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sense of place

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Wilderness Ventures: Newsletter

Richard Louv: Nature also stimulates a sense of place, and helps us find our place. (2005)

  • As author and biologist Robert Michael Pyle writes,
    • “Place is what takes me out of myself, out of the limited scope of human activity,
    • A sense of place is a way of embracing humanity among all of its neighbors.
      • It is an entry into the larger world.”

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KU-KBS assesses Kansas lakes: Watershed Impact Zones

JSTOR: Placing the Migrant

  • For while the notion of personal identity has been problematized and rendered in creasingly
    • ... A Global Sense of Place. In Space, Place, and Gender, ed. ...

JSTOR: Interpreting across Boundaries: A Conference of the Society

  • ... on the basis of one's keen awareness and sense of place (in space, time,
    • ... suggested that comparative philosophers get into trouble "when they seek ...

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PDF ... University of Maryland Ph.D. Disertaton

  • instinctively seek the water as a place to help me transcend the old ways? ...
    • sense of place in space and what it means to live in the heart of Nature.


by Barbara A. Schaefer, PhD (c) 2003 (360pp)

PDF ... Regional Development Strategy for Northern Ireland 2025

  • present, providing a 'sense of place' in space and time. ‘Sense of Place’ ...
    • Regional Development will also seek to carry out monitoring ...

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Seek identity sense of place in space

PDF ... EXTRAInnerDOC (Shaping our Future)

Caring for the Environment:

Protecting and managing resources, and creating healthy living environments

by providing a 'sense of place' in space and time.

  • ‘Sense of Place’ ... economic developments; and within coastal settlements seek to ...

PDF ... A global sense of place. In Space, place & gender,

  • ed. D. Massey, 146–56. Minneapolis: ... (Book Reviews)
    • Place and identity in an inner London neighbourhood ...

PDF ... ‘As solid as the Rock’?

  • Place, belonging and the local
    • people with no identity or culture of their own, people. without a history. (Caruana 1989, v)
    • ... (Massey, D. 1991) A global sense of place in Space, place and ...

The Peripatetic Philosopher: Search for Identity

  • Nearly one hundred years later, the individual in search for identity echoes ...
    • of their sense of place in space, of their sense of belonging to ...

The Peripatetic Philosopher: October 2005(2)

  • You agree with my premise that a job seeker should seek personal satisfaction in ...
    • of their sense of place in space, of their sense of belonging ...

PDF ... The Sycamore Land Trust (SLT)

  • Without that experience, as Chawla. says, “we forget our place; we forget that larger fabric
    • on which our lives. depend.” (pp. 96-97) From Louv, Richard. ...

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