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Section E: > Questions and Answers ... 

ctb.ku.edu. Tags: Problems | Section | Analyzing Community

..... knowledge that forms the basis of the Semantic Web ...

Unity Mission Vision Values ...

Based on the book by Unity's director of Peacemaking Services, 
.... Topic: "God has a dream: A vision of hope for our time" ...
www.salsa.net/peace/calendarreallyold.html - Cached - Similar pages

A characteristically American sense of mission was another source 

... It was likely to damage the unity of the alliance and weaken the war ...
links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0065-9746(1975)2%3A65%3A2%3C1%3ADOPDWT%3E2.0.CO%3B2-E - Similar pages

OCTA-Trails_Pathfinder-Passports (6o10pm)

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New Radio Spots and Print Ads

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a Unity minister began to tell me that she had been 

.... How to co-create guiding statements (mission, vision. and values)

for a spiritual community and ...
www.unity.org/Contact/OctNov06.pdf - Similar pages

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board has the right to not approve a recommendation. not consistent with the DNA 
(Unity principles, core. values, vision and mission) of the ministry. ...
www.unity.org/Contact/FebMar05.pdf - Similar pages
[ More results from www.unity.org ]

Journey to the center

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MISSION STATEMENT. Unity Church of Lawrence is a spiritual. community where love is shared, 
bridges. are built and lives are transformed. VISION STATEMENT ...
www.unityoflawrence.org/Newsletter/nl0807.pdf - Similar pages

Director of Peacemaking Services Association of Unity Churches International 
... the consciousness that will allow this ambitious vision to be realized. ...
www.unitydallas.org/Pages/pastEvnts.html - 103k - Cached - Similar pages

Shanacha Jaarsummaa

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We wish to thank you in advance for your understanding and generous support 
in this critical endeavor of peace mission. May Unity and Peace Reign  ...
www.africaworkinggroup.org/files/Shanachaa11.final.report.doc - Similar pages

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peacemaking services on Member States who do not want them. 

... the CFSP is aimed at safeguarding ‘the common values, fundamental interests, ...

law.kuleuven.be/iir/nl/wp/WP/WP60e.pdf - Similar pages

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