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Making a Difference

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Making a Difference

Making a Difference. Inspirational Stories of How Outdoor Industry 

... organization called The Outdoor Industry Conservation Alliance (OICA), ...
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Please preview: Earth-Seakeeping Stewardship



Nature, Science & Wildlife

This is a book about grassroots environmental organizations 

fighting to save the wilderness. ... ISBN: 0-7627-0913-8,

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The primary goal of the Wildlife Science Center is to provide science education programs for K-12 students. 

Educational programs were developed to give students a broad and realistic picture of nature and science.

Objectives of these programs include:

  • To provide equal access to programs for students of all socioeconomic

              and cultural backgrounds, and of all developmental abilities;

  • To "make a connection" between a student's natural affinity for animals and science;
  • To use science research to create a living classroom for all students;
  • To provide examples of science careers which are gender-fair and without ethnic or racial bias;
  • To communicate a multidisciplinary ethic of environmental conservation; and
  • To expose nontraditional students and those who may not be college bound to the field of science and the complexities of the natural world.



SustainableOregon ... Trails-n-Tales

Friday, December 7, 2007. 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Portland, Oregon


Contact: Ruta Stabina - (800) 824-2714

www.oregonsolutions.net/ - Cached

SustainableOregon.net communicates developments in Oregon state government

and connects you with local agencies, organizations and businesses taking leadership roles in sustainable development.


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