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loose parts

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Kansas: theory of loose parts ... GlobalBrain Podstock Festival ... sense of place


You've just downloaded PersonalBrain. You're probably thinking, "I love the interface but what's the best use of it? How can I get started?" There are a million and one uses and applications for PersonalBrain. We were hard pressed to narrow things down to 12, but here they are...

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Beyond just the facts: transforming the museum learning experience

  • Year of Publication: 2006. ISBN: 1-59593-298-4
    • Keywords: children, collaborative learning, handhelds, museums ... (Where cited?)
    • Nicholson, S. How Not to Cheat Children: The Theory of Loose Parts. Landscape Architecture ...

Changing a Schoolyard: Intentions, Design Decisions, and ...

  • Doctoral dissertation, University of Kansas, Lawrence
    • NICHOLSON, S. (1971) How not to cheat children: the theory of loose parts.

Children's Outdoor Play & Learning Environments: Returning to Nature

  • White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, Kansas City, Missouri USA
    • Simon Nicholson first offered the theory of loose parts in children's play ...


  • “The Theory of Loose Parts.” In Alternative Learning Environments.
    • Kansas City, MO: White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group. Wolff, P. 1979.


  • Nicholson, S. The Theory of Loose Parts. ... Lawrence, Kansas 66044.
    • Autism Research Institute. 4182 Adams Avenue. San Diego, CA 92116 ...

PDF ... Proceedings of the 2004 NERR

  • According to the theory of loose parts (Simon Nicholson 1971) ...


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