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NatGeoMaps GeoLearning

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Using your workspace as a document repository can dramatically reduce the number of email attachments you have to send.  Even a simple repository like the one below can provide helpful context for official and unofficial documents.


To add a document, click on "Insert links > Images and files", and upload the file.  The file should appear in the right hand menu.  Highlight where you'd like the link to go and click the filename.


To extend this template, you can either click within the table and use the "Row > Insert Row" command, or use "Table Properties" to expand the table as desired.


Remember, you can create your own customized version of any PBworks template simply by tagging that page with the keyword "template".  From then on, any user of your workspace will be able to use your page template.


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Document Respository


Document Version Notes
PBworks Collaboration Whitepaper 1.1 Don't forget to update the numbers when we hit 1 million workspaces
PBworks Security Whitepaper 1.1 For use in enterprise sales situations


USGS Education

Educational Resources of the US Geological Survey serving primary and secondary education (K-12) repositories, reports, publications, maps, ...

education.usgs.gov/ - Cached - Similar 

  • file MBT-8820_KnowYourWatershed-3811.doc 474.6 KB

    wiki · NatGeoMaps mapXchange Clinics · KnowledgeFactor: News ... geoventuring-lnt.blogspot.com/ -


    Unknown User uploaded 10 mos ago
  • page Fail-Fast FAQ

    goes here NatGeoMaps Contours 2008 mapXchange Pathfinder Passports(cc): 2008-04-06 Saturday, April 12, 2008.

    Contours - National Geographic Maps Blog: REI Events ... MentorshipART mapXchange wiki · …

    Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 1 mo ago
  • page Community Social Responsibility (fivEZine)

    mapXchange wiki · NatGeoMaps mapXchange ... futurethought.pbwiki.com/f/MBT-8820_KnowYourWatershed-3811.doc

    MentorshipART mapXchange(cc) / Lenape Ferry WOK natgeomaps.blogspot.com/2008/03/map-exhibits-…

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  • page WatershedMarshal

    How does NatGeoMaps support enviromental education EcoChallenge courseware? ...

    innovative Prairie Passage mapXchange prototypes ... March 24, 2008 6:08 PM ...


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  • file Praire-Passage_Eco-Futures-Forum_8n09MSW.pdf 1.0 MB

    mapXchange wiki · NatGeoMaps mapXchange Clinics

    ... geoventuring-lnt.blogspot.com/2008/04/nat-geo-mag-guardian-of-ghost-world.html -

    Page 3 of 12 1. thinkLets wiki / Trails-n-Tales http://www.…

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    1. [DOC]

      The GENIP Steering Committee

      File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML

      DEdelson@ngs.org ... cshearer@ngs.org. National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) ...

      jkerski@esri.com. Project Coordinator. Sarah Witham Bednarz ...

      genip.tamu.edu/geniplist2008_spring.doc - Similar

    2. [DOC]

      The GENIP Steering Committee

      File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML

      DEdelson@ngs.org ... cshearer@ngs.org. National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) ...

      Washington D.C. 2009-3198. Phone: 202.391.0115; Fax: 202.652.2912 ...

      jkerski@esri.com. Project Coordinator. Sarah Witham Bednarz ...

      genip.tamu.edu/geniplist2008_fall.doc - Similar  


      Geo Learning: Get Involved with Geo-Education Reform - ArcNews ...

      "Geo Learning" A column by Daniel C. Edelson, ....

      So, National Geographic and ESRI are teaming up on a GeoMentoring program to pair geography professionals ...

      www.esri.com/news/arcnews/.../geo-learning.html - Cached - Similar


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