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StoryRAPS Rendezvous

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ExploreKawValleyIntro.pdf (Introduction)



Gregory Franzwa: ZoomInfo Business People Information

The free program will trace the Mormon Pioneer Trail from Nauvoo, Ill.,
... Iowa, from February to June 1846, to plus-or-minus 100 yards," Franzwa said. ...
www.zoominfo.com/people/Franzwa_Gregory_435487673.aspx - Cached - Similar pages

State Historical Society of Iowa Historic Site: Western Historic ...

The Mormon Pioneer Trail follows the north side of the Platte, a route known ...
.. Franzwa, Gregory. The Lincoln Highway: Iowa. Patrice Press: Tucson, 1995. ...
www.iowahistory.org/sites/western_trails/whtc_teacher_guide.htm - Cached - Similar pages

Handcart Trek - History

Gregory Franzwa always seems to be starting things.
Back in 1948 he started a little dance band that put him through the University of Iowa. ...

www.handcarttrek.org/whocame.html - Cached - Similar pages

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A number of historic preservation investigations were conducted at Fort Leavenworth.

In 1970, two historic sites were listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP): the Main Parade Ground and the Santa Fe Trail Ruts.



  • Fort Leavenworth is located on the Frontier Military Scenic Byway (US Hwy 69 & K-7 corridor), 

    which was originally a military supplies road connecting to Fort Scott and Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.


    Brief History of Fort Leavenworth

    For a short time, the territory reverted to France,

    but in 1803 it became a part of the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase.


    Beginning with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the Frontier Army took part in exploring,

    charting, and describing the vast new reaches of the country.


  • In 1870, the Army's Signal Corps developed a national weather service.

          The Frontier Army patrolled Yellowstone National Park, to protect it from vandalism and poaching.


  • By 1886, Army engineer officers had become the superintendents of all national parks.

          They continued in this role until 1916 when the National Park Service took over. 


1893: MO-River_Plates_11-20.tif




BiogeographyMapXchange.pdf ... LCCN78-172252trails.pdf


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  • Mapping the West ...the U. S. Army's Frontier Army Museum at Leavenworth, and the U. S. Army Cent...
  • River Recreation Area ... The Book Barn. 410 Delaware. in downtown. Leavenworth, KS 66048 .....


  • SFThorseRace ...FYI - Our Leavenworth "lookouts" at The Book Barn called appended event ...
  • Sea Wiki Innovations ... Sidebar: I discovered these essays at "The Book Barn" ...



  • WatershedMarshal ...LEAVENWRTH,39.31111,-94.92247,900,07/27/2006,18:18:28,LEAVENWORTH KS-LVCO ...


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Heart of America Future Thought Leadership Learning Legends

1854 - "The Tooley Ferry" on Cedar and Mill creeks.


The next ferry west of Grinter's, about two miles, served Westport and the Shawnee lands.

Tooley was a Shawnee Indian.


1846-47 - Arny of the West and Mormon Battalion Trek Kaw River Ferry Crossing



An Army Hospital: From Dragoons to Rough Riders Fort Riley, 1853 ...

Henry Leavenworth in command of Fort Leavenworth, and became a colonel ....

His sanitary report in June, 1857, included a discussion of the topography of the post, .....

upon the water supply and sewerage, and to make such recommendations as .....

Edward M. Coffman, "Army Life on the Frontier, 1865-1898," Military ...

www.kancoll.org/khq/1957/57_4_omer.htm - Cached - Similar



  1. Full text of "The Kansas historical quarterly"

    History: Fort Zarah was a frontier army post on the Santa Fe trail and was in use from ...... Henry Leavenworth and troops of the Third U. S. infantry. ...... 100 The water supply for Fort Larned was obtained by hauling water from Pawnee ...... TO ROUGH RIDERS 345 eluded a discussion of the topography of the post, ...

    www.archive.org/stream/.../kansashistorical23kansrich_djvu.txt - Similar

  2. Full text of "The history of Minnesota and Tales of the frontier"

    Zebulon Montgom- ery Pike of the army to explore the country, ... commanded by Colonel Henry Leavenworth, was dis- patched to select a site and ...... city of St. Paul derives part of its water supply, is named after this prisoner. ...... and, on the 29th, the troops crossed Apple creek, a small stream a few miles ...

    www.archive.org/stream/.../historyofminneso00flan_djvu.txt - Cached - Similar

    More results from www.archive.org »


  3. Body

    A frontier garrison sprang up on the hill to the north, and traders appeared in ... the course of civilization has been contributed by topography, climate, and resources. ... plentiful timber, ample water supply, healthy climate, and, ... of Cantonment (Fort) Leavenworth in 1827 by General Henry Leavenworth. ...

    skyways.lib.ks.us/genweb/leavenwo/.../compiled%201-24.htm - Cached - Similar

  4. History of North Dakota

    In 1819 it sent Lieutenant Colonel Henry Leavenworth up the Mississippi ...... The military frontier began when the army established posts along the Missouri River. ..... killed some three hundred of Big Foot's band on Wounded Knee Creek. .... The water supply back of the river is scanty, and the country is wholly ...

    www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&se=gglsc&d=89553281 - Similar

    by B Excerpt

  5. History of Nebraska

    When Major Stephen H. Long of the Army Engineers returned from his epochal ..... The Signal Butte and Logan Creek sites are of particular interest because ...... Both were seasoned campaigners with vast frontier experience: Lewis had ..... and Colonel Henry Leavenworth arrived to take command of the Sixth Infantry. ...

    www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&se=gglsc&d=28579910 - Similar

    by N Realities

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