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Blended v-Learning Objects (BvLO)


  • Future thought leadership

  • Graphical Table of Contents (GTOC) 
  • mapXchange ... power of example ? 


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Subject (Briefing Focus)


  • Objective (Mission Purpose)


  • Present (Dx: Current Situation) 



Proposed (Rx: Suggested Solution)


  • Advantages (Top-5 mutually beneficial results)


  • Disadvantages (Top-3 hassles & work-arounds)



Action (Next Steps ... prioritized)


pageKansasScout FAQ

Leaders ... SOPPADA Agile: 

1: characterized by ready ability to move quickly and easily . . . 

2: characterized by quickness or liveliness of mind, resourcefulness, or adaptability …

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    MFSemantic Web, SOPPADA, The Future of Minnesota Futurists swift trust 

    Anticipatory Thinking Involution, CIAPsubmit, ConfidenceBasedLearning, 

    FrontPage, The Future of Minnesota Futurists …


    pageWetland Survival GEMS

    Futurists SOPPADA (social capital) 

    ... Graphical Table of Contents (GTOC) ... OSGeo NeoGeography (KU GIS Day) … 


  • pageThe Stuff of Thought

    SOPPADA / Future Thought Leadership Swift Trust? thinkLets wiki / InspectorScan  

    2: Swift Trust ... Our ITEC Kansas City 2007 Conference; Information …

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    Confidence-Based Quantum Learning (CBQL)

    Past as Prolog (Minnesota Futurists). Benchmark best practices for Mapping Emigrant Trails (MET) 

    www.acctts.com/Trust-Factors/GeoVenturing-LNTours_8308am.htm - Cached - Similar pages



    PSW StoryChasers_Speed-of-Creativity Photo


    1902: Ernest Thompson Seton founds League of Woodcraft Indians,

    1903: USFWS empowers National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) habitat protection

    National Wildlife Refuge is a designation for certain protected areas of the United States managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The National Wildlife Refuge System is the world's premiere system of public lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife and plants.

    Since President Theodore Roosevelt designated Florida's Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge as the first wildlife refuge in 1903, the System has grown to more than 150 million acres, 584 national wildlife refuges and other units of the Refuge System, plus 37 wetland management districts.

    The mission of the Refuge System is to manage a national network of lands and waters for the conservation, management, and where appropriate, restoration of fish, wildlife and plant resources and their habitat. The Refuge System maintains the biological integrity, diversity and environmental health of these natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations of Americans.

    1906: Ernest Thompson Seton meets with Baden-Powell in London.

    1907: Baden-Powell publishes "Scouting for Boys" & Oklahoma becomes 46th State of USA ...

    Feb-1910: Teddy Roosevelt named Chief Scout Citizen & E.T. Seton selected to serve as Chief Scout

    Aug-1910: Teddy Roosevelt launches Progressive Republican Party at "Windmill Hill" (Lawrence, KS)


    1911-1914 First Edition: The Official Handbook for Boys was influenced by Lewis Lindsay Dyche.

    1914: First William T. Hornaday Awards for conservation service presented.

    1915: Order of the Arrow (La Flecha) organized by E. Urner Goodman & Carroll A. Edson.

    1916: U.S. National Park Service founded to sustain "Grey Wolf's" National Conservation movement.


1936: Julia & Ernest Thompson Seton write "Gospel of the Red Man" while embarked aboard RMS Queen Mary. 
1936: Iowa Native ADM William D. Leahy advocates for Emergency Shipbuilding and Merchant Marine Acts.  

1939: Iowa-Native Waite Phillips donates NE-NM property that becomes Philmont Scout Ranch (PSR)

1939: US Navy commissions Cimarron-class fast fleet oilers named for Santa Fe Trail watersheds ...


01-Oct-68: USS Cimarron (AO-22) decommissioned in San Diego, CA.

02-Oct-68: US Congress passes National Trails System Act


12-Oct-2006: USNPS National Heritage Areas Act authorizes Freedom's Frontier NHA

Freedoms Frontier National Heritage Area


Last Updated by danielle_feuillan on Apr 15

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area encompasses counties in both Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. Along this border, before and during the Civil War, a defining conflict took place between the forces of slavery and freedom. As abolitionists and others fought to keep Kansas a free state and pro-slavery forces gathered in Missouri, the Eastern press began referring to the region as "Bleeding Kansas." This story and the continuing story of the struggle for freedom of other groups - Native Americans, African Americans, Women and Free Staters - are still reflected in the communities and landmarks of this region.



InterACCTTS-VIPanel(c) Program Tips, Tricks & Traps

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I hereby grant to KUCE-OLLI, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and assigns the right to record my name and performance at the [ORG-ID] program on tape ...

www.acctts.com/Eco-Futures/KUCE-InterACCTTS-VIPanel_6d12MSW.doc - Similar pages


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Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 5:00 pm on Jun 15, 2009

Several authors worked on this line of research throughout the 1990s, developing different types of maps. One of the most active authors was Lin, who introduced the concept of a graphical table of contents (GTOC) that is functionally analogous to the table of contents in the printed environment.4

Lin applies the self-organizing map (SOM) algorithm to his own personal bibliography, analyzed by title and abstract fields, and represents it in a two-dimensional map.5 The SOM algorithm is a major method for unsupervised learning, based on a grid of artificial neurons whose weights are adapted to match input vectors in a training set. It was first described by the Finnish professor Teuvo Kohonen and is thus sometimes referred to as a Kohonen map.6

The algorithm takes a set of input objects, each represented by a vector in the matrix, and maps them onto nodes of a two-dimensional grid. Later on, Lin included such maps in the creation of GTOC Web sites based on a Java application.

Vectorization, the transformation of any information element into numerical data, using words from the title and abstract fields for co-word analysis, generates too large of a matrix, but this technique can be applied to reduced document sets. In this context, it is important to find some element that allows a less complex or “lighter” vectorization.

Online public access library catalogs (OPACs) have certain elements, such as the subject codes of UDC, that can be more easily vectorized than free text in order to create GTOCs of a library collection. Source-URL: http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/lita/ital/252006/2501mar/communications.cfm

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