieve our desired (future thought leadershiplearning collaboratory outcome,

I made Tue-AM’s weekly Lawrence Breakfast Optimist Club meetings my listening post.

Young students get close-up with nature / LJWorld.com

May 19, 2009... Alliance (KVHA), Jayhawk Audubon Society (JAS)
and Grasslands Heritage Foundation (GHF) empower our community's future thought leaders ...
www2.ljworld.com/news/2009/.../young-students-get-close-nature/ - Cached

-2008 Kansas-Legislature SB-518 8325MSW

Futurethought Matches: 13+ c. Bad Blood ... FFNHA Hyperportal ... 
That's the advice leaders of two Midwest heritage areas have for the fledgling Freedom's ...
www.scribd.com/.../KVHA2008-KansasLegislature-SB518-8325MSW - Cached


The KVHA Van-Go Arts JAMSAncient Voices/River Roots” bench

reinvests the goodwill/social capital (FIFTH Freedom) of hidden hometown heroes …

like Earl Core, Bob-RL Gernon, Bob (Yo-Yo Man) Lewis & Tom Yoe (Kansas University Relations)

River Roots
 — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

streamhopper wrote 3 years ago : “Ancient Voices” by Ryan Stork
Generously commissioned by ... River Roots books use a blend of storytelling ...
en.wordpress.com/tag/river-roots/ - Cached


Prairie Passage Story Chasers: Commons | WellCommons

May 19, 2010 ... Posts tagged with River Roots.
Inspiration for “Ancient VoicesVan-Go Mobile Arts JAMS Bench … ...
wellcommons.com/groups/prairie-passage-story.../river-roots/ - Cached


River Orienteering | Kaw Valley Heritage Adventuring | Lawrence, KS

Van-Go Arts (River RootsAncient Voices ... Ecology of Hope Rally ...
wellcommons.com/marketplace/businesses/.../river-orienteering/ - Cached


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