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Plot a GeoVenturing-LNT(cc) ... Eco-Challenge ... Pathfinders

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Kanza Territory's Trails-n-Tales(cc) Collaboratory by Plurk-Scout Netizen


Bruce Dillman: Writer, Gene Autry Museum, Gene Autry, Ok ...

Born in a cowtown (Kansas City), Bruce Dillman seemed to have no real purpose in life

until he was about five years old. Then his Aunt Pat sent him a cowboy ...


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Wildlife Habitat Conservation ... 



National Digital Library


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Canadian-Cimarron River Basins. Study Unit.

This study unit is scheduled to begin in 2007.

For further information on this and related studies, contact: ...
water.usgs.gov/lookup/get?nawqacaci - Cached - Similar pages


Replaced them with two new areas:

Middle Arkansas River Basin and Canadian-Cimarron River Basins.

The new coverages were extracted mostly from the 1:250000 ...


"Harry Truman" "Fort Scott" "Freedom's Frontier" NPS Interpretation



James McGill
Park Ranger
Harry S Truman National Historic Site
Independence, MO


James attended Finlandia University where he received a BA in Human Sciences. It was during this time at Finladina that James sustained a traumatic brain injury in a rock climbing accident. James worked long and hard at overcoming his injuries. During his recovery he decided that he wanted to become a National Park Ranger and professional artist.


James has been in the National Park Service for the last ten years working as a Park Ranger from New York to California. For the last two and a half years he has worked at Harry S Truman National Historic Site in Independence, MO. James is a first responder and a wild land firefighter. In addition to being a ranger, James, is an accomplished artist. During the Bush administration he was invited to the White House as an honored guest for being an artist and a ranger.

James graduated from SFA fall 2010.


Non Thesis Project Title:
"Lesson's from Harry - Presidential Virtues to Live By"

Committee Members
Chair - Dr. Theresa Coble
Dr. Pat Stephens Williams
Dr. David Kulhavy

USNPS-Scout Ranger Flyer.pdf


As a newly commissioned Midwest Mariner (from Missouri & Kansas), I reported aboard USS Cimarron (AO-22) during mid-March ...

I sensed CIM's uncommon character, even as she was moored at Subic Bay Naval Station to begin her 1967 WestPac Cruise!


Named for a tributary of the Arkansas River, she was the oldest commissioned naval ship in continuous active service!

Both her converted ESSO "sister ships" were commissioned in 1939 ... USS Neosho (AO-23) & USS Platte (AO-24) ...


I didn't yet know what "community connections" these UNderway REPlenishment (UNREP) ships shared.


Also, I didn't understand the role of INTERdependent supply chains to ensure our nation's sustainable well-being!

The Cimarron River's (La Flecha) headwaters at Eagle Nest Lake are the Mississippi River's SW-most tributary ...



>> Finding the "easy" route through the Rocky Mountains was a challenge.


This pass on the Cimarron River was not one of the easiest or most used,

but it was used often by those seeking a route to the other side.

Elevation: 9,101 feet <<





My "peer mentors" from our Kansas Environmental Leadership Program (KELP) challenged me to share ALL-WinWIn Re*Cycling of vital "Lessons Learned" from Unknown Midwest Mariners who shared or spent their lives to preserve and protect our "Freedom of Choice" ...


What our KELP Crews rediscovered was an elusive


"MentorshipART of Peace" (MAoP) that surpasses ALL (individual) understanding!


I finally realized CIM's sister ships were named for a Louisiana Purchase Watershed along the Old Santa Fe Trail.

So, which prairie passage Pathfinders influenced these USS Fleet Oiler's naming order from southwest to northeast?


Multiple surveying and other expeditions through the western territory of the United States


>> SNVM: Fremont was an important figure in Gold Rush history and one of the largest landowners in the Gold Country.

He was also its greatest self-promoting and self-glorifying explorer.


Fremont achieved great wealth and fame, but he died in chronic poverty -- a victim of poor judgment and rash investments. He was enthusiastic but star-crossed. John C. Fremont’s life is a testament to the startling accomplishments and crushing disappointments that many westerners would experience. <<


via http://www.sierranevadavirtualmuseum.com/docs/specialex/biographies/fremontj.htm


Sidebar: It took two years to finish this inter-regional social network analysis by using "StoryTech" tools!


... MAoP (Stewardship) Community of Practice (CoP)

via http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/kelp/Leadership.htm


Kofi Annan


Charles Curtis


The Kansa - Relations with Other Tribes

Charles Curtis was the first person born west of the Mississippi River

to be elected vice-president and the only person of Indian descent to hold ...



CJOnline.com The Topeka Capital-Journal Charles Curtis: Doing ...

Vice President Charles Curtis receives a poppy from Betty Joan Christian,

daughter of a deceased veteran. The girl lived with her siblings at the Veterans ...



KAWS: Kaw Nation of Oklahoma ... Adopt-a-Habitat:







Headwaters • Dams • Continental Divide • Watershed • Fossil Fuels • Tributary •

Confluence • Louisiana Purchase • Trail of Tears • Royal Gorge Bridge ...



>> Rivers of North America Series brings a unique perspective to the role great rivers have played in the early development and subsequent settlement of a region and a nation. Each river has its own unique story to tell, it's own geology, geography and history.


Beginning at the headwaters and continuing on their way through majestic landscapes of canyons and valleys, the waters of these great rivers continue on a path created millions of years ago. Young viewers learn about the first settlements, the first European explorers, as well as the ecological IMPACT that comes from the demands upon its waters. <<


Book Review The American Historical Review, 109.2 | ...

The diplomatic crisis leading up to the Louisiana Purchase centered on control of New Orleans

and the Mississippi watershed, not on the immense wilderness ...



>> Jon Kukla. A Wilderness So Immense: The Louisiana Purchase

and the Destiny of America. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 2003. Pp. x, 430. $30.00 <<




Headwaters • Dams • Estuary • Fissure • Locks • Basalt • Tributary • Confluence • Watershed



Lewis & Clark • John Jacob Astor • Sir Francis Drake • John Kendrick • Captain Robert Gray



Portland • The Dalles • Kennnwick • Hell's Canyon • Columbia River Gorge • Ft. Clatsop • Pasco • Idaho Falls


Click Here to View Clip

================== Topic: History 7:06 pm EST, Mar 2, 2004

] In this "artful, informative, and delightful" book, Jared Diamond

] convincingly argues that geographical and environmental factors

] shaped the modern world. A major advance in our

] understanding of human societies, Guns, Germs, and Steel

] chronicles the way that the modern world came to be ...


] Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the Phi Beta Kappa Award in

] Science, the Rhone-Poulenc Prize, and the Commonwealth

] club of California's Gold Medal.


Jeremy writes:

and also, the author is Elonka's cousin!


Elonka writes:

Yup, I'm proud of Jared! His earlier book The Third Chimpanzee is a fascinating read too, if you get a chance. He goes over the near identical genetic makeup that humans and apes have, and then takes a really close look at the tiny 2% difference. The book analyzes how that miniscule amount could be responsible for all the obvious differences: Music, architecture, language, sexual behaviors, and on and on. Interesting stuff!


Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies



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Subject: Re: Re*Visioning UWW Eco-History Trails-n-Tales(cc) 

as "Environmental Heritage" Biogeography Atlas (7130pm)


Hi Bob! Did you register the WRAPS project?


On 1/30/07, RJBurkhart-FutureThought wrote:

Travis & Alison - Also see mapXchange portal for ... http://www.vlib.us/history/maps.html


Embrace http://Virtual-Team-Tactics .futurethought.info

where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering

@ http://www.technorati.com/profile/geoWIZard ***


WRAPS Project Directory Watershed Description: HUC - 10270104010, Clinton Lake or Upper Wakarusa watershed

... Thanks for visiting kswraps.org, please click here to provide your ...



Be Aware or BEWARE! ... Prepared minds favor chance ...

with http://www.amazon.com/dp/0787909424 (Philip B. Crosby)

Think Globally / *Interact Regionally* / Learn (LNT) Locally




Preview Dragonfly County HyperPortal ... 

Dragonfly County Neuroscapes


Prairie Passage "Eco-Futurist" & geoWIZard (aka EarthSea-Keeper)

LCDR, USNR-Ret. (Director: KU Sigma Nu Alumni Communications Network)

@ http://Futurethought.pbwiki.com <-(2007 Digital Jaywalker Journals)

via http://Futurethought.info <-(2006 GeoVenturing-LNT Adhocracy)

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