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DonWorster ... Eco-history backcasting

The shot across the bow that led to publishers’ enlightenment was Google’s December 2004 announcement of an agreement to digitize all the holdings of six major libraries. Flying the flag of “organizing the world’s knowledge,” as Google’s Director of Content Partnerships Jim Gerber expresses it, and merrily whistling past the graveyard of copyright, Google, and Amazon.com right after them, have shown publishers that their world has changed for ever. (The copyright tussle, as has been observed, is really a business issue, and business issues have a way of resolving in a practical fashion.)


Backcasting - Wikipedia

Whereas forecasting is the process of predicting the future based on current trend analysis,

backcasting approaches the challenge of discussing the future ...

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Futures techniques - Wikipedia


2 Backcasting (eco-history).

2.1 Back-view mirror analysis; 2.2 Cross-impact analysis.

3 Futures workshops. 3.1 Failure mode and effects analysis ...

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Backcasting - IA Summit 2007 Session

Presentation on the use of Backcasting as a strategic

discovery process tool for information architects.

Presented by Matthew Milan and Sam Ladner at the ...


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Strategies for Sustainability: Backcasting

The concept of “backcasting” is central to a strategic approach for sustainable development.

It is a way of planning in which a successful outcome is ...


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Tool A: Backcasting Elaborated 

Backcasting” is a fancy term for something we are all familiar with.

The term refers to the idea of planning from a future desirable outcome, ...


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The Wit and Wisdom of Japanese Proverbs ...


Poetry and Proverbs compiled and translated by David Galef

Tuttle (Paperback, $12.95, ISBN: 0804821275)

Publication date: April 2000



Even a Stone Buddha Can Talk is the long-awaited sequel to the top-selling first volume, Even Monkeys Fall From Trees.


With one hundred pithy new translations of insightful Japanese proverbs, each accompanied by a humorous illustration, this irresistible collection is both instructional and fun-a perfect taste of Eastern philosophy for the Western palate.


  • Ideal for both the casual and serious student of Japanese culture:



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