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On the Loose: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation

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BioGeography ... Kanza Territory ... Leavenworth ... UniversalTech


Fifth Freedom ... Multiverse ... LostLegends ... NetImpact



On the Loose High Adventure








Analyze, Report & Share Information w/ Microsoft Business Intelligence

Social Interaction Economic XML "group decision support systems"

  • Sprague Leadership Learning thinklets ...

  • InterDependence
    HOAC-BSA: On the Loose Trails Section (PDF) ... OCTA-Trails is cited 12 times

    Four Freedoms Frontier: Mapping "Midwest Mariners" MentorshipART

    Forty years ago, I was a Midwest Mariner plying …

    LBOutreach Champions LHS
    HOAC-BSA: On the Loose: Trails … MentorshipART-of-Peace Freedom

    Breaking Cycles of Mistrust (FMEA Factors) Campus Futures Studies (ALL-WinWin thinkLets)

    Crisis and Consequence Management …



    Trails On the Loose: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation Prairie Passage

    Eco-Futures Forum (EFF) Wisconsin Ice Age National Scenic Trail



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Kent County Council : Project Definition

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The emphasis is on teaching pupils how to learn, not what to learn. ... 
West Kent continues to dominate the county’s knowledge economy ...
download.microsoft.com/documents/uk/education/resources/case-studies/downloads/Realising-the-potential.doc - Similar pages


>Scholarly articles for

>"How to Learn. Not what to learn." Knowledge Factors social responsibility

  Literature review for hypermedia study ... - Song - Cited by 4
Transformation of Kent–realising the potential - Ellis - Cited by 3


Management Decision Support Systems: ...

Gray, P. (1987) 'Group decision support systems', Decision Support Systems

... Sprague, R. H. Jr. (1986) 'A framework for the development of decision ...
ema.sagepub.com/cgi/content/refs/23/2/122 - Similar pages


FACS Forum and Discussion Group

Dialogue among Family and Consumer Sciences (Human Ecology) Education Teachers/Professionals. 
Questions and topics will be posted to assist teachers in curriculum, classroom, and FACS specific content. 
And, sometimes, just to stay informed about one another.

  • Intelligence Principle
    The Intelligence Principle is a hypothetical central concept of cultural evolution .
    "Cultural Evolution, the Postbiological Universe and ...
  • Control of fire by early humans
    The control of fire by early humans was a turning point in human cultural evolution
    that allowed for humans to proliferate due to ...


Topic Content Matches: 7+

(Keywords: Education Futures Futurics Forecast)

                      possible probable preferable wildcards ...



          ...I observed the WFS-2007 Education Futures program in Minneapolis ...



Kansas Environmental Health Association News

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Kanza (KELP Class) Pathfinder Passports 

- Westport to Wakarusa ... Trails-n-Tales (TnT)  

How can I distill leadership lessons learned as “thinkLets” ...



Arthur Harkins - Educational Policy and Administration

Journal of Vocational Education Research, 27(1). Harkins, A., & Kubik, G. 

(January ... Harkins, A. M., & Moravec, J. W. (2007, February 27). CEHD futures: ...


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Visit Podstock Southwest (PSW)

Failure mode and effects analysis

  1. HOAC – Order of the Arrow – ON THE LOOSE TRAILS

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    HOAC – Order of the Arrow – ON THE LOOSE. TRAILS –

    Page 2. ON THE LOOSE -. TRAILS. Table of Contents. A. American Gothic Trail. ...

    www.hoac-bsa.org/.../OA_On_The_Loose_Publication_Trails_Section.pdf - Similar



  2. HOAC – Order of the Arrow – ON THE LOOSE – HIGH ADVENTURE

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    HOAC – Order of the Arrow – ON THE LOOSE – HIGH ADVENTURE.
    Page 13. DEL WEB HIGH
    www.hoac-bsa.org/.../OA_On_The_Loose_Publication_High_Adventure_Section.pdf - Similar
    Show more results from www.hoac-bsa.org


    #1 - On The Loose | Home

    On The Loose is the Outdoors Club of the Claremont Colleges.

    We organize trips, loan equipment, edit a trip guide, and provide leader training for students at Claremont ... 


  3. Drinking Water in Ava, MO 65608 on Yahoo! Local

    TRAILS – Page 2. ON THE LOOSE - TRAILS. Table of Contents. ...

    http://www.hoac-bsa.org/ae_links/OA_On_The_Loose_Publication_Trails_Section.pdf ...

    local.yahoo.com/MO/Ava/Food+Dining/.../Drinking+Water - Similar


  4. Camping Equipment Gear in Marquette, MI 49855



    Search the web for Camping Equipment ...

    local.yahoo.com/MI/Marquette/.../Camping+Equipment+Gear - Similar

    More results from local.yahoo.com »


  5. Lewis W. Walt

    ON THE LOOSE - TRAILS ... First Four-Star General Lewis W Walt; Scenic Flint Hills ...

    http://www.hoac-bsa.org/ae_links/OA_On_The_Loose_Publication. ...

    unjobs.org/authors/lewis-w.-walt - Cached - Similar


  6. Edward N Cole Canoe Base pdf papers - first result: ...

    Page Location: http://hoac-bsa.org/ae_links/OA_On_The_Loose_Publication_High_Adventure_Section.pdf.

    [ ]Greater Saint Louis Area Council High Adventure ...



TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time


SIBLEYMORV,39.17862,-94.19329,776,07/13/2009,07:36:46,SIBLEY FORT OSAGE ECO-HISTORY

ESTINDEPMO,39.09557,-94.35523,777,07/13/2009,07:41:39,EAST INDEPENDENCE


HURON PARK,39.11444,-94.62580,857,07/17/2009,06:46:27,HURON PARK KCK-66101 

MILFRNROAD,39.32851,-94.92085,855,07/13/2009,05:31:44,FORT SCOTT MILITARY ROAD 2

GRINTRWEIR,39.07404,-94.75227,711,07/13/2009,05:31:44,07-MAR-09 10:49:20


HOACBSA100,38.94185,-94.58352,876,07/13/2009,07:17:32,HEART OF AMERICA COUNCIL SCOUT STORE

TRAILSWEST,38.82240,-94.83042,1042,07/13/2009,07:14:00,LONE OAK CAMPGROUND MONUMENT

TRAILSPLIT,38.79635,-94.96232,1020,07/13/2009,06:09:57,WHERE TRAILS DIVIDE AT GARDNER JUNCTURE


CAMP FOUR,38.90222,-95.15417,NA,07/13/2009,05:31:44,STANLEY B. KIMBALL ON LT EMORY

COALCRKXNG,38.89918,-95.19617,859,07/13/2009,05:31:44,COAL CREEK OCTA-TRAIL CROSSING

UPRWAKRUSA,38.91160,-95.23446,857,07/13/2009,06:37:23,BLANTONS BRIDGE-FERRY CROSSING






KANWAKAKS,38.97306,-95.37276,1064,07/13/2009,07:57:42,KANWAKA TWP HALL

BIGSPRNGS,39.01306,-95.48498,1113,07/13/2009,07:59:20,BIG SPRINGS CAMPGROUND

TECUMSEH,39.04806,-95.57915,920,07/13/2009,08:01:14,TECUMSEH - THOMAS STINSON

SHUNGANUNG,39.05306,-95.58137,848,07/13/2009,08:04:00,SHUNGANUNGA CREEK FERRY 1854

PAPINFERRY,39.06199,-95.66688,850,07/13/2009,08:07:19,LOWER KAW RIVER CROSSING

VALENCIAKS,39.07861,-95.87638,910,07/13/2009,08:13:09,KSHS ARCHEOLOGY KANZA TRIBE HARD CHIEF VILLAGE

WILLARDKS,39.09333,-95.94194,930,07/13/2009,08:17:22,WILLARD UNIONTOWN FERRY UPPER KAW CROSSING


Which “Socio-Cultural Evolution” factors NOW drive FIFTH Freedom influencers  to reframe our EarthSea-Keeping practices?


  Education Futures

Microsoft.com/BI Fifth Freedom ... InspectorScan ... Multiverse ... LostLegends ...

Plowboy Tramping ... UNITY Peace Vision ... WhalesTale ... turtle tales  …

  Five Regions of the Future

Fifth Freedom students. Five Regions of The Future - Universal Tech FYI ::

This forum evolved over three years from pursuing "Mentorship Vision 2005"


Ernest Thompson Seton’s “Gospel of the Red Man” (1936)

helped inspire Viking Council BSA-Venturing to pilot River Orienteering / Community Stewardship (RO/CS)

Eco-Caching destinations within Henry J. Leavenworth’s9-Mile Creek”  Watershed near MnSCU’s Normandale Community College Campus … 


College fraternities were also influential for their concepts of brotherhood and rituals,

and the idea of new members pledging themselves to the new organization.[3][4]

Ernest Thompson Seton's Woodcraft Indians program was consulted for its use of American Indian lore

to make the organization interesting and appealing to youth.[5] 



Fort Leavenworth. In 1970, two historic sites were listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP):

 the Main Parade Ground and the Santa Fe Trail Ruts. (K-7 Corridor: Frontier Military Road Scenic Byway)


Kanza Territory

... Cimarron Cutoff Eco-Futures Forum (EFF) ...


... Pathfinder Passports(cc): Old Santa Fe Trail :: Cimarron Cutoff.


On the Loose: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation

InterDependence HOAC-BSA: On the Loose Trails Section (PDF) ...

OCTA-Trails is cited 12 times Four Freedoms Frontier: Mapping "Midwest Mariners"

MentorshipART Forty years ago, I was a Midwest Mariner plying …  


        USNR-Ret. (KU Sigma Nu ... Social Responsibility Pathfinders)

                via http://futurethought.pbwiki.com/FFNHA%20Hyperportal ...

      Prairie Passage "Eco-Futurist" / geoWIZard / "EarthSea-Keeper"

        via http://futurethought.pbwiki.com/tags.php?ptag=MentorshipART


        Dx: Embrace http://Virtual-Team-Tactics.futurethought.info

            where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering

                @ http://www.technorati.com/profile/geoWIZard **

        Rx: Think Globally / *Interact Regionally* / Learn (LNT) Locally

        @ http://minnesotafuturist.pbwiki.com/tags.php?ptag=Biogeography

From: northstar-l@yahoogroups.com [mailto:northstar-l@yahoogroups.com]

On Behalf Of Keith Kaiser

Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 7:43 PM

To: northstar-l@yahoogroups.com

Subject: [northstar-l] Roundtable Reminder....


As a reminder there is no Roundtable this Thursday. As is usually the case the July meeting is cancelled but we will all meet again in August. Be sure to go to Dick's Sporting Goods in Zona Rosa on Thursday, August 6th at the usual time 7pm (pre-opening).


See http://bsaroundtable.org for details about the September Roundtable

at the Cerner Training Center called Riverport.






In order to succeed, you must know what you are doing, like what you are doing,

and believe in what you are doing.  -- Will Rogers


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