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i4CQuest-Keywords: \"community-building through storytelling\" ..."Libraries.ou.edu" ethnology storytelling


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RiverCity ReadingFest



Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom

  • Community Building Through Storytelling
    • Asking students to write about an important place requires trust.
    • All must value each other's ideas and support ...


 History of the SMCC Storytelling Institute (PDF)

  • Helps members & organizations enhance community building through storytelling.
    • Storytelling has the power to connect and build bridges in families ...


Focus Adolescent Services: Speakers and Presentations

  • Includes Community Building Through Storytelling (K-12), Folktales of the World (K-6),
    • Multicultural Mythology (4-12), What's Wrong With Them? ...


Rachel Pruitt: Folklorist, Storyteller, Teacher

  • Community Building Through Storytelling (K-12). Folktales of the World (K-6).
    • Multicultural Mythology (4-12). Dragons, Unicorns and Minotaurs (K-3) ...



  • ... Experience Journals: A Web-based tool for community building through storytelling;
    • Gesture and Sign Language Recognition By Machine · Handspeak Site ...  


Podcasting Across Nebraska (PDF)

  • idea of community building through storytelling.
    • 4. How do you plan to promote the podcasts created through this project? The Lincoln Arts Council ...


Wakarusa Watershed CommUNITY Connections




Morgan Sully: September 2005 Archives

  • 5) finished the first section of our digital storytelling manual.
    • the spirit of community building through storytelling really resonates strongly throughout ...


Victoria School of Writing - Fall & Winter Writing Courses ...

  • We'll also play with character voices and discuss community-building through storytelling.
    • And if you're a writer who wants to do readings, this course will ...


Performing Communities: Cornerstone Theater Company

  • The results of the Annenberg study are no news to Cornerstone and the other grassroots ensembles
    • for whom community-building-through-storytelling is the ...


Megan Stielstra's Blog: MOOM

  • If I were to borrow from this process in naming my own (hypothetical) band,
    • it would be called “Community-building through Storytelling: a proposed workshop ...


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I’m enroute to Norman (OK) to pursue ongoing “Prairie Passage” mapXchange

memetics  research:  http://www.google.com/search?q=ESRI.com+1884+%22John+Wesley+Powell%22


Which 1884 multi-cultural “High-TEK” forces facilitated this convergence?


[A]  Haskell Indian Nations University “EarthSea-Keeping” seeds planted …

[B] John Wesley Powell championed USGS commissioning by Congress …

[C] Kansas University’s Sigma Nu Fraternity (Nu Chapter) chartered …




Bio-Geography in America Timeline


[Matthew Fontaine Maury. The Physical Geography of the Seas. ......

In 1884, the Congress authorizes President Chester A. Arthur to invite governments ...

By the early 2000s, ESRI has distributors in more than 90 countries; ...



Outlines of the philosophy of the North American Indians              Change Display

    Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902. ... Major "John Wesley Powell" geology topography science "base map"


Personal Author: Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902.
Title: Outlines of the philosophy of the North American Indians / by J.W. Powell, read before the American geographical society at Chickering hall, December 29th, 1876.
Publication info: New York : D. Taylor, printer, 1877.
Physical descrip: 19 p. ; 22 cm.
Subject term: Indian philosophy--North America.
Subject term: Indians of North America--Religion.


University of Oklahoma Libraries

Search multiple resources to find articles;

Search the catalogfor books, journals, maps, music, etc. Search for Databases and E-Reference Materials ...

libraries.ou.edu/ - Cached - Similar -

Western History Collections - University of Oklahoma Libraries

Western History Collections. Monnet Hall 630 Parrington Oval ...


University of Oklahoma Libraries

E-Reference Materials · E-Journals · Catalog · E-Reserves · Digital ...



Western History Digital Collections

The Western History Collections is a special collection within the University of Oklahoma Libraries system.



  1. Te Ata Fisher Collection

    Academic publications on zoology, botany, astronomy and ethnology .....

    Profiles: Treasurer of a Nation's Tales" in Storytelling Magazine, Fall 1989. ...

    libraries.ou.edu/locations/docs/westhist/fisher.htm - Cached - Similar -

  2. Books, Literature, Storytelling Library

    http://digital.libraries.ou.edu/whc/duke/. **National Storytelling Network ......

    From Nineteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology 1897-98, ...

    www.nativevillage.org/.../Books,%20Lit,%20Storytelling%20Library.htm - Cached - Similar -

  3. [PDF]

    34-4 fall text 1

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    waters, the government of Spain and the Museum of Ethnology in Barcelona .....

    URL: http://libraries.ou.edu/depts/westhistory/ ...

    www.bchistory.ca/publications/journal/oldjournals/34.4_2001.pdf - Similar -

  4. Untitled

    knowledge about the language from a story-telling, oral presentation, ......

    http://libraries.ou.edu/info/info.asp?id=22. Any researcher can purchase copies ...

    www.aihec.org/.../NativeLanguagePreservationReferenceGuide.pdf - Similar -

  5. spring 2007

    resources through the Libraries' web site, http://libraries.ou.edu, ......

    ANTH 6810 RES IN ETHNOLOGY. Sec. ***. Cd 1,3,7. 2-16 hrs. ...


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