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Creativity Science ... Lost Art &  Lost Legends


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WFS-2007 Annual Conference of the World Future Society ...

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... in 2000. These residents represent the increasing diversity of Minneapolis, many are immigrants.

During the 2006-2007 school year, ...

www.wfs.org/WF2007_final.pdf - Similar pages


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(Group-NLP mind shifting semantics)



List of people from Minnesota - Wikipedia

Harlan Cleveland (born 1918) ... (Empowered MentorshipART mapXchange)

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Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 11:42 am on Nov 18, 2013

Author Bruce Dillman uses two mnemonics to explain his process: TARGET and RESULTS.
First, there is TARGET. It is focused on establishing your goals.
T -- Think of a result you want A -- Aim for a positive result R -- Refine the details G -- Get into it E -- Expand your team T -- Turn to key clues

Then: R -- Recognize and avoid traps E -- Establish resourceful attitudes S -- Support the process with mutual trust
U -- Use your clues L -- Loosen up - take another approach T -- Take yes for an answer S -- Step this way

Source-URL: Results on Target: Practical Steps to Improve Results and Avoid Traps :: http://www.amazon.es/.../dp/0944112129

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