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Ingram Insights

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Analyze, Report & Share Information w/ Microsoft Business Intelligence

Social Interaction Economic XML "group decision support systems"

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Ingram Insights: Ingram News and Events

Ingram Acquires Vital Source Technologies, Expanding its Digital Content Delivery Solutions.
7/17/2006. NASHVILLE, TN – Ingram Industries Inc. today ...

www.ingrambook.com/insights/news_detail.asp?ID=95 - Cached - Similar pages


Ingram Insights: Ingram News and Events

Dec 18, 2006 ... Vital Source is a leading provider of digital content delivery

... 4/23, Professional Bookshelf: Professional Bookshelf Spring 2008 ...

www.ingrambook.com/insights/news_detail.asp?ID=99 - Cached

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  • Bookselling News

    Jul 18, 2006 ... As a major step in bolstering its digital content delivery
    ... Ingram Industries has bought Vital Source Technologies, Raleigh, N.C., ...

    news.shelf-awareness.com/nview.jsp?appid=411&j=99602 - Cached

Insights: News Release

Ingram Acquires Vital Source Technologies, Expanding its Digital Content Delivery Solutions.
NASHVILLE, TN – Ingram Industries Inc. today announced it has ...

www.ingramlibrary.com/insights/news_detail.asp?ID=95 - Cached - Similar pages


E-books and the graying of lit fans ...

Nov 15, 2007 ... Ingram Digital Group is an operating division of Ingram Industries Inc.
and provides publishers and other content owners with a ...
www.teleread.org/.../ - Cached - Similar pages


Hawaii Reporter :: HyperPortals

Freedom to Report Real News

Regardless, I hope our legislators will find the wisdom to at least let the people participate in this long-reaching decision.

The time to act is now, or our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will not forgive us.

May Courage be with us. 


More at: http://www.qrpd.com/

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The Future of Work (Malone): Harvard Business School Press

... Projects at Warp Speed with QRPD (Kopelman): Global Brain, Inc. ...
www.rachelrice.com/samples.htm - Cached - Similar pages

He described the approach of QRPD as working with and for the people to create a 
... future resource use and an expected influx of returning miners. ...
www.iisd.ca/download/asc/sdvol4no1.txt - Cached - Similar pages

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