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Mapping the West

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GIS Remapping the West ...


La Flecha Legends ... Mormon Battalion ... On the Loose  ... Pathfinder ...


RiverRoots ... Santa Fe Trail Tipping Points ... StoryTech Singularity


Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area Management Plan
Frequently Asked Questions @ http://bit.ly/kkObo3




http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons

Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Authors, learn more about your rights.

Geomorphology : The human role in changing river channels ...

Answers to questions about the human role in changing river channels in specific places are still required to understand why change occurred ...

linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S0169555X06002509 - Similar pages



Rivers are both byways and barriers.

To understand history, first understand rivers.

Learn more about New Santa Fe Frontiers ...



DELOS is an initiative funded by the European Commission's

Information Society Technologies 5th Framework Programme (IST-FP5).


ISBN: 0-8478-2492-6

Maps are sometimes even the cause of warfare.

Mapping the West (ISBN 0-8478-2492-6)

GIS PPT  insert object: 

"Google Earth" "visual learning" mapping thinking


Representing the Republic

by John Rennie Short ...


A Wilderness So Immense: The Louisiana Purchase and Destiny of ...

New York, 2002, ISBN 0-8478-2492-6, 205 pages with bibliography, prints, ...
www.californiamapsociety.org/books/books.htm - Cached - Similar pages


Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network


OSI. Promotes the development and maintenance of open societies around the world

through an array of activities dealing with educational, social, legal, ...
www.soros.org/ - Cached - Similar pages -


A Valley on Deerskin - An Aztec Map (c. 1600)  

Timeline - Blended Visual Learning 

about Freedom of Influence ...


1589Maris Pacifici by Abraham Ortelius (Father of modern cartography

1688 - Le Nouveau Mexique by Coronelli / Nolin (Copied Penalosa's 1668 Map

1755 -  British & French Dominions in North America by John Mitchell

1795 to 1805:


"We shall delineate with correctness the great arteries (rivers) of this great country:

those who come after us will . . . fill up the canvas we begin." --Thomas Jefferson, 1805 


1806 to 1816:


Note: What caused Trails-n-Tales(cc) publishing time lags after completing these expeditions? 

          Each graphic guided or influenced subsequent ecomomic and socio-political developments.



Web Resources:


The coolest geography tool I have ever used! And it's free!

the U. S. Army's Frontier Army Museum at Leavenworth, and the U. S. Army Center ...


Beyond Lewis and Clark: The Army Explores the West

This online exhibit addresses military explorers from Lewis and Clark (1804) to George Custer (1874). It is the result of a partnership between the Kansas State Historical Society (KSHS), the Virginia and Washington State historical societies, the U. S. Army's Frontier Army Museum at Leavenworth, and the U. S. Army Center of Military History.


Plus United States Exploring Expedition (1838-1842)

from "Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition." Philadelphia: 1845

Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/lewisandclark/lewis-after.html


Frontier Army Museum (USPS 66027)


Heart of America Future Thought Leadership Learning Legends

July 1, 2003 - December 30, 2003 - Richmond (VA)


Beyond Lewis & Clark: The Army Explores the West at the Virginia Historical Society, 428 North Boulevard. 

To commemorate the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase by President Thomas Jefferson and the subsequent Lewis and Clark expedition, the Virginia Historical Society will be the opening venue for this important exhibition, a collaborative effort with the Kansas and Washington State historical societies, the U.S. Army's Frontier Army Museum, and the U.S. Army Center of Military History.


The Lewis and Clark expedition inaugurated a half century of western exploration led by the US Army, in which Meriwether Lewis and William Clark served as captains. Other expeditions were led by such renowned figures as Zebulon Pike and John C. Fremont. Moreover, in the decades before the Civil War, the army was the federal government's "public works department."


It identified the basic network of trails, surveyed the western topography, and laid the groundwork for roads and railroads. As this exhibit will make clear, it is impossible to overstate the role of the army in this critical period of national development. 


The U.S. Army Engineer Museum has this mission:

Collecting, preserving, and interpreting

American military engineering material culture.


 ... Disaster assistance

for victims of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes

continues as a peacetime challenge of the Corps. 


For more than 200 years, miners, sappers, pontoneers, topogs-engineers, have contributed to the development of this nation and of developing nations. In war, engineers have been fighters and builders of those things needed to sustain the battle. If the past is simply a prologue of the future, engineers must continue to hone their ability to build, and if necessary, fight.



Manifest Destiny: Moving West With Maps ...


ART REVIEW; Manifest Destiny: Moving West With Maps and Entertainment 
... fashionably called visual or material culture, which is itself full of history. ...
query.nytimes.com/.../News/Business/Companies/Union%20Pacific - Cached


''Heading West: Mapping the Territory'' and ''Touring West: 19th-Century Performing Artists on the Oregon Trail'' take real estate and entertainment back to Square 1, providing sobering insights into our own corporate-driven, celebrity-crazed times and their racial and economic inequities.


Greener Roadsides Summer 2003 - FHWA 

FHWA > HEP > Environment > Natural > Vegetation > Roadsides 
... Wildflower brochure; Prairie Passage in Kansas map/brochure;

5 Prairie demonstration sites ...

 - Cached - Similar pages 


KUTC Fall-05 final2


  • As part of the public outreach and education program, KDOT developed a brochure in partnership with the Kansas Biological Survey, Audubon of Kansas, Kansas Turnpike Authority, and the Kansas Wildflower Society.


  • Entitled Prairie Passage in Kansas, it describes and maps points of interest in the state’s prairie heritage. KDOT also produced Kansas Wildflowers, Native Grasses & Shrubs, a brochure that pictures wildflowers native to the state. To order in quantity, call KDOT at (785) 296-0160.





Management Craft: Management Trends? 


I'm NOW championing the "Prairie Passage in Kansas" using virtual team tactics

... Collaboratory (LLC) examples of emerging http://FutureThought.org ...

- Cached - Similar pages -




  • Discoverers and Explorers: Who Really Found the Oregon Trail?

... of the western territories and performing artists in those territories, respectively. ...
www.archives.gov/research/alic/reference/exploration.html - Cached - Similar pages


Minnesota Futurists wiki / Five regions of the Future

  • Welcome to the Minnesota Futurists The First Chapter of The World Future Society

An Association for the Study of Alternative Futures ...An Experimental WIKI


NEKLS @ your library


  • Oregon Trail: Past, Present & FUTURE is suitable for ages nine to adult. .....

Travel Restrictions: Kansas, Missouri. Availability: Call for dates – we usually ...



Pathfinder Passports(cc): Dragonfly County Kansas: 

  • It connects to KDOT's "Prairie Passage in Kansas" (I-35 Corridor Flyway)

... Five Regions of the Future; Futurethought Trails-n-Tails Wiki ...

 - Cached - Similar pages - Note this



ALL-WinWin "MentorshipART" of Peace



External links

Heartland Circle Thought Leader Gatherings "A Community of Practice for the New Leader."


Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought_leader"


Comments (3)

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 3:45 pm on Mar 23, 2017

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area Management Plan ...
Breakout Session: Characteristics of a successful Freedoms' Frontier Site. Partners ......
relayed a pretty positive feeling about the Nat Geo team. ...... she has moved her office and set up Destination Management Inc which will oversee the.

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 2:27 am on Sep 27, 2014

During KUCE programs since 2006, I’ve analyzed Kansas Territory’s pervasive “elevation awareness deficiency” from over-reliance on cartography without ground-truthing topography. USNPS Trail of Tears map was is a prime counter-example.

Google Earth’s Brian McClendon grasped implication of this misperception (Fall-2006).
He quickly added a Google Maps “Terrain Tab” showing current digital elevation model contours.
Our Kansas Alliance of Wetlands & Streams (I-70E Chapter) advocated for state-wide DASC-KGS watershed boundary overlays to replicate our JoCoGov-AIMS prototypes for Clear Creek in Monticello Township (2004-06).

Be Aware or BEWARE of cumulative unintended consequences!
My attached fishbone diagram distills an ESP “thinkLet” I got while transiting
the South China Sea during in 1967 as OOD-UW aboard USS Cimarron (AO-22).
That UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) encounter inspire our crew to move CIM’s removable brass & bronze artifacts to Village of Cimarron, NM (1968-69). Yes, the “Santa Fe Trail Lives On” as EarthSea-Keeping/Midwest Mariner sea stories!

It became my retroactive St. Louis Council BSA (1959) Eagle Scout Leadership service project.

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 6:39 pm on Jul 4, 2012

Management Trends?
I received an email the other day asking me to speculate on the future of management....... That’s an interesting question. I am sure most gurus out there have their bullet lists. Here are a few of my thoughts on the topic (these are just my pea brained thoughts and not at all scientific - just what I see and feel) via http://bit.ly/NAg69q

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