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(Group-NLP mind shifting semantics)


... as well as 6 basic mind-shifting directions

(Mind shifting is the effect ... the NLP Strategies

and States models with Korzybski's General Semantics ...

users.pandora.be/merlevede/bk_advan.htm - Cached - Similar pages


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It is this level of awareness, ‘mind shifting’ ... known in NLP terms as the 3rd

... Selby, Henry (1975) Semantics and Causality in the study of Deviance ...


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“Organizing a Virtual Collective Mind: Shifting Attention from Proximity ...

 Victoria Rubin (proposal defended): exploring the value of adverbs in NLP ...

istweb.syr.edu/facstaff/pdfs/C.V.%20of%20Michael%20D'Eredita%20Sept2005.doc - Similar pages


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