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Prairie Passage Eco-Futures Forum (EFF)

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Masinton, Jerry

Langston Hughes

Creative Writing Project Committee

"In both cases, we had unanimous decisions," 

says Jerry Masinton, a retired KU English professor ... 

http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons

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KVHA River Roots(sm) - Kaw Valley Heritage Trails:

Mapping MentorshipART Memes (1.8MB) with Social Network Analysis (SNA)


Adapting Five Regions of the Future:

A Universal Technology is the equivalent to the Swiss Army knife—so handy and flexible that almost everyone finds a dominant use for it. But is it also important to understand that the aggregate of the Universal Technologies does equal another TechnEcology. Universal Techs do not cluster around any particular set of values.


EcoTrekUSA: USGS Watershed Orientation 


By Scott Woolley | Apr 14 '03

A little-known standard called Wi-Fi turned into the hottest technology of the year and shook the wireless industry to its core. Now its successors hope to leave Wi-Fi in the dust. That sound you hear, that incessant tapping on laptops at the corner cafe, the local park and the airport lounge, is music to the ears of the beleaguered tech industry. Wi-Fi, the magical wireless link that lets all those tappers blast data short distances at 200 times the speed of a dial-up modem for no extra cost, has turned into the only bright note punctuating Silicon Valley's indigo mood.





ROEE | Residential Outdoor Environmental Education

A network of passionate educators committed to the stewardship and

sustainability of residential outdoor environmental education.


Environmental Studies Centre


A new redesigned and renovated environmental studies area will be in operation in 2001. A class set of Elliott type cage traps is available for live trapping mammals which is carried out under government licence. Indoor Rockclimbing Centre In 1999 a new indoor rockclimbing facility was built and is used as part of the introductory session conducted at the Centre. It is also used on days when it is not suitable to rockclimb outdoors.

 Preview ... Kaw Valley River Recreation Area  



  • 1001 Kansas Place Names - Illustrated (ISBN 0-7006-0393-X)
  • Forever Kansas: Edited by Grant Glen (ISBN 0-9722739-4-8)


  • Pictorial History of Shawnee: 1856-2006 (ISBN 0-942513-5-6)
  • Before Lewis and Clark by Shirley Christian (ISBN 0-374-52958-2)


  • The Western by Gary and Margaret Kraisinger (ISBN 0-9754828-0-7)
  • NGS Visiting Our Past - America's Historylands (ISBN 0-87044-003-9)



Resources for the Study of the French and Francophone Presence in Wisconsin

: http://www.uwgb.edu/wisfrench/library/bibliog.htm ... AlgomaPort Trails-n-Tales

: Gard, Robert Edward. The Romance of Wisconsin Placenames. Minocqua: Heartland Press, c1988

Ideas for the paper

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Embrace http://Virtual-Team-Tactics.futurethought.info

where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering

... MAoP (Stewardship) Community of Practice (CoP)


Be Aware or BEWARE! ... Prepared minds favor chance ...



Think Globally / Interact Regionally / Learn (LNT) Locally


  • Direction you want to take the research/paper 


Click digram below to access EcoTrekUSA-i4C RO/CS mapXchange:

Eco-TrekUSA Graphical Table of Contents 


Arts In Action - Spring 2006


... Mitchell by phone at 785-843-2787 or email at lacgallery@sunflower.com

... Jerry Masinton is professor emeritus of the English department at KU ...


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Arts In Action - Spring 2005


Langston Hughes Awards Presented.

Two Teachers — Both Poets — Take the Prize. by Jerry Masinton.

The 2005 Langston Hughes Creative Writing Awards have been ...
www.lawrenceartscenter.com/aia/Spring2005/ - Cached - Similar pages

LJWorld.com / The 'write' rhythm


Winning an award named for "Black Poet Laureate" Langston Hughes has been especially

... "In both cases, we had unanimous decisions," says Jerry Masinton, ...
www2.ljworld.com/r/303/299647/ - Cached


  • Need to do any interviews for primary sources?


AEOE | Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education


AEOE is dedicated to the education of children and to helping them increase

their awareness and understanding of their natural environment.


The EnviroLink Network


Non-profit EnviroLink Network is a clearinghouse for environmental information

on the Internet, featuring daily news, sustainable business information, ...


Environmental Education Careers / Jobs:


...Current job vacancies in environmental education,

instruction and training across the US. A job-seeker's resource.


Environmental & Outdoor Education Jobs in Environmental Career


...MARINE SCIENCE INSTRUCTOR Winter/Spring Season 2006.

Immediate openings! If you have a love for the ocean and a passion for youth ...


Saskatchewan Outdoor Environmental Education Association


The purpose of the Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association

is to foster the growth of outdoor recreation and environmental education by ...


Dan's Environmental Education Bookmarks:


Non-residential Programs California.

For additional information, please see Environmental Education Day Programs in California.


Environmental & Outdoor Education


Michigan 4-H Youth Development's state office web site with information

about 4-H programs, events and learning materials for youth, volunteers, families, ...


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KVHAdventuring Sense of Place Blogs 

Click here for ALL-WinWin HyperPortal version:


TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time
TOPO! GPS Route,FrontierArmy (Indian Territory Miltary Road)
FTSNELLING,44.88580,-93.17800,758,03/21/2011,08:20:19,FORT SNELLING STATE PARK
FORTDODGE,42.49748,-94.16802,1108,03/21/2011,08:19:50,FORT DODGE-IA
FORTSCOTT,37.84365,-94.70441,814,03/21/2011,08:16:16,FORT SCOTT NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE
FORTGIBSON,35.79759,-95.25053,511,03/20/2011,15:23:59,FORT GIBSON-OK
FORTJESSUP,31.52740,-93.40239,350,03/21/2011,07:41:33,FT JESSUP STATE COMMEMORATIVE AREA 




TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time
TOPO! GPS Route,CNRIMROCKLLD (Lat-Long Decimal)
BMRK94095C,39.07843,-94.85014,941,11/01/2004,02:10:28,BENCHMARK ELEV @ 940.95 FT :: 6-PNT FIX [+/- 20FT]
CNRIMRT-AC,39.07405,-94.85448,968,11/01/2004,22:13:18,CHECKPOINT ALFA :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-BC,39.06668,-94.85975,808,11/01/2004,22:16:23,CHECKPNT BRAVO :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-CC,39.06646,-94.84896,785,11/01/2004,22:19:09,CHECKPT CHARLIE :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-DC,39.07501,-94.84723,885,11/01/2004,22:22:55,CHECKPNT DELTA :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-EC,39.07500,-94.84169,880,11/01/2004,22:30:02,CHECKPNT ECHO :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-FC,39.07503,-94.83749,897,11/01/2004,22:47:46,CHECKPNT FOXTROT :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-GC,39.08618,-94.84576,900,11/01/2004,22:51:18,CHECKPNT GOLF :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-HC,39.08413,-94.85968,941,11/01/2004,22:54:00,CHECKPNT HOTEL :: RIMROCK TRAIL
CNRIMRT-IC,39.07616,-94.86138,874,11/01/2004,22:55:38,CHECKPNT INDIA :: RIMROCK TRAIL
BMRK94095C,39.07843,-94.85014,941,11/01/2004,02:10:28,BENCHMARK ELEV @ 940.95 FT :: 6-PNT FIX [+/- 20FT]




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