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Pacific Disaster Center (PDC)

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In the Lioness Program, Sailors and Marines in Al Asad, Iraq, receive instruction on improvised explosive devices. The program prepares women service members who will be searching female Iraqis.

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(Disaster Recovery / Humanitarian Assistance)


  • Campus Futures ...Our innovative CDC-1604/160A INFOstructure plus production prototype application...
  • HyperPort-ESC ...(C) The NDC/C322 crew's prototype applications pre-staged West Maui's ...


  • StoryTech Singularity ...During HICSS-34, I toured UH-Manoa's EWC Labs ...
  • WatershedMarshal ...http://www.pdc.org/iweb/pdchome.html **Pacific Disaster Center:**




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    • HyperPortals: The Nov-2007 USNI Proceedings "Marine Corps Issue" includes a sidebar by Colonel Fred Peck, USMC-Ret (pp.59-60) ... "Zulu, As Good as It Gets" sprinkled with quotes from General Charles C. Krulak, USMC-Ret - 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps with interpretive ... "thinkLets" ... For example -> Discipine, leadership, and courage: a valuable triumvirate of lessons learned from Zulu ...


    Professional Notes ... Jan-2007 

    • 360-Degree Feedback: Can We Handle the Truth?

              Captain Mike Lambert, USN


    • Loose Lips Can Still Sink Ships

              Commander Mike Morley, USN, and Lieutenant (j.g.) Lamar Stanley, USN 


    • Fusion Is More Than Cooperation

              Commander Robert B. Watts, USCG




    Roosevelt Wields His Big Stick

    (USNI Members Only)

    By Commander Henry J. Hendrix, U.S. Navy 
    A scholar of the life and times of President Theodore Roosevelt pays a centennial tribute to TRs grand scheme, the Great White Fleet. 
    [This future thought leadership exercise also cultivated social responsibility policy frameworks for community steward leadership. ]  


    Roosevelt's 1901 saying "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

    .... Brands, pp 123–29; http://www.usni.org/navalhistory/Articles04/NHbogleapr-2.htm
    www.answers.com/topic/theodore-roosevelt - Cached - Similar pages - Note this



    Roosevelt dramatically increased the size of the navy, forming the Great White Fleet,

    which toured the world in 1907. This display was designed as a show of ...
    www.suprari.com/wiki.php?page=Theodore_Roosevelt - Cached - Similar pages


    • Theodore Roosevelt Specs

      ... associated with him: "Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far.

      The visit of the Great White Fleet to Tokyo, nevertheless encouraged ...  

      www.aadet.com/article/Theodore_Roosevelt - Cached - Similar pages


      The U.S. Navy’s Great White Fleet never saw action ...


      ... February 2005, available at www.usni.org/ ...

      www.nwc.navy.mil/press/review/documents/NWCRAU05.pdf - Similar pages


      “I am glad Mahan is having such influence with your people,” wrote Roosevelt to Hermann Speck von Sternburg,

      “but I wish he had more influence with his own. It is very difficult to make this nation wake up. 

      . . . I sometimes question whether anything but a great military disaster

      will ever make us feel our responsibilities and our possible dangers.”



      24. Theodore Roosevelt to Hermann Speck von Sternburg, 17 January 1898, in Theodore Roosevelt, 

      The Letters ofed. Elting E. Morison et al. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Univ. Press, 1951–54), vol. 1, pp. 763–64.



    Newspaper articles about Pearl Harbor 

    detail the destruction caused during the darkest two hours and 20 minutes in the history of the American Navy. The Japanese sneak attack of December 7, 1941, not only killed over 2,000 American sailors, it plunged the United States headlong into World War II.


    The attack on Pearl Harbor on that placid Sunday morning in 1941 would become a signature moment for a generation. Like the attack on the Maine and the Battle of the Alamo before it, the attack on Pearl Harbor became the rallying point for American soldiers in every theatre of combat during World War II.


    Although America did not enter World War II until after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the events leading up to the attack showed a growing desire for US entry into the growing conflict.

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