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KUAA Faculty Club

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university/faculty club interest survey

  • Mucci said the survey results would be analyzed early next year to gauge interest
    • and expected services before deciding whether or not to pursue this idea ...


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Envisioning Windmill Hill Kansas Univeristy/Faculty Club alternatives ...

  • David Mucci, director of KU Memorial Unions, said the idea of a university/faculty club would ...
    • Oread. December 11, 2006 : Vol. 31, No. 9 ...


The Provost's office seeks input

on the possibility of forming a university/faculty club. A survey was distributed to faculty and staff last month to determine what kinds of services would be provided in such a club and how often it might be used.


David Mucci, director of KU Memorial Unions,

said the idea of a university/faculty club would be to provide a venue for faculty and staff to gather in an informal setting to discuss research, their work at the university and to establish cross-disciplinary relationships. A club could also provide a place for campus visitors, such as alumni, donors and people of influence to meet with campus personnel.


A club would provide meals,

most likely lunch or dinner. Mucci said there would be a membership fee, but those who paid would receive discounted rates on meals and services. Paid memberships would be necessary, as a club would not be supported by the state.


One question facing a potential club is location.

The possibility of constructing a facility for such use exists, but would likely be cost prohibitive, Mucci said. Another option is using an existing campus facility, but with it come questions about location – a club would need to be accessible to all of campus as well as the public – and parking.


If a club is formed, Mucci said the goal is to provide a casual, stress-free setting where university employees could meet.


  • "It would be a less-formal atmosphere, but where business is clearly being done," Mucci said. "It would also be a place to build bridges to those outside of campus,
    • while serving the sense of creating a better community here."


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