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Lost Art

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"Actors Studio" Lipton listening lost art

(CBS) Has civilization so turned for the worse, that people no longer know how to converse?

Is getting together for civilized talk a prospect at which today modern folks balk? 

Here's one friend and reporter we know never cowers: Erin Moriarty of 48 Hours


Rediscovering The Lost Art Forms Of Banter And Repartee. Dec. 16, 2007 
.... "Listen," Lipton said. "Once the conversation has begun, just listen. ...



And best of all, George Wayne, interviewing the host of Inside the Actors Studio:.

Well, there's one thing to be said for James Lipton: he's mastered the ...
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The generation of young people who were born into the digital era may

be more connected to each other, but less connected to their cultural

heritage, warns sociologist Jos de Haan of Erasmus University

Rotterdam. They are "chatting" more but reading less; playing more, but

researching and learning less than preceding generations.


Though adept at finding their way around the virtual world, digital-era

youth are not finding their way to institutions that connect them with

the cultural riches of their past, according to de Haan.


The Internet is perceived as a rival to traditional culture, but it

could become an ally: De Haan challenges museums, libraries, archives,

and other institutions to do more to connect with the digital

generation than merely digitize their collections.


SOURCE: Erasmus University Rotterdam,








  • "Make a list of things you have survived and keep it where you can see it often." Sharon Stubbs


  • "Don't speak those cutting words you are always sorry for later." Lynn Campbell


  • "Others give meaning to our lives. Be interested in others and you will be interesting to others.

            Be committed to others and they will be committed to you." 

            Willard "Sandy" Boyd (president emeritus, University of Iowa)


These simple bits of wisdom come from contributors to the online Legacy

Letter Project, the brainchild of University of Iowa leisure studies

lecturer David Gould.


The project began when Gould invited senior citizens in the community

to share their life lessons with his students; as the project grew,

Gould began receiving letters from as far away as Venezuela, connecting

not only generations, but cultures as well.


"From the students' perspective, there's an unsaid need to want to know

what's down the road," says Gould. "And the authors are thrilled to be

asked. You live 70, 80 years and endure a host of high points and low

points to arrive where you are."


The site also includes information on how to submit your own legacy letter.


DETAILS: University of Iowa




SETHD8 digiverse kre8tion Time Begins!

"The human mind treats a new idea

the same way the body treats a strange protein; it rejects it!" 

P. B. Medawar




Actionable Distilled Insights (ADI)

from KELP Class 6-2005 social capital conservancy ...


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