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Route "ECOCHALLENGE": 4460.07 mi.


TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time


NINEMILENM,36.43059,-105.29056,8335,07/11/2007,07:07:58,NINEMILE CREEK :: NE-NEWMEXICO

NINEMILEKV,39.00667,-95.02942,834,07/11/2007,06:41:32,NINEMILE CREEK :: KAW VALLEY

NINEMILELV,39.26278,-94.87664,791,07/11/2007,06:40:46,NINEMILE CREEK :: LVCO

NINEMILEHC,44.80053,-93.29022,693,07/11/2007,06:44:50,NINEMILE CREEK :: METRO-MN

NINEMILEBW,47.50491,-91.11459,1376,07/11/2007,06:45:29,NINEMILE CREEK :: BWCA

NINEMILENP,48.27992,-92.86460,1237,07/11/2007,06:46:06,NINEMILE CREEK :: VOYAGERS

NINEMILEID,47.47409,-115.92544,3176,07/12/2007,21:58:53,NINEMILE CREEK :: IDAHO

NINEMILEWA,48.97045,-119.42645,1692,07/12/2007,04:19:19,NINEMILE CREEK :: WASHINGTON STATE

NINEMILEOR,43.98956,-122.38811,2820,07/12/2007,04:21:06,NINEMILE CREEK :: OREGON

NINEMILECA,40.04599,-121.63720,2934,07/12/2007,04:21:57,NINEMILE CREEK :: JPL PASADENA

NINEMILEAZ,32.23508,-109.47118,5224,07/12/2007,04:23:47,NINEMILE CREEK :: ARIZONA

NM9MILECRK,36.44943,-105.34017,9167,07/13/2007,06:27:21,HEADWATERS FOR NINEMILE CREEK

WHEELERPK,36.55669,-105.41695,13161,07/13/2007,06:07:53,WHEELER PEAK :: NE-NM HIGH POINT



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