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Landscapes and Mindscapes

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Re*Cycling "Lessons Learned" ... GDSS

... Fifth Freedom ... MindShift ... NeuroScapes

... 1936 Maritime Commission memetics ...


What's the Southwestern-most tributary of the USA's Mississippi River Basin?


Guarding the New Frontier (1993 Print by Don Stivers)

honors the sacrifices, courage and dedication of the post-Civil War Army at Fort Leavenworth.  

It serves as a poignant reminder to all that the hope for a brighter tomorrow lies in vigilance today


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  1. Early Military Forts

    Lieutenant Colonel William H. Emory, the Federal commander, concentrated his troops

    .... 29-33; Oliva, Soldiers on the Santa Fe Trail, p. 164. ...

    www.chickasawhistory.com/FTA5.htm - Cached - Similar pages 


  2. Sun Mountain Books at antiqbook.com

    ... Under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior, by William H. Emory.

    ..... 4211: INMAN, COLONEL HENRY, - The Old Santa Fe Trail: The Story  ...

    www.antiqbook.com/boox/sunmou/index.shtml - Cached - Similar pages

  3. Journal Index 1975-1989

    Oliva, Father Vicente Pasqual, 26:4:275; 30:2:81; 25:3:251252; 29:1:55,59,62 ...
    ... Santa Fe Trail, 25:3:242. Santa Fe Wharf (San Diego), 23:3:1,14; 1905, ...

    www.sandiegohistory.org/journal/index/1975-1989.htm - Cached - Similar pages

  4. US Military

    WILLIAM H. EMORY - SOLDIER-SCIENTIST Tucson University of Arizona Press 1998

    ... 132, Oliva, Leo E. SOLDIERS ON THE SANTA FE TRAIL ...




  1. Thomas Hawkins of Talbot Co., Maryland ...

    ... gentelman "prominent in public affairs" and left a sizable paper trail. ...
    ... book--William H. Emory title Soldier-Scientist by L. David Norris, ...

    freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~markfreeman/hawkinst.html - Cached - Similar pages

  2. U.S. Army Military Intelligence History: A Sourcebook

    John C. Fremont, William H. Emory, Lorenzo Sitgreaves, Amiel W. Whipple, ...
    ... O’ Toole, G.J.A., “Our Man in Havana: The Paper Trail of Some Spanish War Spies,” ...

    huachuca-www.army.mil/History/PDFS/reader.pdf - Similar pages

    by USAI Center - Related articles - All 4 versions

Navigating Great Plains Waters to the Sea

The traders and trappers shown in C.M. Russell's "Carson's Men" understood and respected the "Gospel of the Red Man" ... it was co-authored by naturalist and woodcraftsman Ernest Thompson Seton while aboard RMS Queen Mary in 1935 ... I’m delighted to find creative signs of “sea changes” in future thought leadership learning ...


Charles M. Russell

. . . MentorshipART Gallery (pdf)



ALL-WinWin "Geographical Table of Contents"


Charles M. Russell · Online Catalogue Raisonné


University of Oklahoma | School of Art | Charles M. Russell Center

  • Establishing an Oklahoma Landscape” April 20, 2000

Lecture by Steve Hill, Head of the University of Oklahoma Landscaping ...
art.ou.edu/russellcenter/events/past.html - Cached - Similar pages



OU Campus Charles M. Russell Arts Center.mp4



MentorshipART OU Campus Connections.mp4


Welcome to the University of Oklahoma Press

  • Inside the book is a unique key code that allows purchasers to access a private

online catalogue (www.russellraisonne.com) of more than 4000 works Russell ...
www.oupress.com/bookdetail.asp?isbn=978-0-8061-3836-7 - Cached - Similar pages


footrace: From the frontier adventures of Walter Cooper

  • ... it is apparent that Cooper's story inspired Russell's

impressionistic oil Carson's Men, also completed in 1913. Cooper is the lead figure, ...
findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3951/is_200007/ai_n8912455/pg_3 - Cached - Similar pages

"A Monster So Brutal:"

Simon Girty and the Degenerative Myth ...

... Davy Crockett, or Kit Carson, Simon Girty is not well-known .....

"Girty, the White Indian: A Study in Early Western History," Magazine ...
etext.virginia.edu/journals/EH/EH40/barr40.html - Cached - Similar pages

According to Charles McKnight's Our Western Border in Early Pioneer Days (1875), Girty not only assumed command of the Indians but also "concerted the plan of attack," which involved an elaborate ruse to lure the defenders of Bryan's Station, who included Daniel Boone, out of the settlement's fort.


Appearing before the fort with only a small portion of his Indian army, Girty called for the inhabitants to surrender, and, according to Theodore Roosevelt's The Winning of the West (1889), promised the defenders "that if forced to batter down the walls no quarter would be given to anyone" -- women and children included.


The defenders naturally refused, seeing only a small group of savages before their gate. In response, Girty's Indians directed a halfhearted assault against the fort and then withdrew. Thinking that Girty had decided to search out an easier target, the defenders of the fort began a hasty pursuit, convinced that Girty was at the head of only a small force and that the notorious renegade could be easily captured.


PBS - THE WEST - Theodore Roosevelt ... (Re*Cycling Manifest Destiny Myths?)

  • Photo of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt. (1858-1919)

... and a four-volume history of the early frontier, The Winning of the West (1889-1896).
www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/people/i_r/roosevelt.htm - Cached - Similar pages



Theodore Roosevelt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Theodore Roosevelt as Badlands hunter in 1885. New York studio photo.

... In the The Winning of the West (18891896), his first view on race reflect ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Roosevelt - Cached - Similar pages



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Where GBU = Global Brain Unity (Art into Art)


I began seeking Great Plains cultural heritage books by David Dary to discover missing clues about Lost Legends of La Flecha ... Tom Peters' Kan-ed Network Conference Keynote Rant (15-Jun-2005) inspired this imagination and place storytelling field research!  See i4CQuest-thinkLets: RMS "Queen Mary" Cimarron Naval "Maritime Museum"


Buffalo "David Dary" OU Press storyteller legends


NSU Libraries - Technical Services - New Books (June 2006)

  • Enhancing reading with storytelling and puppets [microform]. [Oklahoma ...

... Charles E. Heaney : memory, imagination, and place. [Salem, ...
library.nsuok.edu/Ts/nbarchive/jun2006.html - Cached - Similar pages

futurethought wiki / QuiveraQuest

  • geoWIZard Pathfinder Passports:

... y pesados como hierro; y para que el junco de la flecha, 6 bohordo, . ...
futurethought.pbwiki.com/QuiveraQuest - Cached - Similar pages


futurethought wiki / InterDependence

  • geoWIZard Pathfinder Passports:

... we revisited the Cimarron (La Flecha) River headwaters at Eagle Nest Lake
futurethought.pbwiki.com/InterDependence - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from futurethought.pbwiki.com ]

 Re*Cycling ALL-WinWin "Lessons Learned"


Maneuver warfare and the Marines

In January 1980 Boyd gave his briefing Pattern of conflict at the Marines AWS (Amphibious Warfare School). This led to the instructor at the time, Michael Wyly, and Boyd changing the curriculum, with the blessing of General Trainor.


Trainor later asked Wyly to write a new tactics manual for the Marines. (Coram 382) Wyly then went on, with Lind and others, guided by General Alfred M. Gray, Jr. to write FMFM 1 (Warfighting).Wyly, Lind, and a few other junior officers are credited with developing concepts for what would become the Marine model of maneuver warfare.



Toward a handbook of organizational processes

  • Tools for inventing organizations:. Toward a handbook of organizational processes. 
    Thomas W. Malone, Kevin Crowston, Jintae Lee, Brian Pentland, ...
    ccs.mit.edu/21c/mgtsci/index.htm - Cached - Similar pages

Public School Review - Profiles of USA Public Schools

Organizational Processes and Leadership Requirements

Relationships between Bases of Power and Work Reactions: ...

  • Home Advanced Search Browse Search History My Marked Citations (0) My Tools. 
    Institution: Google Indexer | Sign In via User Name/Password ...
    jom.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/24/4/533 - Similar pages


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