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Our history gives us a sense of place.

         It defines who we are and guides us in charting the future.



From eric.scheid at ironclad.net.au ...

Ever since 9/11, 

the Bush administration has argued for greater (?) freedom ...

... fighting a war comes from John Burmingham's future history trilogy. ...

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Institute for Knowledge Management. ...

1997 The influence of decision makers for new technology acquisition. ...

... 1997 The Past and Future History of the Internet: the science of future ...

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(1981) 'A Profile of Syndicate Corruption in the Police Force' in D.P.C. Lee(ed)

... In War & Peace in the Global Village, The Global Village and ...
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AWRA Water Resources IMPACT (PDF)

Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan. 2002The New Economy of Water – Clay J. Landry, Associate Editor.


The January edition was great. However, I can see the water market/economist folks need to remember the physical limitations of the resource and not assume all shortcomings can be handled by a “market condition” or right “pricing” policy.


Pricing values shown in the January edition should always be in ranges and not quote a single value unless it refers to a specific project or location. Are the single values cited by Landry averages or maximum values (ref. Table 1, p. 28, Jan 02 article by Clay Landry)? This should be footnoted in the table.


Also, the references for this table quote 1997 and 1999 articles, what is the dollar basis for the table in 1997 or 1999 dollars?


Editor's Note: The comment above came in an email intended primarily for the authors.

When I asked permissionto use it in “Feedback” ... I received the following quotable follow-up. ... N. Earl Spangenberg


Sure! Bear in mind though (that the comments) were not intended as a complete (or even partial) critique or even complete comments to the “outside” world; rather they were more for private consumption by the authors of the various articles.


As water becomes considered more as a commodity rather than a “vested right” by those who manage and use it, the economists and others presupposed to markets (and market forces and corresponding theories of controls) will attempt to control it through anthropogenic means. Problems linger because this approach has been shown through the ages to be fraught with incompleteness.


As human management systems become more capable to render sense of multiple responses and inputs, equity and fairness of governments as well as government-private interests will improve proportionately until a better distribution and availability becomes more commonplace.


The continuous integration of views of many are needed in the water resources arena and we need to become more aware of and to encourage systems that forward the aims of equity, quality affordability, conservation, and future sustainability for the next generation.


Without this, other approaches will be in vain, insufficient, and require solutions for each generation’s failure to observe what Sir Francis Bacon stated ... Nature to be Commanded ... Must be Obeyed.


”B. L. Gaddis, P.E., P.G.

Future Resources Engrg., LLC


30 • Water Resources IMPACT :: May • 2002 Feedback



California Road Prairie Passage in Kansas

Where is the OneKC: Freedom's Frontier - Trailside Center?


Map: Destination directions for 9901 Holmes Road; KCMO 64131

Charting the Future

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Indian Creek Hike/Bike Trail





  • Westport, Kansas City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Westport is a historic neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
  • Downtown- Kansas City, MO - VirtualTourist.com

    From atop this bluff in downtown Kansas City (MO) you can see the confluence of the Kansas and 

    ... Downtown: Chouteau Society Marker - Lewis & Clark Point ...

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    The Chouteau Society, a society dedicated to marking Kansas City's French origins, erected a signpost at 

    .... List of neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri ...

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  • Johnson County KS- Tax Exempt Organizations and Johnson Kansas ...

    CHOUTEAU SOCIETY, 56 COVENTRY CT PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS 66208-5225, Charitable Organization

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  • Mary Harris Francis Was Chappy Summer Visitor - 6/3/05 - Vineyard ...

    Francis was born in Kansas City, Mo., on March 16, 1927, to James Gibson and Mary

    ... In addition, she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chouteau Society, ...

    www.mvgazette.com/article.php?13422 - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

  • Local History - Kansas City Public Library




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