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Planet U Pathfinder Passports

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“Governments, business and society must all play a role in renewing our economies, solving societal problems and creating jobs,” Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE said. “GE’s focus on integrity, our experience and our efforts on advancing the social needs of health, infrastructure, energy, finance and education position us as a natural partner in a sustainable economic recovery.”


The report, related performance data and other content are available to users via the Company’s citizenship website at www.ge.com/citizenship. It illustrates how GE is working with key stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors, governments, academia and others to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. To reflect this engagement, the report includes more than 20 perspectives from global thought leaders on key issues.


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Unity Mission Vision Values ...

Based on the book by Unity's director of Peacemaking Services, 
.... Topic: "God has a dream: A vision of hope for our time" ...
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A characteristically American sense of mission was another source 

... It was likely to damage the unity of the alliance and weaken the war ...
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Photography tips kick off return of Journal-World feature

By Mike Yoder January 6, 2008


Editor’s note: The Journal-World is bringing back a feature called “Behind the Lens,”

in which staff photographers will tell how they captured the images you see in the paper

and offer other photo advice. The feature will appear Sundays in the Pulse section.


To kick things off, photographer Mike Yoder gives his top 10 tips for using a digital camera.

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