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River Recreation Area

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Dragonfly County ... Digital Jaywalker ... Adaptive Leadership:

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Education « The Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance

  • River Roots books use a blend of storytelling techniques to help people interpret ...


“When the mind is present in the heart, we call it happiness.”


Prairie Passages :: Waters to the Sea


Adaptive Outdoor Recreation

Wilderness Inquiry Zones (WIZ)


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  • What's your research about?


Triple-A River Orienteering/Community Stewardship (RO/CS):




Aptitude (A2)


Ability to adapt & apply (A3 = A1 + A2)


Accountable for outcomes (A4 = A3 + A1)



Manifest Destiny Myths ... Root Cause Analysis (RCA)  

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    He stated he would also like to seek suggestions, perhaps at a future meeting, 

    for selling the Port of Shawnee as part of the Prairie Passage in Kansas to ...


  • Kansas Environmental Health Association Newsletter—Spring 2007

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    cello” overlooking the former Kaw River Port of Shawnee! MindShifting - Global Viewscapes:. 

    As a fresh UNSR Ensign, I had PCS orders to report from NAVOCS ...

    e-keha.org/download/2007_spring_newsletter.pdf - Similar pages

  • Book Barn's Story and Music Times

    Storytime / Music Time. The Book Barn. A unique, fun experience in a homey atmosphere. 

    The Book Barn. 410 Delaware. in downtown. Leavenworth, KS 66048 ...





Kansas University Louv Last Child in the Woods <-(i4CQuest-Keywords)

* Prairie Writers Circle: The Land Institute


AutoDesk-SD \"autodesk.com/green\" SD

* PBS.org \"design e2\" \"Sustainable Design\"


E.O. Wilson on Bill Moyers Journal this week | Gristmill:

On Friday, Bill Moyers profiles E.O. Wilson on the latest edition of "Bill Moyers Journal."

(The show is his new spot on PBS that started airing ...


Encyclopedia of Life: Biologist E. O. Wilson announced a "dream"

that someone would fund the project during a TED speaking engagement in March 2007,13 a yearly forum in which luminary speakers are given the opportunity to ask for a "dream prize". On 9 May 2007 that dream "came true" when five science foundations announced an initial $50 million dollar grant to get the project started.14


Bill Moyers Journal E.O. WILSON | PBS

While accepting his 2007 TED Prize, E.O. Wilson made a wish: "to help

... Bill Moyers talks about the future of our planet with noted entomologist ...




PBS.org Moyers \"Healing and the Mind\"


Minnesota Futurists - Professional Project 


* Thesis here?

Cultivating INTERdependence of self-guided outdoor recreation experiences. 


* Direction you want to take the research/paper


The No. 1 reason parents give is: they're scared. Of \"stranger danger.\" 

 Child abductions. That fear is changing our lives.

See:  http://minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/captivity-narrative


The irony is, when you look at the statistics on abductions, 

almost all are by family members, 

and the number of abductions has been going down for about a decade.


There's a Duke University study from last year that says 

kids are safer outside the home than at any time since the 1970s.


* Need to do any interviews for primary sources?



An interview with Richard Louv


* about the need to get kids out into (natural history surroundings)

...The woods I played in as a kid, in the suburbs on the edge of Kansas City, 

... Read a review of Richard Louv's book Last Child in the Woods. ...


The Nature-Child Reunion - National Wildlife Magazine


  • Adapted from Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv. Optional - Visit The Futures Edge


Citistates: Richard Louv

  • Louv's seventh book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children

... the League of California Cities; Civic Council of Greater Kansas City;


Building Bridges to the Outdoors - Sierra Club

  • Our California Rep is Amit Rana is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan

... A great sidenote- Rich Louv's Last Child in the Woods a year after


Leave No Child Inside - July/August 2006 - Sierra Magazine

... Bradley Smith, a dean at Western Washington University and former president

... Richard Louv is the author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children ...





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