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Shavlik Knowledge Management Systems Audit 


Honeywell announced the release 
of the new GG1178 MEMS Rotational Rate Sensor; ...
water monitoring, general SCADA and telematics applications. ...
www.gps-practice-and-fun.com/archived-gps-wireless-news-2005.html - Similar pages

Shavlik Security, LLC excelled AFTER adapting MentorshipART "Virtual Team Tactics" 


InspectorScan Shavlik Security 1995



... with Microsoft customers, we here at Shavlik created

a set of pretty good security products rolled under one GUI

and called Inspectorscan. Circa 1995. ...

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Hacking.co.in » 2007 July 

Benchmarking InspectorScan by Shavlik

Kane Security Analyst, http://www.intrusion.com ...

hacking.co.in/2007/07/ - Cached


Our ITEC Kansas City 2007 Conference

 reflects persistent lessons learned SHARING!

Preview: Presponse Systems Thinking adaptations ...


Information Integrity Assurance (IIA)

is a derivative work of CincPacFlt's Naval Control and Protection of Shipping Ocean Surveillance Systems prototypes.

For context, search using these i4CQuest-Keywords: Kansas University Interdisciplinary "Computing Innovations" wiki


A: As a UH-Manoa Info.Sci. graduate student, I had an extended military-educational leave of absence (1966-1971) from General Mills Corporate Financial Audit Department (CFAD). It was a VITAL link in CEO "Edwin W. Rawlings" Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) "peer mentoring process" ... Please see: http://www.google.com/search?q=CEO+%22Edwin+W.+Rawlings%22+Award


More recent examples of applying innovative "Future Thought Leadership" by example ...

>> The Integrator: Arthur Rooney presents the 2005 AFMC Communications and Information

General Edwin W. Rawlings Team Award to Dianna McLaughlin of the 38th EIG <<

via http://integrator.hanscom.af.mil/2006/May/05182006/05182006.htm  ... 


B: To pre-stage the WFS-2007 Conference, I influenced a "Wikipedia Blitz" (6-26 Dec 2005)

to H-E-L-P HONOR our "hidden hometown heroes" <-(Re*Framing RRA Port of Bloomington)


List of people from Minnesota - Wikipedia ...

Edwin W. Rawlings (1904–1997) - CEO General Mills, USAF General (Ret.

@ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Minnesota  ...


C: As our social capital "reinvesting process" unfolded, I retraced the leadership learning memes (legacy) of Upper Mississippi River Explorer ... Father Louis Hennepin @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Whatlinkshere/Louis_Hennepin  <-(Cartographer, Mapmaker & Storyteller)Plus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:History_of_United_States_expansionism <-("Manifest Destiny" Mythology) 


D: My UH-Manoa Campus future thought leadership GUIDE was Harlan Cleveland

@ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Whatlinkshere/Harlan_Cleveland


>> Harlan Cleveland (born 1918): Championed DIKW, Club of Rome member,

founding dean for H. H. Humphrey Institute, politician ... <<

Scan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_future_studies_topics  ...


Systems thinking subcategories

There are 6 subcategories for Anticipatory thinking ... 


[-] Business continuity and disaster recovery


[+] Future history


[+] Group processes


[-] Quality management


[+] Strategic management


[-] Theory of Constraints

Information assurance ... "disruptive technology"

  • "innovative thinking" thought leader ... mapping tutor


BrainBlog: June 2005

<-(Overlaps with Kan-Ed's "MBWA-Rant" Conference in Wichita!)


Situated discourse analysis of specific episodes of reported speech used

... Art: The Nervous System as Art Exhibit. Neuroscapes 2006 put out ...


  • (News about our knowledge of the brain and behavior)


    Ibro 2006


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    focuses on levels of metals in the brain of goats in Nigeria and to see 
    if it could be a suitable model for assessing the impact of environmental toxicity ...
    www.ibro.info/Media/pdf/Ibro_2006v34.pdf - Similar pages



ISI's focus areas include Enterprise Architecture, Information Assurance, ...

... Garry Booker at Project Frontier is proving to be a key thought leader ...
www.pmthink.com/labels/value-management.htm - Cached - Similar pages



PMThink! Project Management Thought Leadership

Collaboration and Openness in the Participation Age: Via Sun Microsystems:

Thought Leaders Prove Sharing Builds Economies at Sun Microsystems' Participation ...
www.pmthink.com/labels/innovation.htm - Cached - Similar pages
More results from www.pmthink.com »


Shiny Happy Users

Rather than waste more time spewing information about the product that you can read

for yourself on the product web site, I thought I would discuss a Morae ...
www.scribd.com/doc/256426/Shiny-Happy-Users - Cached - Similar pages


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
our Thought Leader Interview on page 10, he explains how the ...

organization devoted to fostering innovative thinking in strategic management ...
www.rotman.utoronto.ca/pdf/current.pdf - Similar pages


Training Press Releases

InfoBasis hosts thought leaders on Capability Management ...

... -Embraces Linux, a disruptive technology, as the basis for its strategic growth, ...
www.trainingpressreleases.com/browse.asp - Similar pages



From rmreimann at gmail.com Sat Jul 1 05:32:31 2006

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I never thought documenting tip text was important" would be invaluable. ...

... innovative thinking and design * Well developed skills in flow charting user ...

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Where Learning Never Stops

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

been a local tutor for modules on ‘Project Management’.

and ‘Accounting Information Systems’ for external. university programs. ...

www.nus.edu.sg/nex/pdf/juldec06/mgmt1.pdf - Similar pages


Networking World: September 2007

This thought leadership piece by storage industry expert Mark Ferelli will address ...

... Wiki City Rome To Provide Real Time Crowd Information, Mapping ...

networking-world.blogspot.com/2007_08_13_archive.html - Similar pages


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