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La Flecha

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 USS Cimarron Trails-n-Tales (Lost Legends)

... a pass much used by Indians, Spaniards and Anglos traveling from the Plains

by way of the Cimarron River (called La Flecha -- the arrow -- in 1719). ...

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Spirit of the Kaw GeoVenturing-LNTours

Lost Legends:

As a USS Cimarron (AO-22) Public Affairs Officer (PAO), I'm reserching the backstory about fast fleet oiler innovations during the Interwar Period. During 2005 (Dec 6-26), I began doing a social network analysis while editing selected Wikipedia articles honoring the USA's Midwest Mariners.


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[USS Cimarron Iowa Missouri Wisconsin Sea Control Navy Leadership Laboratory Leahy USNA 1921 1939]


>> The first CVE was USS Long Island (CVE-1), converted from a Maritime Commission freighter. 

Due to a shortage of merchant ships, four escort carriers were built on Cimarron-class fleet oiler hulls.


These four, USS Sangamon (CVE-26), USS Suwanee (CVE-27), USS Chenanago (CVE-28), and USS Santee (CVE-29), were so successful in anti-submarine work and in covering amphibious operations that, after participating in the landings in North Africa, they were deployed to the Pacific.<< 

 Land, Winning the War with Ships, 145; Levine, "Politics," 80.


Although Admiral Land claims responsibility for getting the words "ships and aircraft" written into the PWA Bill (though he does concede the help of Admiral Parsons, chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, and the chief clerk of the Naval Appropriations Committee), it appears that the idea to define public works to include shipbuilding for the navy originated with Parsons in November 1932. Since Land's book was written twenty-five years after the fact, it is likely that he did not feel it necessary to elaborate further (Huske, "Memorandum for Chief Constructor," Land Ms). 


Cimarron, First of the Fast Tankers

Two weeks after the construction contracts for the twelve national defense tankers subsidized by the maritime commission were formally signed, Adm. William Leahy wrote the commission to advise that the Navy Department wanted to acquire the first of these tankers immediately upon its completion.1 Leahy intended to include the cost of four large auxiliaries authorized, but not yet funded, in his budget estimates for the coming year (FY 1939), and it is clear that he intended to acquire one of the subsidized oilers as soon as possible.2


Four days after Leahy's letter, the House of Representatives, finally awakening to the growing unrest in Europe and now concerned with the need to strengthen America's defenses, passed its version of the annual naval bill for FY 1939.3 Exceeding all previous peacetime appropriations for the navy, this legislation would provide Leahy with the funds needed to procure the auxiliaries authorized but not funded in the previous year, including the oiler so desperately wanted by Leahy.


Construction of the twelve national defense tankers ordered by the maritime commission began on 25 April 1938.4 On that date the keel for the first of these vessels, Cimarron, was laid at the Chester yards of the Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company. The following day, President Roosevelt signed the Naval Appropriation Act for FY 1939, allocating $140 million for new ship construction.5 By then, both houses of Congress were nearing agreement on a billion dollar naval expansion bill, which would become known as the Second Vinson Act.

UNREP Combat Logistic Support emerges as an integral component of operational planning


Although the broadside method was successfully used throughout the war, the need for both ships to steam within close proximity to one another made fueling in rough weather extremely hazardous. Collisions occurred even in relatively calm seas. Once in a while one ship would sidewipe the other as happened while the Kaskaskia was fueling the Yorktown (CV-10). To overcome this problem, a new fueling rig was suggested by one of the Cimarron's officers, which would permit ships to maintain a greater degree of separation, as much as 180 feet, while fuel was transferred.8


Various configurations of the new arrangement were extensively tested by the Kaskaskia during a two-week period in December 1944.9 With the Hart (DD-594) serving as the receiving ship, the two vessels perfected the new rig while refueling some fifty times under all conditions of sea and weather. Handling of the heavy fuel hose was made easier by using a 7/8-inch span wire rigged between the two ships. Wheeled trolleys supporting the hose cradles ran along the span, thereby relieving some of the weight on the saddle whips.


The new rig, called the "Elwood method" after its originator, enabled ships engaged in fueling to remain separated by 60 to 180 feet. Later designated as the "wire-span method," it allowed greater speed through the water while fueling, provided for easier station keeping, and made maneuvering easier. This was a great operational improvement since fueling operations no longer had to be conducted into the wind, as had formerly been the case during most operations, and fueling became less dangerous in rough weather.


Also see: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) ... Fifth Freedom  


  • Chapter-20.PDF

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    wire rig. while the latter preferred the "Elokomin method.'""

    Developed and implemented in the last months of the Second World. War, the Elwood method used ...



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(Seeking FADM W.D. Leahy's ... Lost Legends of La Flecha)




JSTOR: Historic Use of the Spear-Thrower in Southeastern North America (1938)

... and figure a spear-thrower obtained from a cave on the Cimarron River, Oklahoma, 

... y pesados como hierro; y para que el junco de la flecha, 6 bohordo, ...

links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0002-7316(193804)3%3A4%3C356%3AHUOTSI%3E2.0.CO%3B2-0 - Similar pages


Primitive Skills Workshops: cordage making, wet scrape brain tanning, fire by friction, 

percussion, compression, and chemical reaction, arrow making.

www.primitiveways.com/pt-spearthrower.html - Cached - Similar pages

NM Centuries Along Scenic Byways

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... Delineations of Jurisdictional Waters of the United States, Including Wetlands, on ...

www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/report/enviro/DTI_EA/10_chapter_6.pdf - Similar pages 


Section E: > Questions and Answers ... 

ctb.ku.edu. Tags: Problems | Section | Analyzing Community

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William D. Leahy - Wikipedia

In 1921, he went to sea in command of USS St. Louis, flagship of the Naval 
.... Naval History: Witness to Power: The Life of Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_D._Leahy - Cached - Similar pages

Papers of Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy

Collection description for the Papers of Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy,

... He left this assignment in 1921 to assume command of USS St. Louis
www.history.navy.mil/ar/lima/leahy.htm - Cached - Similar pages

The American Presidency Project ...


... 1135), I hereby appoint Admiral William D. Leahy, U. S. Navy (Retired), ...
www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=61340 - Cached - Similar pages

Truman Library - Daily Presidential Appointments

Rear Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter (Arranged by Admiral William D. Leahy)

... Police from 1921 to 1925. Since then he has held no ...
www.trumanlibrary.org/calendar/main.php?currDay=29&currMonth=4&currYear=1947 - Cached - Similar pages


William Daniel Leahy, Fleet Admiral, United States Navy

In 1921, he went to sea in command of USS St. Louis, flagship of the Naval

... Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, former Chief of Naval Operations  ...
www.arlingtoncemetery.net/wdleahy.htm - Cached - Similar pages


He was appointed Chief of Naval Operations, took the oath of office in January 1937 to serve until August 1939 when he was placed on the retired list. On that occasion, President Roosevelt said "Bill, if we have a war, you're going to be right back here helping me run it."


Chapter 17 - The Last Salute

The Last Salute: Civil and Military Funeral, 1921-1969.

CHAPTER XVII Former Chief of Naval Operations Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy
www.army.mil/cmh/books/Last_Salute/Ch17.htm - Cached - Similar pages

US Ambassador to France

05-Jul-1921. Hugh Campbell Wallace. 15-Jul-1921. 31-Mar-1929. Myron T. Herrick

... 01-May-1942. William D. Leahy, At Vichy, France. May-1942. Nov-1942 ...
www.nndb.com/gov/910/000098616/ - Cached - Similar pages

Embassy of the United States Paris France

Hugh Campbell Wallace 1919-1921 Myron T.Herrick 1921-1929 Walter E.Edge

1929-1933 Jesse I.Strauss 1933-1936 William C.Bullitt 1936-1940 William D.Leahy
www.amb-usa.fr/embassy/historyamb.htm - Cached - Similar pages

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development [Archive] - Wired New York Forum

"One of the things that always comes up is the fascination with the place," 
... 1939-1945: World War II boosts workforce to 70000, including first women. ...
wirednewyork.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-5133.html - Cached - Similar pages


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Santa Fe National Historic Trail: Special History Study (Bibliography)

Sep 30, 2005 ... Forgotten Frontiers: A Study of the Spanish Indian Policy of Don Juan ....
, Jere. "Hispanic Influence on the Santa Fe Trail," Courier ...
www.nps.gov/history/history/online_books/safe/shsb.htm - Cached - Similar


Collaboration and Conservation - National Park Service US ...

Show more results from www.nps.gov
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under the influence of the physical constraints and/or opportunities presented by their ....
Santa Fe
, NM 87504. Phone: (505) 988-6092 attila_bality@nps.gov ...

Jere Krakow - Pipl Profile

Source: An Appalachian Tale [crm.cr.nps.gov]. Jere Krakow is another scholar
who has examined New Mexican merchants, "Hispanic Influence on the Santa Fe ...


WFDSS Help | NPS Building Data Layer

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The NPS buildings data are collected by individual NPS units and populated in ... 
The FMSS data are compiled and processed at the NPSResource Information Services Division (RISD) by ... http://www.nps.gov/gis/odyssey/2006/presentations/thursday/facilities_management.pdf ...

NPS Focus Digital Library and Research Station | Data.Gov | Open ...

explore.data.gov/Geography-and.../NPS-Focus...and.../s4d9-5pyh - Cached
NPS Focus Research Station provides a portal to search across ... 
created Feb 18, 2011. updated May 11, 2011 ... Internal landing page is http://inside.nps.gov  ...
  • Project Summary

    Jun 7, 2010 – The Resource Information Services Division (RISD) in the NPS Office of the Chief ... 
    High-priority services and tasks for the second half of calendar year 2010 and into2011 are: .... 
    (for example, a PDF of a document, or a GIS data .... 
    Service on the NRInfo Portal (http://nrinfo.nps.gov). ...



  • [PDF] 


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Name: Joe Gregson Phone: 303-969-2964 Email: Joe_Gregson@nps.gov ... 
    September 30,2011. Scientific Study Starting Date: March 1, 2005 ... 
    Provide research support for the NPSGIS Program and field collection of resource data ... 
    services for databases hosted by theResource Information Services Division (RISD). ...


  • [PDF] 

    newsletter - Geoscience Information Society

    www.geoinfo.org/GSIS_Newsletter/201010.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Ideally, the 2011 convener will attend this ... .gov = 32, 8%, up from 23 last year; ..... 
    As the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) became more ...... 
    with products of the NPS Resource Information Services Division's current efforts ...




New National Park Service State-by-State Web Pages Launched ...


yosemitemariposa.org/?p=929 - Cached


Find your state by adding the full state name to www.nps.gov/. ... 
2F%3Fp%3D929New+National+Park+Service+State-by-State+Web+Pages+Launched2011-03 ...



www.linkedin.com/pub/chris-dietrich-ms-pmp/5/865/699 - Cached
Fort Collins, Colorado Area - National Park Service Digital Information Services Program Manager - National Park Service


Manager for NPS Focus, a web-based metadata system utilizing XML and ... 
Registered FGDC Metadata Trainer (see http://www.fgdc.gov/participation/individual/trainers/cdietrich) ...
with the U.S. National Park Service's Resource Information Services Division. Project ...

  • Interview Questions Swot Analysis for Sme
    0; posted: 3/1/2011; language: English; pages: 99 ..... 
    NPS David Duran Resource Information Services Division ... 
    NPS Dan Hurlbert GIS Specialist, Shenandoah National Park/NE Region Fire GIS Cordntr 40% 60% ...... 
    FTP.gov site has been consistently available for several years to aid in data sharing. ...

NWCG Geospatial Technology Strategic Framework Final Draft 20101203


www.scribd.com/.../NWCG-Geospatial-Technology-Strategic-Frame... - Cached  



FTP.gov site can serve as temporary data storage (as a stop-gap measure) Use RSAC ......
OCIO/NISC Resource Information Services Division (RISD), the NPS GIS Council .....01/04/2011.
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