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Thinking Habits

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Art of Framing :: FMEA SixSigma "Problem Solving" ... ArtsByMalia-Culture-SEEDS ... Thinking Habits for 21st Century

"How to think" NOT "What to think" ... Challenging Assumptions


Lakota - Dakota Comprehensive Bibliography

Grey Wolf. Native American Wisdom. London: Piatkus, 2000. Gridley, Marion. ...

... Seton, E.T. Gospel of the RedmanSeton Village, 1958. ______. 
puffin.creighton.edu/lakota/biblio_total.html - Cached  


Where Words Touch the Earth


True North Authentic Leadership


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Healing and  the Mind - Bill Moyers:

Empowered Leadership Dialogue

Humanist Insights = ListeningRESPECTT-R-U-S-T 


Trust: an integral contributor of managerial success. | Company ...

He is the author of Frustration Is Your Organization's Best Friend:

Measuring Corporate Culture Change. Larry can be reached at lcole@cei.net ...
www.allbusiness.com/human-resources/employee-development-leadership/322075-1.html - Similar pages


Yesterday, it was the fax machine. Today the computer has opened the door to a host of tools designed to facilitate communication - e-mail and the Internet. Tomorrow, what will we see?


Our new tools have had an instantaneous and positive effect. While we're rejoicing about the positive attributes of these communication advancements, we must remember a very important psychological phenomenon - positive attributes exist because negative ones exist and vice versa. Some of the negative implications are associated with the social needs of humans.


The impersonal nature of these communication tools represent a threat to our social needs of "being in touch."

It may seem a bit contradictory that one could experience "a sensory isolation phenomenon" while being bombarded with electronic communications, but that threat exists. 


The seven virtues of the Positive Code of Conduct

are represented by the acronym RESPECT ...

(responsibility, enthusiasm, self-esteem, professional integrity, equity, compassion and teamwork)

LAWRENCE — Seven students from the University of Kansas School of Business 

received the inaugural 2007 Positive Code of Conduct Awards. ...


"Virtual Team Tactics" require swift trust as a catalyst!


As a "social network analysis" bioneer,

          I both observed and influenced Minnesota Futurists SIGs (2002-2007) ...

  • Alan Jaisle's masterful "Thinking Habits"

          approach to sustain peaceful co-existence influenced our cohort / crew.

          Minnesota Futurists SIG protocols recycled ... USS Cimarron (AO-22) Lessons Learned!

  • Combat Loaded ... USS Tate (AKA-70)

    Dedicated to all of the U.S. combat veterans whose stories remain untold 


WFS 2007 ... Minnesota Futurists ... MnFuturists ... MNF 2011 (Box.net)

Dr Alan Jaisle


Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart and Imagination for the 21 Century


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart and Imagination. for the 21. st. Century.

Presented to the Minnesota Futurists on May 27, 2000. Allen Jaisle ...
www.mnfuturists.org/Tuturials/ThinkingHabits.pdf - Similar pages

-- Resources for E-Learning Community Development


Ecologos – Allen Jaisle is President and Principal Consultant of Ecologos,

... and the development of 21st century thinking habits will be published ...

Cached - Similar pages

Capella Education - News Releases


The program, according to Allen Jaisle, associate dean

... Wants from Higher Education,

' in order to understand women's thinking habits. ...

- Cached - Similar pages



Learning to Think in the 21st Century - Thinking Habits of Mind,

... Allen Jaisle, Capella University. Full Paper (edineb members only) ...

- Cached - Similar pages



Learning to Think in the 21st Century -

Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart and Imagination ... for the Knowledge Professionals.


- Cached - Similar pages




Future Times Winter 2000 ... Fifth Freedom

Allen Jaisle, assistant dean, Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota ...

Mankato, Minnesota. WFS Conference Staff Susan Echard, conference director ...
- Similar pages

Innovative e-learning/e-coaching learning experiences develop leadership competence for leading in creative community,

through the creative leadership community process of the ACT Leadership Cycle and nine Professional Leadership Habits.

Topic Content Matches: 7+


Minnesota Futurists wiki / WFS 2007 Project

Welcome to the Minnesota Futurists The First Chapter of The World Future Society ...

WFS 2007 Conference Project ... Allen Jaisle's legacy via http://www.ecojazz.net 



Kansas Forts Books - Kansas State Historical Society

The (Leavenworth) post was but five miles from the former French outpost,

Fort de Cavagnial, which was abandoned more than sixty years before.


  • ISBN-10: 0-8263-1724-3: WISDOM Sits in Places by Keith H. Basso

               Landscape and Language Among the Western Apache - 1996

               Western States Book Award Winner for Creative Nonfiction ...

               Language as a Window inti Human Nature

               by Steven Pinker - 2007 

Return to: DIKW ... Fifth Freedom ... La Flecha ...

... Modern Social Change Theories ... UNITY Peace Vision


Los Alamos

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
tribes were entitled to reclaim tribal lands from persons

who were currently residing on those lands ...

... upward bound, of the Los Alamos Ski Basin road. ...
www.osti.gov/bridge/servlets/purl/766951-Hwt3lA/webviewable/766951.PDF - Similar pages

Northland College

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
life, including tribal and inter-tribal political
... NAS 300 Ethnobiology.

A study of Native American lifestyles relating ... Upward Bound ...
northland.edu/Forms/CurrentStudents/Registrar/Catalog_2000_2002.pdf - Similar pages


Where Cited: 15

Cultural Moments reflecting ... NLPsyOps ... NetImpact


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